I'm So Faded Blue Sukith

Denim so faded that it nearly looks grey covers this little blue from head to crooked tail-end. Lean of body to the point of protruding bones and boney joints, he looks lean to the extent of fragility. Though fragile he is not, lined with muscle that extends into extremely fragile-looking wings that seem to big for his lean frame. Membranes are translucent, like fabric stretched too thin, and slate talons extend from boney paws. The only variation of color on this blue is on his face, where a darker denim color wrinkles up in crow’s feet just under his protruding eye ridges.

Egg Name and Description


Did Somebody Say Quick? Egg
Brownish gray is the dominate color of this egg. A bland symphony of color washes over the shell of a normal sized egg. Dark, rich mahogany captures the bottom of this egg, sending swirls up and around the egg. These swirls get lighter in color, as well as thinner in size, as they near the top of the egg, where all streaks and swirls have vanished all together. These brown swirls merge perfectly with the dominate brown/gray color resulting in to this wonderfully mixed egg.

Hatching Message

Did Someone Say Quick Egg is anything BUT. The shell slowly falls away from the .. Not So Impressive figure of a Dragonet. Standing on his own tail. Rather painful that, and is so announce, by a loud, screeching howl-creel.

Impression Message

The scent of Old Spice slowly wafts into your mind, covering it in a pale smoky mist. « Tsk! Look at you! Your life is in SUCH shambles! » The mist thickens slightly in annoyance, a creaking sound turning slightly sharper in your ‘ears’. « You need guidance, you do! Yes, indeed, Asiree! » The creaking turns softer, into a soothing sound as he comes to a decision. « In fact, I! I, Sukith will help you! Yes. Beloved. »



Sukith is the type of dragon that will nag you to death if you do something he disapproves of. Drinking in access (or drinking at all), and other self-abusive behaviors (even sometimes major flirting!) are things looked down upon by him, because it could endanger YOU. His beloved. But he doesn’t nag all the time. Sometime he’ll just argue for the sake of arguing, or to maintain his “dignity”. And it’s an elderly sort of dignity at that. Anything he feels he knows well, he’ll take very seriously, with the air of a bronze. Although he’s not all argument and safe-warnings. Not at all. He loves you, and on rare occasion he’ll spoil you. You know he only nags because he adores you!
As a Weyrling, Sukith (Pronounced Sue-key-th) is always observant, and constantly curious. He’ll absorb SO much information from everywhere that in his elderly (or not so elderly) days, he can correct you, and thus, help you live a better, safer(?) life. Or so he’ll think. He’s not the type to go pranking, and infact, he’ll even NAG those who do. He’ll pick up an intense interest in your handy-woman “occupation” and try to absorb every single scrap of information he can about that subject. He’ll often try and correct you when you’re working on a project, or anything of the sort. « Doesn’t that wire go THERE instead? » He’ll probably be a bit of an annoyance in that area, always hovering over your shoulder. Horrible thing is. Ninety percent of the time, he’s right. Even when he’s wrong, he’s right. There’s no denying he’s dignified from Weyrling to Grandpa (Well. Elderly Dragon.) He’ll NEVER, EVER admit to being wrong. Never. Not once. He’ll apologize for things, for wrong doings (which rarely happen. Really.) But he’ll never admit to being wrong. And yes, there is a difference.
Grown up .. .. .. He’ll be exactly the same. Same attitude. Same air. Same I’m Not Wrong! Same old Loving Nag. And if he ever does find that lucky lady, he’ll be just as devoted to her, as he is to you. Lucky dragon-lady, huh?
During Mating Flights, Sukith won’t take any pleasure in the blooding. Infact, he’ll give the Lecture of Life to the poor doomed Herdbeasts about how they’re just going to die anyways. Compassionate! While he’s chasing the Lovely Lad(ies) he won’t be all flattery, but he’ll use his extensive knowledge to his advantage in smooth-talking the ladies. You know chics did the intelligent geeks! In other words, he’ll be like a normal male, and not all lovey-naggy. The next morning, win or loss, he’ll scold YOU for sleeping with random people, even if you had no control whatsoever. You SHOULD have the control afterall!
As a note, During clutches (while at other times you might find yourself comfortable in the Techy Wing) you might find yourself doing the Duties of an Assistant Weyrling Master, or the Weyrlingmaster themselves. Or at least Sukith will be. He finds it Imparative to impart his knowledge to those Newly Hatched, and he’ll often start off “lessons” with « Why, in MY day..! » Yes. The Grandpa sound-a-like.

Why did Sukith chose you Asiree? This little guy thinks you need a helping hand with guidance through your life, and apparently he thinks he’s just the dragon to do it! After all, if he doesn’t, who will?


Kindly Intelligent Heckler
Sukith’s mind actually smells a good deal like Old Spice. It’s a real soft smell, but firm. Solid. Though the smell is often accompanied by pale mist, often densening as he angers. He also rather sounds like a rocking chair as well. Slow and steady, though the rhythm can change due to his mood. Angered or annoyed to a great degree, the creaking will be painfully loud and make one want to cringe. When please, bored, or idle, it will resume the nice, steady, soothing rocking sound.


Well. As for Inspiration for Sukith, there really is no specific person or anything. Think of elderly couples, or even younger couples. A good example would be the couple(s) from Everybody Loves Raymond. Parents or the younger generation, that family is FULL of naggers and nitpickers. And he’s like the grandparents in that He Knows Best. Always. So there is your inspiration. Sukith also comes from the Japanese word Suki, which means “beloved”. I think its appropriate. :)



Name I'm So Faded Blue Sukith
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Lahela, Kysli
Impressee Asiree
Hatched April 25, 2004
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

*Art by Lahela

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