Sunlight's Passion Gold Sribaimoth

Spun gold in the shape of a dragon is what stands before you in all her grace and beauty. This golden tone is soft, even washed out in places, but when the light hits right she sparkles like a million diamonds. Her wings, with a beautiful peacock green fairy dusted appearance, are perfectly proportioned promising her strength in flight. Strong hindlegs hold her steady upon her feet, tipped with deep ebony talons which dig into the ground slightly as she walks. Whiplike tail seems a bit too long for her body, threatening to trip her up as she walks. Long strong neck with ridges of the same peacock green fairy dust hold up a large wedge-shaped head. Headknobs of a light maroon complete this dragon as she holds her head up and glances around with intelligent whorling eyes.

Egg Name and Description


Gooey Butterscotch Delight Egg
Golden tones caress over the shell of this egg, glistening with tiny sugar crystals shining like tiny diamonds upon the surface. The oval of creamy butterscotch seems to be melting as it disappears into plain white at one tip. Almost perfectly sculpted aside from this major flaw, the egg sits proudly upon the floor of the cavern. Sand clings to the gooeyness of this candy as it melts away to nothingness, hopefully not to disappear before hatchingtime.

Hatching Message

The Gooey Butterscotch Delight Egg seems to move. Did the delicious little morsel just wobble? Or was it just an illusion of the heat? Only time will tell.

The tasty treat seems to be melting further as the Gooey Butterscotch Delight Egg begins to crack along its surface.

The golden shards of the Gooey Butterscotch Delight Egg finally fall away to reveal a gooey little hatchling, a few shards still clinging to the egg-goo that covers the little dragonet.

Impression Message

A serene sort of calm overcomes your mind as you feel someone reaching out for you. Suddenly your mind is awash with foresty greens and sweet scents. « There you are! I knew you were here. You are my Jhoren, yes? Yes! And I am your Sribaimoth and now we can be together forever. May we eat now? »


Sribaimoth is the epitomy of calmness and serenity. As a weyrling she will be curious and very willing to go to every lesson and to listen quietly so that both of you may learn and increase your confidence in yourselves. There's no hyperness in this dragon, even as a youngster, she'd rather sit calmly by and listen to others. That's not to say she's nosey, because she really isn't, she's just confident enough to know she doesn't need to brag about herself like so many others do. When she's old enough to fly, she'll want you to take her to the forests, for she dreams of the day she can see the beautiful trees and flowers, and lounge under them. She won't want her straps on unless they're for training or it's time for her to fly as she's a very au-natural kinda gal. She likes to be free from manmade items, free to roam and fly without restraint, though she never wants you to be in danger, so when you're flying with her she pays closer attention to the straps, sometimes even wanting to check them over herself before they're put on her. Her favourite colour is green and she'll often use it in anything she does whether it be talking to you or other dragons or just helping you to paint your weyr. When flights come, she won't try too much trickery as she knows she can outfly them. She'll keep your feelings in mind when she can, and rarely will she let a brown catch her for she's a bit too good for that. She'll often push herself to her limit during the flight, for she deserves only the best of the bronzes. Afterall, she wants her babies to be as strong and confident as she is. As for babies, she'll be an awesome mother, tending to the eggs with gentle carresses and soft licks. That's her favourite part of being a gold, afterall, the creation of new life. Remember, Sribaimoth is your dragon, so if you don't agree with the RP Tips or they're just not something you can do, it's ultimately your choice. I hope you enjoy her, Jhoren, and congratulations on your impression.


Nature's Beautiful Serenity
Sribaimoth's mind isn't a chaos of colours like other dragons, she is more down to earth in shades of green and brown. There seems to be a cool confidence about her, as if she doesn't need bright colours to feel content, or to flirt. Accompanying her tone seems a scent of pine trees and the feeling of fresh clean forest air. All around, she's got that serene sort of calming mind.

Mind Touches
Nature's Beautiful Serenity reaches out curiously with tendrils of forest green, seeking information about this mind attached to this person reaching out to it. What colours are there? What scents? What is it like outside this shell?

Nature's Beautiful Serenity bathes your mind in scents of pine green, awash with calmness. The mind probes deeper, perhaps looking for something, but what? Ever curious, this mind seeks out everything you might wish to share, your darkest secrets, your prettiest daydreams. A nightmare? No worries, the calmness bathes you in comfort, caressing your mind gently.

Nature's Beautiful Serenity finally begins to withdraw in its sleepiness. The scents and colours fade quietly until all is dark, and the touch is gone for now.


The theme for the eggs was Candy, and your candy was, of course, a butterscotch disc, tasty and delicious. I used the suggestions in your @mail to do the dragon and of course the name you wanted as her name. Egg and dragon were both done by the clutchmom Aeris of Xanadu Weyr.


Name Sunlight's Passion Gold Sribaimoth
Dam Gold Aelith
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By Aeris
Impressee Jhoren
Hatched May 31, 2007
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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