Awaiting In The Dark Green Szayelth
Awaiting In The Dark Green Szayelth
While others of her color may gain the title of 'pretty', this green is perhaps far from that description. She is not hideous, persay, but she has a certain menacing look to her. Perhaps it's the length of her neck and the narrow head that brings even more focus to strong jaws and sharp teeth. Long headknobs twist and curl away at the apex of her skull: the tips dashed with soft colors. This is a contrast to the rest of her hide, which is a green so deep and dark that it becomes almost black in the right lights. Even ridges spilling down her sinuous spine are lost in that darkness, nor does it lighten as her tail is reached. That length in her neck is implied through the rest of her body — almost snakelike in its lithe form. From beneath her chin, down to the base of her tail, her underbelly is jade: not light, but far lighter than that of the rest of her. Where the two colors meet, there is an awkward blending of shades, as if perhaps the darkness is winning. Her wings are large — too large, at first glance — and seem to engulf her in their size. The membrane between each darkened spar is myriad of dark, almost-black greens so that it appears to be molting: the physical appearance of being broken and yet still whole. Each of her strong legs end in talons that hold only the darkest black of night in their color.
Szayelth has a length of 25.93 meters and a wingspan of 42.38 meters.

Egg Name and Description


Spiral Tower Egg
The soft hues of sunset paint a backdrop upon the curvatures of this egg. The sands blend into the golden orange-reds as they rise from the purple-black clouds. In the foreground, a blackened landscape juts into a cliff, a dash of green moss hither and fro upon the rocky surface. Seemingly a part of that cliff is a structure that rises boldly into the foreground: black, twisted, and decidedly sinister. At odds with the serene scene of a setting sun, it bellows cold and dark out to the lands below.

Touch Messages

Cold Calculations is a storm. Lightning strikes and thunder rumbles off in the distance. A light rain begins to fall as a heavy mist descends upon you. The dark sensation of one disturbed builds: a roiling anger with form taken in dark spiral clouds. The sky brightens as lightining strikes and the brassy tones of thunder seem to be a voice full of anger, but whatever may have been said is lost admist the tumultuous scenery.

Cold Calculations turns to a heavy, thick mist as the rains subside. The landscape is obscured and only dark greys and black can be seen in brief patches of light brought by the occassional bright yelloww flash of lightning. A rumble of thunder begins and as it passes, there's the sensation of a growl.

Cold Calculations turns to a silence: an eery, worrying silence. Soon a dense rain begins to fall all around you and the thunder reaches a crescendo in which it is in time with each strike of electricity all around the darkness at the center of it all. The eye of the storm. Pure, white hot anger sears through: sharing a simple, yet strong annoyance at being bothered so.

Hatching Message

The sands are chaos and chaos draws out certain things. In the corners hide the darkness, leaving Spiral Tower Egg to shudder gently in its hollow. Only a shift and then all is calm again, as if it never moved at all.

The building chaos, the underlying emotions. Joy overall, yes, but many feeling other things: pain, disappointment, and even fear. Spiral Tower Egg seems driven onward by these things and cracks begin to show upon its shell.

Another series of cracks appear upon the shell of Spiral Tower Egg. Suddenly, the tower upon the shell falls away and a damp wing pokes through. Soon the rest of the dark landscape falls away and leave a fairly petulant-looking green in their midst.

Impression Message

The sands fade away, only to be replaced by another kind of chaos. A storm rages with you at the center. Lightning cracks and thunder roars. A voice, however, rises above it all. Sultry and with a touch of femme fatale to it. « D'len, » it seems to purr and though the storm continues, you are at the center with this new one. « I am Szayelth. /Your/ Szayelth. And none shall ever forget us, my pet. » There is a pause as the sands begin to come back, but her voice is still there — this time with a soft growling to it, « However, I am quite hungry. Could you see to that, perhaps? »



"Now you shall deal with ME, O Prince, and all the powers of hell!"

Your Szayelth is far from the airheaded beauties, or even the fun-loving girls-next-door. She is darkness. She is, perhaps one might say, evil. She is driven to destruction and to make all as miserable as she, for she is well and truly not happy. If one is to ever think that what drives her to destroy what is good and happy is jealousy, than they would be right. However, woe betide the man that say this directly to her. In fact, you, D'len, may be the only one who can bring her nearer to the light.

Your sweet demeanor despite your dark past is what drew Szayelth to you, though she would never admit to it. You have something she desires: happiness. She seeks to destroy it, that is true, but deep down it is only because she cannot be happy herself and it pains her to see others with that happiness. She sees you, at times, as a project. Can she bring you back to the darkness? Can you become cohorts, out to destroy everyone? At other times, however, she looks up to you and tries to find what it is that allows you to be who and what you are.

