Midnight Storm Green Talsohlerrosaeth

Storm shrouded darkness collects and covers the stocky body in midnight green hues as if a thunderstorm's violence caresses her hide. Brightly toned to begin and only very slowly darkening, olivine shades her broadly wedge shaped head before the tempest intensifies to gather and deepen the color as it slips liquid as rainwater down her thickset neck and over blocky shoulders. Rounded ridges carry a hint of gale light, the flash of the storm's lightning against the bayou darkness along her back and carried on to her short coupled flanks. Wind driven, that same hue coils around, a liquid pool of shaded chartreuse to cloak her and then splash up and over her too lengthy tail, as a velvety brush on that bright shaded patch of hide. Dusky shaded, the last remnants of olive hues slide along her stolid long legs, holding back the ebony that curls up over bony feet from wicked curved talons. A glint of absinthe in the gloom that falls, wrapping around her wings to bedeck them with variegated marbling that spreads in finger swirls and touches across the broad sails. Storm darkness spared her wingspars, leaving alone the bright yellow green hue to float above the murky abyss.

Egg Name and Description


Sugared Autumn Egg
Hues of autumn shade this egg, leaving the shell banded, ribbons of color formed around it in lengthening circles. Richly chocolate shades hold forth across the larger oblong shaped end of the ovoid, somewhat stippled with sugar striations that continue across all colors. Brown bleeds to orange, the familiar shade of fall coiled around in a warmth of late summers hues. Finally capped with purest white, the narrowest part of the ovoid seems to come almost to a point, far more oblong than is the norm for any dragon egg.

Hatching Message

A resounding crack is heard from the Sugared Autumn Egg, the first hint that it too, is going to hatch although it remains in one piece for several seconds after the sound. Finally, it splits into shards with bright colors littering the sands as it reveals the egg dampened hide of a green hatchling.

Impression Message

It is a return of the raging storm, cascading notes of thunder against your mind as one hatchling nears you. Flickers of lightning across your consciousness, leaving the searing image of one who loves you, chooses you above all others, waiting for that first moment as you recognize her touch. «Mysia? I have found you. Why did you not come forward toward me? You should know that I would have no other but yourself.» A faint hint of reproof and then apology. « I am sorry, I forgot that you would not know. I am Talsohlerrosaeth. » A break in the storm then, as physical discomfort hits and she loses the concentration needed to keep up the mental display. « Where would the food be? I am very hungry.»


A vibrant boldness to hide insecurity, it works to bluff and hide away any sense one may have of it needing anything. It wants no help, no succor or relief unwilling perhaps to trust those who will judge it based solely on how it appears. For its outward appears and even sometimes its mental touch will be colored by meanness, a pettiness and even a slight hint of evil, if only as a way for it to protect that inner part of itself from hurt. For it knows it is not lovable, as much as its deepest fears tell it so even as it tries desperately for the absolution of being loved. Every touch from this one is somewhat misleading, coated sometimes in sweetness, sometimes in acid as it seeks to divert attention from itself.

As she grow older, her temperament is going to mellow slowly. Talsohlerrosaeth will gain the ability to trust more than just you, although her trust will never be shared with many. For, just as you were the only one she could choose as her life mate, why should she care what these other dragons feel or want, or even what their lifemates want as well? The only times this mellows, is if the other is someone you are interested in. For then, she'll try to find what makes you curious about them, if only to understand you better.

Talsohlerrosaeth will grow more into her body as well, and won't be nearly as ungainly as when she was first hatched. Her clumsiness will leave her, as soon as she near maturity and she'll develop the grace of a bird of prey, somewhat fearsome but wholly lovely to watch in flight.

You'll find that while she will support you in what ever endeavor you pick, Talsohlerrosaeth has certain ambitions of her own, most noticeably, that she is seen. Perhaps not admired, she doesn't ask for that, but she wants to be noted. Let no one say that she is forgettable, for she is certain to stand out against the crowd of other dragons, if for nothing more than her cutting sense of humor against others.

Something of a quirk in her personality is her love of storms of all types. From the gentle rainfall that continues for hours, to the more brief but intense thunderstorms. It is the last that is probably, what she loves most and you will be hard pressed to keep her out of them despite the danger, once she is old enough to fly and test her daring against them.

During flights, despite her larger size than most of the greens, she is more daring by far than just about any other. And, this daring will sometimes lead to her capture, but more often shall free her, from it. So, it will remain a steadfast tactic that she uses. For, Talsohlerrosaeth shall choose the victor in her flights, with some input from you, of course. But not for her, that capitulation to just any male dragon that is close. They must prove their worthiness, by keeping up with her antics in the sky.

What a strange question to ask. Who else could I have chosen but you? You were the only one to seek and understand me. The only one that I can trust that will look past how I look on the outside and accept me as I am, completely. You took me as I am. The anger I held, even when it was directed at you. You were the only one strong enough to be my lifemate, for I couldn't bear to be bonded to someone weaker than myself. In many ways, you remind me of myself. We both work hard for our goals, even if we are sometimes denied them. But now that we are together, we shall accomplish many, many things. More than we could dream of if we were by ourselves.


Crash of Thunder, Flash of Lightning
I am often contradictory, and for one with such a temper as I, my mind voice is surpassingly sweet, a mellow warm alto. While I shall cocoon you in warmth, you'll always be aware of the sharp splintery side of my temperament, the crossed swords that I show to so many others. And do not be surprised that while with you I am conciliatory and even gentle, forgiving of every foible - I will forgive no mistakes or betrayals by others. I will press on your awareness more, than others lifemates do. Simply because I need you, and this close contact to be reassured that you are always with me. And, how could I advise you unless I am this close? For I have many opinions about nearly everything, and I shall share them all with you.


When I was making this dragon, her personality inspiration was Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley. It's where I got the idea for her mind name, and her affinity for storms. Her egg desc is based on the Indian Corn that is available around Halloween. Her name is a combination of two german words: talsohle and kletterrose, for valley and rambling roses - something very common in the area where Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein.


Name Midnight Storm Green Talsohlerrosaeth
Dam Gold Fenillanth
Sire Bronze Zavadoth
Created By Nelali
Impressee Mysia
Hatched December 1, 2002
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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