Peaceful Enlightenment Bronze Taozyuth

As if weathered by the turns, through sun and rain, season after season, the bronze hues upon this proudly build dragon's hide are tinged by a soft green patina, the cool tones seeming to add rather than detract. Rather than sharper corners, and pointy joints, the green hues seem to round out his form, adding bulk, a sense of pudginess as they cling to his hide. His rounded snout, colored like an old penny, slopes upwards, the color brightening at eyes and again at ridges before it pales, the patina of age claiming his neck with tinges of green and blue before deep brass covers it over wide-set shoulders and his barrel chest. Brass darkens further as it sweeps along his stomach, cast around heavy limbs, while oversized wings are proud visages of pure bronze, sails flecked with hints of gold and rusty brown. Dark ridges ride the slope of his back as it drifts into the sweeping drape of his tail - darkness and light coming together before ending in a clash of power upon the sharp edged spade.

Egg Name and Description

True Enlightenment Egg
Plumper at the base, this squat little egg is the color of aged bronze, metallic hues dulled by the passing of time as the shell sits in timeless watch. Yet, rather than seemingly smooth, shadows pool and gather over the shell, creating an illusion of rolls while ebony gathers in the 'creases'. Feather-like strokes of a brighter copper leave the sense of smiling lips, dark brown smudges those of welcoming eyes, and all together a sense of warmth and welcoming as it sits nestled amongst the sands of Xanadu Weyr.

Hatching Message

A gentle swaying sends True Enlightenment Egg rocking from side to side. A low humming seems to come from the egg, almost as if the hatchling within the egg is chanting to itself as it prepares to escape the cage that holds it tight.

Even when True Enlightenment Egg stills its swaying the humming continues, raising in volume before dropping off suddenly. For several moments the egg is utterly still, peaceful silence resides over it until several sharp staccato shoves from within have cracks forming and quickly riddling the shell with ease.

In a burst of coppery shards True Enlightenment Egg dissolves in a mass of confetti like shards. The eggs breaking open is all that it should be, it is the hatchling that rises up that seems a little out of place for upon his face is a large piece of his shell that seems to hold warm eyes and a smiling mouth. For now he stands there, wings fanning out to allow the heat of the sands to dry them of the egg goo that clings to them as well as the rest of his well rounded body.

Impression Message

A sense of peace, wellbeing, unconditional love and devotion sweeps around you. Gone is the searing heat that scorches the soles of your feet. « Be at ease, all is well, all shall be well from here until it is time for us to pass into the next life where we shall be reunited once again. » This mind for as young as it is, is an old one, for there are things it seems to know that is openly shows to you. Any questions you may have are seemingly answered without a spoken word until the thought comes to you that you don't even know the name of the voice that now firmly resides within you, fitting into your mind like a missing piece of your puzzle. « I am Taozyuth. We are now one. We have much to finish learning and teaching to others. » As you look downward, the soulful eyes of your bronze lifemate look up at you, his warble reassuring you that all is well. « N'shen I am hungry could we find something to ease this painful grumbling then ease off this itch between my wings? » Another warble pulls at you, bringing you back to the heat of the sands and what has just happened to you. « We are now Taozyuth and N'shen. »


It is obvious from the beginning that you and Taozyuth were meant to be, as if you were put on the sands to find him again as you may have done time and time again through the turns that people have been on Pern.

Taozyuth will never make demands upon you, never will he throw tantrums as other hatchlings may do around you. He is there for you, to grow along with you, to learn with you at your classes and drills while also teaching you as you mature and grow yourself.

Taozyuth will enjoy each class you are made to attend, he will encourage you in those classes that only you have to attend while he sleeps. Taozyuth is a little larger than the others in the class, not just wise but in overall girth. He's not fat mind you, just large boned, for all that seems to be fat is just well covered muscle. This largeness will be the one thing that will slow him down and overall you both as it comes to different things.

As he grows things will even out to a point which will come once he begins those wonderful unmanned flights. In the air he is truly free, his size does not encumber him at all. His strength will shine through, slowly all that baby fat that seemed to stay with him no matter what drills you worked on will melt away to leave him more trim, letting all that muscle come into play. He will show you all that there is for him to do once you both take to the skies together. Here you will have to be his strength, reminding him that while you are still weyrlings there are limits to the time you will spend in the air.

Now once you have left the barracks and gotten that badge and knot that says you're a full rider, the doors will be opened and Pern in your playground. He will respect that you have a job to do and will put in his time working with you, but when there is nothing to do he will want to explore, he'll want to visit avis and have you get all the info you can get out of it. Of course beware that he'll want to share all the he has learned to everyone and anyone that will listen « Sakrienth do you know….»

Oh Flights of Glory or so he will call them, will give him the most pride. He'll not care if the female that's leading the chase is green or gold, it is the flights that give him the most thrill. To catch or not, well he will love to win, to capture the prize but should be not then while he may be disappointed he will not be one that will take it hard for he knows there will be other days and other ladies to woe and charm with his knowledge. « Let me Be your Romeo..» Yes He does love find and use those fun phrases from different terran plays and poems.

Congratulations on impressing and welcome to Weyrlinghood here at Xanadu. Please remember that all these are just ideas, something to start you off with but you are not held to playing him as the creator saw him. He is yours to play as you so wish. Enjoy!!


Pathway to Greater Understanding
Warmth and tranquility, the feeling of being accepted for who and what you are without being asked to change one bit. There is much that this mind would like to impart, ideas to be shared, a peace to be offered in exchange for nothing more than to be heard and hopefully understood to some extent.


The Theme for the clutch was 'Past and Future' and after talking about with Niva and tossing ideas about we came up with the Overall theme of Enlightenment and Buddha. As you figured out the egg your lifemate came from was created in the image of Buddha, his mind touches were a mix of both ideas. Taozyuth is a mix of both ideas, he's peace and strength, he's teaching and learning. His name simply popped into being and seemed to fit him just perfectly, it has no meaning, it didn't come from anywhere on the web, it just screamed out to be used.


Name Bronze Taozyuth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Zaqalekhth
Created By Sianne and Niva
Impressee N'shen (Natishen)
Hatched February 13, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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