Many dragons can be said to have an ego, but Szayelth has an ego like you wouldn't believe. Should one of her clutchmates ever outdo her, you may be hard-pressed to hold her back. That will be one of the first things you will find yourself struggling with. While many greenriders only have to control their dragon when she flies: you, D'len, will find yourself having to restrain her. « But she learned faster! We cannot have this, D'len. I am the best. How /dare/ they not see that! » She will give in to you, but not without her poisoning sultry tones trying their way with you first. « Can't you see, D'len? We could be amazing. They would love us, you and I. If only we did not have the others in our way. »

Because Szayelth is so often caught up in herself, she will often struggle in the beginning with lessons. She'll be too distracted by loking good and appearing great that she'll miss out on important information. This is where it will be up to you to support that aspect of her. You will need to be the one that focuses, so you can then turn to her and help her. « Please, my pet, what was it we were supposed to do? I cannot stand the prattling of those beneath us. » She will learn and she will learn well, but she will not be as quick to learn and master as her fellow clutchmates. However, if you are able to impart unto her how good she would look and how the others would fear and respect her… she may be bothered to 'lower her standards' so as to be a good student.

Szayelth is not a loner, but she is also not very social. She picks her companions carefully. Usually for what they can do for her. However, she also feels a need to be the biggest and best. This may mean she shies from the male dragons, but settles in with the other greens. Especially if they give way to her. Humans, also, will be seen as her 'underlings'. However, should there be talk going on amongst the dragons as a whole: you can bet she will chime in with her own dark opinions.

Many dragon flights can turn bad. When you have that many dragons all vying for one, smaller one, it does not often turn out for the best. Injuries from flights keep the dragonhealers busy. Your Szayelth will be a bane to those healers once she takes to the skies. It is then that the darkness in her reaches a peak. Her glow is more understated overall, but the softer green of her underbelly seems almost alight, while the rest of her seems to try to swallow it up. When she first takes flight she is concerned, foremost, with getting away. However, the more they chase, the more annoyed she becomes. Without your control, she may even turn upon her suitors in the most viscious of ways.

D'len, she chose you because you can best understand her. There is a darkness within you and while she may often be trying to draw that darkness out so that it can match her own… she is also often trying to find out how it is that you can see good and light in the world. It will be up to you what she becomes, because ultimately: you are the only one she will give way to. Even golds she will often fight, which may get you into trouble. But if you master her early on… she will follow you everywhere. Because if you can find happiness, despite all the darkness, then so can she.


Cold Calculations
Like the calm after a storm in a valley: with a heavy, undulating fog and a decided chill to the air. During moments of brighter clarity, sparkles of light in the sky can be found and a mossy green landscape below. Yet, more often will arise a tumult wherein all is obscured. Most often, the sounds of the wind and a deep, sultry tone are brought forth, yet on a whim can turn to a lighter, airy cackling, or even a deep, furious growl with the undertone of thunder in the distance.



The clutch theme this cycle was, oddly enough, dragons. Because I, personally, grow tired of all the cute, pretty, gorgeous (and other similar descriptors) dragons, I chose Maleficent from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. She has a kind of goth beauty to her in her human form, but once a dragon… you cannot deny that there is nothing 'beautiful' about her. She is twisted, dark, and a bit awkwardly proportioned. And the sheer evil that surrounds her only add to that picture.

There are many in agreement that Maleficent was the best villian that Disney ever had. And in so many ways, I agree with that. With a voice that sends chills down your spine with the undertone of a growl to it and the fact that she did not show signs of 'humanity' no matter what — it is no surprise that in the Kingdom Hearts games, she was one of the masterminds. While many other villians give in to humanity, or find the soft spot in their heart, Maleficent did not.

However, it can be seen early on that much of her was due to jealousy. When she placed the curse upon Aurora, it was because she had not been invited. The King invites everyone to this party to celebrate his daughter's birth: except Maleficent. The faeries of good are present, yes, so why should she not be, despite being the fairy of evil? Never was it mentioned, yet I believe it to be true, that had she been invited, she would not have placed the curse.

Szayelth wants respect, above all. She may be smaller than the browns, but she feels she can be just as strong and steadfast as they. Your class, D'len, will be learning how to flame, despite this being a post-Threadfall world. I feel that Szayelth will take more readily to that than all her counterparts. The ability to incite fear! The power!


Name Awaiting in the Dark Green Szayelth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By R'in
Impressee D'len (Delenn)
Hatched April 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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