If You Build it They Will Come Blue Tehath


A brilliant blue hatchling.

Egg Name and Description

Elemental Building Blocks Egg

Strangely angular for an egg, this multi-hued ovoid almost seems pixilated, though that could simply be the heat haze from the burning sands which cushion its bulbous body. A wild exhibition of colors, bright and cheerful, make up the patchwork shell: brilliant scarlet, daffodil yellow, grassy green, and rich azure, all interconnected. Each color seems carved into squares and rectangles, distinctly separate from those around them, and yet somehow interdependent on each other in the greater whole in a way that speaks of elemental unity. The apex of the egg seems oddly incomplete, flattened rather than rounded, with sixteen tiny knobs in cobalt, crimson, lemon, and lime surmounting the unfinished top.


Building a Mystery has no truck with silence - clicks, clacks, whirrs, and bangs echo through the darkness, a cacophony of activity beyond the black veil. There is an odd rhythm to it - one that falters as the touch of a foreign mind throws off the balance of the frenzy. First the clicks fall silent, then the clacks drop off. Whirrs dwindle to buzzes, then nothing, and the last sound to fall on mental ears is a solitary hammer blow. The silence is almost stifling for a moment, before an inquisitive note sounds, a single whistle inquiring just who you are and what exactly you are doing here.

Building a Mystery hesitates, then the noise picks up again, muted somewhat, the rhythm ragged but regaining its stride. Light shimmers faintly at the edge of consciousness, though never bright enough to pick out more than fleeting shadows of whatever is being built behind the veil of darkness. That curious whistle sounds again, the interrogative tone echoing in benign harmony with the resumed sounds of work. The impression of the question burns in the falling notes: What do you think is happening in the shadows?

Building a Mystery is clearly on a schedule. The work has reached full swing once more, the bedlam of building ear-rattling as it once more falls into that steady cadence: click, clack, whirr, bang. The whistle shrills gently as the lights begin to dim once more, until even the indistinct shadows of the mystery beyond the veil are swallowed into the darkness. Rather than questioning this time, it gives a soft, almost reluctant farewell, the echo fading until it is lost in the commotion. With its retreat, no more notice is taken of your presence. There is work to be done.

Hatching Message

Elemental Building Blocks Egg goes from stillness to a dangerously rollicking dance in its carefully constructed nest on the Sands. One moment, it's wriggling, the next it's rolling about like a drunken wherry. Cracks appear down the sides, splitting the brilliant colors into dozens of small shards.

A singularly brilliant blue hatchling spills out of the Elemental Building Blocks Egg, looking dazed and confused as to his arrival on Pern. A few moments later, however, he's caught is breath and is up on all fours, marching with intent on the white-robed Candidates.

Impression Message

One very small, very young looking Candidate meets the hatchling half-way, against all instructions and common sense. But the young, shaggy-haired Den'l cannot hide the euphoria that Impression brings, and he all but shrills out, "He's Tehath!"






Egg: Legos


Name Tehath
Dam Seryth
Sire Romth
Created By N'shen (egg)
Impressee Den'l
Hatched april 10, 2012
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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