The M is for Mobile Brown Tchechayzaeth

At first glance it might appear someone upturned a cup of cold and sweetened klah over his lean brown dragon, a river of caramel and chocolate pouring over his hide. Dark, loamy grounds streak the peak of a large, wedge-shaped head that’s almost too big for his body, dusting back over soft-topped neckridges to the tip of his whiplike tail. Nearly camouflaged with the darker browns are multiple greenish stripes, running center from his small headknobs towards the center of his back, right where the wings flare from his broad back and shoulders. Creamed sweetness oozes over a clever, pleasant face and his long, slender neck, splashing over his chest before fading into something darker, and more mysterious. Black and blue twists of color emerge from the tendrils of caramel and chocolate browns to color his wings completely, a manifestation of some inner severity ending in pure black at the very tips of both wings. Despite his overall lanky appearance, strong muscles lay hidden within his soft hide: narrow yet powerful legs end in slightly snarled, pure black talons, mottled shades of heated syrup and that same militaristic near-green disguising the definition of abdominal musculature and the launching strength of his thighs.

Egg Name and Description

Wild Tides Egg
Layers of color press across this egg's surface, thick, matte, as though printblocks plastered each bold shade of blue on one color at a time. It could almost be ombre, fading from vibrant cyan to deepest, darkest midnight if it weren't for the pale silver etching of waves, each more dramatic and catastrophic than the last. Calm crests rise, sweeping, calamitous, tipped with fingerling trails of seaspray before falling back into inconsequentiality. Despite its rather straightforth, passionate appearance, pockets of anomalous color blotch just enough of the egg's shell to hint at secrets it is hiding deep beneath the surface. A yellow splash of anxiety here, the purpling of bloodied waters there, touched by the sizzling red of unbridled rage, each tinges terrible tides without ever revealing the origin of their nature. Its secrets are its own.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Wild Tide’s Egg jumps so much that it leaves its nestled place in the sands to roll and roll and roll until it hits another egg. Then it stops moving completely.

Crack Message
Another jump from Wild Tide’s Egg produces tiny fissures with each hop as this egg seems intent to jump its way to the candidates without hatching.

Hatch Message
Wild Tide’s Egg FINALLY decides it’s time to emerge. Without further ado several large pieces of egg fly across the sands. A large, wet and floppy brown dragon lays sprawled out on the sands.

Sands Pose #1
The M Stands for Mobile Brown Hatchling gathers himself with as much dignity and pose as he can muster. After all he totally meant to faceplant the sand as he came out of that too cramped egg. Preening a little bit he first spares a glance to the parents as if ensuing it is indeed okay to proceed. Assuming it is he veers first headlong into a gaggle of girl candidates. He sniffs each of them though clearly none of them are who he’s searching for as he moves along away from them. NEXT!

Sands Pose #2
The M Stands for Mobile Brown Hatchling zig zags his way through white robed obstacles. Nothing here. Nothing there. So many females. Who ordered all these females? Not that he’s complaining but how can he find THE ONE with so many to look through. Brown haired candidate there…no. Not the one. OOoh. He rushes over to one with black hair. You know the one in white? Nooooope. Not her either. Dejected he lets out a sad bugle of sadness.

Impression Message

Public Message

The M Stands for Mobile Brown Hatchling is growing frustrated. EVERY SINGLE FEMALE he’s sniffed or licked ( yes, he’s licked a couple), has been WRONG!! Perhaps he’s going about this the wrong way. Instead of continuing on this path the stops. HE STARES at the remaining candidates. WHO ELSE IS THERE? Then the air shifts or perhaps his eyes meet another pair of eyes from across the sands and IT’S LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. THERE! His perfect match is all the way over there. Strutting with determination he marches right up to a tall drink of water who just thinks he’s going to continue medicine all alone.

Private Message

Through early morning fog I see
Visions of the things to be
The pains that are withheld for me
I realize and I can see
That suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
And I can take or leave it
If I please
The game of life is hard to play
I'm gonna lose it anyway
The losing card I'll someday lay
So this is all I have to say: « Ky’zai… Come! Sing! Dance! Party with me! Before work, we must play. But then work hard! Ky’zai! You know my name. You’ve always known my name. Together, finally forever. Tchechayzaeth and you will heal the world. »



There’s always a song and dance in the heart of Tchechayzaeth. His serious side is balanced perfectly with his relaxed side. Tchechayzaeth, or Chay for short, is a complex yet simple dragon. When it comes to work he’ll be very, very serious. When not working though not so much. He’s flirty, witty, full of sarcastic remarks. He appreciates authority but doesn't always respect said authority. Especially if he disagrees with their morals. And boy does Chay have some HIGH MORALES! He’s all about doing what’s right.

