Misunderstood Hero Blue Tandth

Blue, lanky and large, bulky at it's best. A hero, but a thug wrapped into one package of light blues and dark. Dark blue makes up the coloring on his head, like a mask worn by a thief while soft gentle blues make up his body to give a softer appearance. His wings, large and threatening have streaks of deep purples trailing downward like a waterlogged painting beginning to run.

Egg Name and Description

Oddities of Theft Egg

The egg itself looks flimy and weak, quite ready to break with too hard of a a gentle prod. Gold is the color of this egg, pale gold like a soft metal. But, most of the gold is obscured with red, like locks of hair, spanning downwards and splaying out with it's slight waves of curls. Beneath the red weaves of hair, one can fainly see letterings along the gold most of it hidden beneat the hair. One will see the letters of 'P' and 'I' etched gently in the gold, seperated by illegible letters.

Hatching Message

The Oddities of Theft Egg begins a slow wobble, a slow dance upon the hot Xanadu Sands, shifting, settling. The shell seems to shift, and bulge, the flimsy ovoid stretching and settling back, stress fractures beginning to appear near the base.

The Oddities of Theft Egg has begun to come apart at the seams, thin cracks working their way upwards, splitting the red locks where they sit upon the Sands.

The Oddities of Theft Egg is covered in cracks, splitting the pale gold and the brighter red, the apparaent lettering becoming invisible behind the network of cracks that expand over every surface. Soon, the seemingly fragile shell is finally giving way, falling down in pieces as a blue is left behind.

Impression Message

The Misunderstood Hero Blue Hatchling mopes upon the sands, unmoving from his egg until he hears the sound of a candidate shuffling their feet. Curious, he ventures over in that direction, eyes only on the candidate's feet until. He moves closer, and closer and then his nose is upon those feet and his head tilts up. Before the hatchling is a scrawny boy. "What? Tandth? Sure…" This boy is Monate, now M'ont.


The Lack of Morals arrives with a slow sense of security, wrapping around your mind slowly and soothing gently. Shhh. It's alright dear one, try again next time. Next time.. It'll be all better, won't it? You've just got to /practice/ dear. And let me take care of everything else.. There's a crackle of fire, echoing like the cackle of a ner-do-well.

The Lack of Morals comes forth, cackling with a fire. Watch it burn dearest! Oh, it was your favorite but see how it burns.. I do it for you. Just for you dearest. A flicker of anger, frustration and pain with an explosion of color. How perfect you will be, dearest.. /Perfect/. The cackling flickers and then fades, lingering in your mind.

The Lack of Morals fills your mind with an agonizing wail. How could it happen this way?! How could it be ruined like this? Don't hate me, dearest. It pleads with faint colors of pink and shimmers of blue for sorrow. Please forgive.. Another wail the cackling fire no longer dominant only the faint wail before it fades completely.


The theme this cycle was "Children's Mysteries" and Tandth was based off of Half-Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer.


Name Tandth
Dam Gold Avaeth
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Lorena
Impressee M'ont (Monte - NPC)
Hatched June 7, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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