Twin Silhouettes of Lilac Blue Tamasth

Tender twilight glistens as it sweeps over this tiny blue's body, like the pale summer sky darkening just after sunset, gliding easily over his narrow back and his slightly rounded haunches, curling delicately around to his thin belly. Pacific panorama laps against his long, lean wings, paler wings meeting the barely darker sky seamlessly, melding together. However, his body cannot remain pale, lilac-hued romantic isle blue accents his body, settling around his long limbs and shadowing his slender tail. Sandy feather-like fingers glide up his belly, the undefined edges of a silhouette, darkening the central line of his body. His narrow face is almost feline-like, flattened at the end, and sloping sharply upwards to darkened headknobs, hues intermingling oddly. Hyacinth ridges, like mountains on the distant horizon, glide smoothly down the curved line of his back, adding the final touches to his lilac-shadow appearance.

Egg Name and Description


Floral Spread of Ebony Egg
This small egg is could even be called delicate in appearance, dwarfed by many of its clutchmates, as it sits cushioned on the sands. The ends are a mixture of greens - forest and sea, lime and jungle - touched by light and shadow. Areas of pink fill in the center area, even and smooth, an odd contrast to the green. Yet, black and white spring upwards on one side, from green to green, spreading outward like wide petals - white slipping down the center of each form, joining in a narrow stem.

Hatching Message

Floral Spread of Ebony Egg can withstand it no longer - time has overcome its glory, though the seed within now gets its own turn. And so the shell shatters, pieces falling to sands, leaving in its place a small, pale blue dragonet.

Impression Message

A low rumble invades your mind, pushing against the confines, testing from the start just how much he can get away with. Rich reds and blues float in like silk, surrounding you and enveloping you in a luxury while the rumble becomes a purr. While cinnamon hints tantalize your mind, a simple question is asked. « Cirrrrilllia. You willll be none but mine, willlll you not? » As the silks billow around your mind, foreign wealth on display, he pauses. « I am Tamasth, and I am verrrrrry hungrrrry. »



From the very beginning, your Tamasth will be keeping you on your toes. Like a feline, he's constantly curious, getting into everything, and always asking questions after the fact. Its quite likely that he'll see the barrels in the barracks, and have to further investigate the contents - whether it be oil or water - by spilling it all over the floor. After all, everything can look similar when contained like that. As soon as the mess has been made, he'll retreat to the sidelines, content to watch the mayhem he has caused, and let someone else clean up the mess. If you confront him on it, he'll simply purr his seductive voice, and try and get out of it. « But Cirrrrrilllia. How was I to know that Raath woullllld slllllip and fallllll. »

Like a feline, he'll ingratiate himself to most - who could resist his rich tone, and his rolled r's after all? He easily makes friends, for he loves to talk, about anything and everything that he can. If the subject is one that he isn't familiar with, no problem. He certainly has no qualms with making up events, facts, and people, claiming that you told him about them, and you just don't remember. Just ignore the fact that dragon's memories are hardly long term.

However, there are those few who will see the other side of Tamasth, and try what you may, you won't always be able to avoid it yourself. What starts as a splash of gold in his mind quickly turns into trouble for those he takes issue with. He's sneaky and quite willing to cause mischief for mischief's sake, particularly when someone else gets in trouble. A mess on someone else's couch, which results them being delayed from *betweening* practice, so that he can take their spot is certainly not above him. Rumors, too, are easily passed on in his believable voice. « Did you hearrrrrr what Ikasuth did? »

Physically, he's lean and limber, like a cat, and just like one will always land on his feet. Though, truly, he prefers to stay on them anyway. It will take a lot of coaxing to get him to take the skies initially - after all, what if he doesn't land correctly? He'll ruin his reputation. Though, he has a tendency to do okay getting back to the ground - while his wings may get fouled, and he may skid, he's unlikely to have any landing that's too terrible. However, even after he's flying regularly, a short distance is more likely to be taken on in his awkward stride then by air.

When it comes to mating flights, it'll require a special instance for him to chase without question. After all, that's flying, and fancy flying at that. He's little enough to do the flips and twirls, the spirals and the sharp turns no problem, though he hardly has the endurance for long flights. And, when he does fly, he's certain to use his voice to his advantage whenever he can - perhaps that's the only thing he'll have.


Foreign Fumes of Fragrance
Tamasth's mind is, most basically, a low purr, like that of a satisfied feline sitting on its owner's lap after a large meal. His voice itself is foreign - rolled rrrr's and elongated llll's, adding a unique tone to his questions. Deep, yet soft, its hardly the voice one might expect for a blue, particularly a tiny one, but its all him. « Helllllo, dearrrr. How arrrre you? » His tone is almost seductive in nature - pulling people in, holding them in a curious trance. His scents are those of the Asian spice trade - cinnamon and nutmeg - the rich inviting scents just drawing people in quicker. Finally, his mind is characterized by the rich colors of imported silk - dark maroon, midnight blue, and jade green. His mind is certainly home to the finer things in life, steeped like tea to just the right strength. However, just like tea, sometimes it brews too long - when golds and silvers begin to invade his mind, you can be sure that a change is in the wind, and that the miniature shadow hidden within him is bound to rear his not-so-gorgeous head.



The theme this cycle was works of art, and the Floral Spread of Ebony Egg is based on one of Georgia O'Keefe's orchid paintings.

Your Tamasth is based loosely on the Siamese cats from Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp' - Si and Am. In the movie, the cats are incredibly talented at hiding their true selves from their owner, Aunt Sarah, while terrorizing Lady. They represent a duality, and that is what I drew on for Tamasth - Duality can be the source of many a quirk. Tamasth's richness is based in the wealth of Asia, in the minds of Europeans in the Middle Ages - Spices, silks, and even most basically, a distinct foreignness. Finally, Tamasth's name comes from the Hungarian 'Tamas' or twin. His two sides could be considered a pair, for they are both him, and therefore its a twin personality.

Your Tamasth was created just for you by Niva.


Name Twin Silhouettes of Lilac Blue Tamasth
Dam Gold Calanth
Sire Bronze Zsuzsath
Impressee Cirilia
Created by Niva
Hatched March 14, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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