Frank, I happen to be an officer only because I foolishly opened an invitation from President Truman to come to this costume party. And as for my ability as a doctor, if you seriously question that, I'm just gonna have to challenge you to a duel. - Hawkeye Pierce

It’s dead easy for Tchechayzaeth to make friends among dragons of any position for he pays no attention to such details. In fact any dragons who try to pull ‘rank’ will find a side of Chay they don’t want to see. That’s generally when his major sarcasm and witty remarks come out. With the others though he’ll always be available for a ‘drink’ with friends or to offer advice to the younger ones. He’ll have a soft spot for the weyrlings in upcoming classes. Being a mentor to the new dragons will be something right up his alley. Speaking of mentoring, from the moment his blue clutchmate Qilaeth is hatched he’ll want to help him with everything. With each histrionic Qilaeth does, whether over the food or perhaps when it comes time to do after the food is processed, he’ll try to help. No matter who was hatched first, Chay will try to take on a role as older brother for the smaller dragon.

As far as promotions, Chay will never actually seek a higher promotion of rank. Don’t let that stop you however for he’ll always go along with whatever you want. Just don’t expect rainbows and daisies from him right away. And don’t expect him to ever be all bossy to others cause it’s just not who he is. His work ethic though is quite strong.


We’ve talked about how well he makes friends. We’ve discussed his witty humor, smart alec comebacks and soon we will even talk about his love for the drink and of course his love for the ladies. Now we’ll discuss working Chay. His work ethic is quite strong, as we’ve stated. What we haven’t mentioned is just how much He. Is. Like. You. When we say you’ve found your other half, WE MEANT IT! For he is indeed your true soul mate in every way possible. You wanted a partner in crime. Here he is in all his snarky glory! Helping people is so very deeply ingrained within him that there can be no other choice for wings when he’s older. The moment he learns that search and rescue is even a thing he’ll hound you. Daily. Let’s hope you can get tapped into the wing quickly just to get him to leave you alone for it. Of course this will be one training he’ll pay full attention to because it’s something he’ll be completely invested in.

You’ve got to help him! Horses are people too! – Radar O'Reilly

Speaking of rescues….. Tchechay will always have a soft spot for any stray animals you two may come across. Regardless if you are out during training or perhaps after graduation when it’s a normal patrol if there is a wounded animal he’ll insist you find it and take care of it.

Potter: Fire the gun, Hawkeye.
Hawkeye: Look Colonel, I'll heal their wounds, treat their wounds, bind their wounds, but I will not inflict their wounds.

Weyrling training isn’t going to be a breeze. Don’t get us wrong, he’ll love the chance to learn things he doesn’t know about. It’s the mouth! There is no off switch for his running remarks. Witty and sarcastic you’ll soon learn is a second language. Mostly he doesn’t mean anything by it though. It’s simply how he expresses himself no matter how he’s feeling. Sarcasm is used to cover up any anxiety he may be feeling during the lessons. He strives to be entertaining at all times. Not that he’s looking to be the center of attention exactly. Nope, most of this will be directed to you or any dragons in your class he grows close to. Don’t expect him, however, to embrace firestone training. One he learns exactly what firestone is and what it is used for he’ll balk. A lot. Then he’ll pout and likely outright REFUSE to chew firestone. His logic will be why learn it when he’s NEVER going to chew and he’d NEVER ever use it on anyone. Ever. Even by accident. If you do manage to get him to train with it, if only to stop with the punishments you’ll likely draw from the weyrling masters, he’ll be picky. You can’t be near him. The trainers can’t be near him and his fellow clutchmates can’t be near him.

Henry: You were ordered to stand down!
Hawkeye: I did, but I fell up again.

Have we mentioned the lack of respect Chay has towards authority? It’s not actually an automatic ‘I’ll never listen to you ever’ type thing though. It’s a bit more complicated than that. He just thinks that respect is earned. So it’ll all depend on how he’s treated. He gets treated with respect he gives it back the same. This goes back to his respect for authority figures. Oh he knows that the WLM needs to be listened to. However, especially when he’s younger, should he get an idea in his head he’ll likely wander off to do whatever he wants to be doing at the time. It’ll likely mean extra chores and a couple punishments before he calms down. So…get used to some extra work around the barracks or perhaps some laps around the training grounds.

