a dark as midnight blue with light-colored wing membranes.

Egg Name and Description

Color Outside the Lines Egg

From a distance, there doesn't seem to be anything unusual about this egg. An off-white shell the color of parchment paper shows only a spare few spots and splotches upon it - the patterns seeming haphazard and without meaning. It's an egg that could easily be overlooked from the stands, but up close is where this little beauty shines. The jagged strokes of color that had seemed so washed out from afar come into focus. The texture of the egg's shell gives each playfully strewn mark a mottled appearance, the white peeking through underneath. Swirls of yellow and gold and red give the impression of sunlight where streaks of greens and blues make out valleys or rivers. The whole effect leaves the egg looking like some child's canvas of scribbled drawings connected only by sharp lines that encompass the entire spectrum of hues.

Mind Touches

Discovering Imagination seems shy at first, unsure of who you are or why you’ve come. There is a tickling sensation at the back of your neck as if you’re being watched, but from where? Cautious, but curious, something from within reaches out to find some place within your heart. It starts with a subtle touch against your fingertips, as if counting each of the digits. You can hear it softly - the sing-song humming of one of the children’s songs from the lower caverns. The feeling of laughter and joy is all too easy to catch hold of, threatening to drag a smile from even the most hardened faces. Scribbles of color appear in different shades, changing as they go from left to right across the back of your eyelids, but what does it all mean?

Discovering Imagination seems more enthusiastic now. The vision in front of your eyes clears for a moment as if someone were flipping to a new page. Delicate forms take shape in colors of the rainbow, drawn crudely with inexperienced hands. It’s hard to see at first, but after a while the colors begin to form someplace familiar. Wherever you may travel, this is the place you call home. Hesitantly, the artist shows you what it sees through your eyes, so curious about this place and what it means to you. It steps forward, but seems to stumble and the colors splash forward, obscuring your view. Oops! You aren’t mad, are you? The gentle feeling draws back a little, uncertain.

Discovering Imagination leans forward, giving the impression that it might just touch against your nose. Slowly, happiness returns again, knowing you’ve stayed. The obscuring color fades as if being wiped away by careful hands. Something new appears to take its place, though. A mess of colored swirls and lines that seem like little more than scribbles dominates your view. Unlike before, it’s hard to make anything out of this image, and even the tiny artist seems unsure what it means. Yet, there is a feeling of need there, reaching out for this friend they haven’t been able to find - someone to teach, and guide, and show all the beautiful things in the world. The question lingers even after the impression of that image fades away: Are you the one I’m looking for?

Hatching Message

It is only a matter of time before the Color Outside the Lines Egg begins to tremble, tiny fissures showing like new strokes of color, marring the scribbled lines on the shell. Then, with a triumphant crack, a darkly marked head thrusts through the top, limbs pressing outwards. The hatchling creels, crunching eggshells beneath him.

Dark as midnight, the little blue gives himself a shake, but doesn't seem quite able to rid himself of that shell clinging just between his eyeridges. The only shade of light on him is the slight flutter of his wings, as he shakes egg-goo out behind him, looking left and right before wandering towards the line of white-robes.

Impression Message

At first, he seems so distracted that he barely notices them. Wandering past one, then another, whirling eyes looking everywhere else except at the line of people in front of him. It's with this distraction that he nearly tumbles straight into the stocky form of Janesh, a man who must be at the high edge of the age range for male candidates. Letting out a breath of air, the man crouches to steady the hatchling, and then his eyes go unfocused. "You've got a shell on your head, silly one." His voice is surprisingly gentle, yet surprised, eyes unfocused. "J'esh?" Beat. His expression is confused, and then with a growing join, he exclaims. "He… he says his name is Taruneth!"

It seems to take quite a bit of time for the realization of impression to set in, and the newly named rider has to be ushered off the sands by a weyrlingmaster.






Egg: Crayons


Name Tarueth
Dam Seryth
Sire Romth
Created By R'owan (egg)
Impressee J'esh
Hatched April 10, 2012
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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