My kidneys were expecting orange juice. Silly kidneys. - Hawkeye Pierce

All work and no play make Chay a sad dragon. When he’s not on duty with you he’ll want to relax with friends. Who knows how dragons, especially young dragons, learn about some things but early one young Chay will want to drink. Not water but ale. Wine. Harder drinks. How much ale does it take to slack a dragon sized thirst? More importantly, how many marks would that much ale cost?? Hopefully you’ll never have to find out but it might be a challenge down the road if he finds out where to get their yummy beverages.



Within the mindscape of Chay you’ll find a division of sides. On the one side you have relaxed and mellow for when he’s not working. There you’ll find a comfortable cluttered mess. Visually you’ll see camouflage mesh walls. There is a comfortable feeling of camaraderie and friendship that shapes each word spoken. Each word spoken shoots off sparks of greens and browns that almost match the shades of greens and browns camouflaged in his hide coloring. It’s as if you could kick back in there with a relaxing drink and tell him of all the worries of the day. The other side is quite different and completely opposite. We’ll call that the working side. Working Chay displays a clinical, sterile perception. Order is the utmost and distinct expression so strong that you can nearly smell the sharpness of numbweed. Militarism is the best way to describe this mental mindscape of Tchechayzaeth. It is a simple color scheme of plain white that wraps around his words. Each word is crisp. Clear. There will be no mistakes when Chay is in his working mode.


Your Tchechayzaeth is quite long and slender with a frame that hides the muscles quite well. He’s more of a fighter than a lover however, being a dragon who will likely be destined for Search and Rescue, he will have that strength when needed. It’s there just not in an overbearing manner. His head knobs are smaller than you’d think in his head that’s just a little bit larger than perhaps it should be. The rest though is long and lean. His talons, however, are slightly snarled, in a trait passed down it seems from his mother. It gives no hindrance to his performance in any way. In fact it’s hardly noticeable from afar and only when you are up close, as you will be, that you even notice it.



Tchechayzaeth will love the ladies. All the ladies. He is quite the ladies man and as he’s a larger brown he’ll flaunt just a little bit. There will be no Queen too large nor too Green too small that he won’t chase. During the flight there will be words of woe from the moment she takes to the skies to the very moment he may catch her. There’s nary a green nor gold out there that he won’t flirt with literally anytime of the day. Feeding time at the pen? He’ll compliment their hunting style and even hint for a ‘private’ performance in his weyr later. How about a nightcap after dinner? He’ll never miss out on an opportunity to make a remark to a lovely lady.


Insanity is just a state of mind. – Hawkeye Pierce

Welcome to brownriding at Xanadu where we are excited to see how far you and Chay can go in Search and Rescue! You asked for Hawkeye Pierce in dragon form and we hope you like him. This is, of course, just a small snapshot into the personality and quirks of Tchechayzaeth. He can be much more in depth of course and that’s where you come into play. I have so many thoughts and ideas for Hawkeye that they can’t all be put into words! He was very fun to write and often time I had M*A*S*H on in the background while I was working on him. Within his description we put little homages to M*A*S*H such as camouflage stripes. The blue and black hidden within the brown is for Alan Alda’s black hair and blue eyes. His general coloring was inspired by the mess tent coffee with hints of anything sweet to help make it better cause mess tent coffee sucks. His description is inspired by me but well written by R'hyn. His egg and mind touches was also written by R’hyn. The rest was Za'ariah!

For his name I had a lot of ideas bouncing around. I considered mixing up Native American names, Korean names ( since that’s where the war was). Eventually though a name starting with Tch caught my eye and nagged in my brain for a while until inspiration struck! The Tchefuncte River is a beautiful river in my new home state and I’m in love with the name. Once I learned how to say it that is! I combined my river's name with Chaytan, which is a Native American phrase meaning 'a patient, diplomatic and gentle individual, like a hawk'. And also Zanni, which is Sioux, roughly meaning 'healthy'. So after some work Tchechayzaeth was created. I hope it fits all your criteria for names. It seems to match my current pattern of long names.

Speaking of eggs our theme this year was the Zodiac and your egg was a Scorpio egg. As always anything written here is merely suggestions by us and you’re free to play your lanky brown as you like.


Name Tchechayzaeth
Dam Leirith
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By Za’ariah and R’hyn
Impressee Ky’zai
Hatched July 25, 2022
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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