Fascinating Line and Color Green Sophyrinth

Surely a specimen for the smallest of her kind, the body of this green is built as if from spun glass. Her head is slender and wedge shaped, her neck arched gracefully into the roundness of her chest and ribcage. Starting at the base of her skull is an explosion of lime, a mellow yellowish green that slips around her headknobs and seeps over her neck ridges, flowing along her spine. The color sharpens as it hits the outline of her ribcage, deepening into a pine green with striations of teal. The color bends and waves, wiggling along her muscles to ripple and shift as she moves. Over her haunches pine gives way to jade, the color thinning to make way for curls of teal and light emerald. The emerald becomes richer as it dips into the hollows of her belly, nestling into the insides of her legs and along the underside of her tail. It twists upwards towards the light, splaying out into an unexpected freckling of blue so deep as to be called violet along her slender tail. The violet appears across the backs of her hind legs just behind the kneecap and across all four finely boned paws. Each of these speckled paws is tipped in long black talons.

Egg Name and Description


Shores Of Honah Lee Egg

This egg would surely be overlooked if one didn't expect to see it there. The surface of this egg mimics the sand it lays in. Single grains of brown and bronze, flecks of gold and white cling to the shell like iron flakes on a lodestone. As unassuming as this egg is, one might wonder if it is a trick of the eye rather than part of the clutch.

Mind Touches :

Childhood and Autumn Mists tinker into your mind, a sweet and happy swirl of copper and green rushing exuberantly to every corner of your being. It takes you up like a new toy, pleased to have you. But like all young minds, it soon grows bored and sweeps away.

Childhood and Autumn Mists slide cooly back to curl sleepy tendrils into the corners of your mind, fused with the scent of cherry blossoms and sea foam. Dandling in your mind, it searches for happier memories of childhood, snatching those precious memories and showing them back to you like a proud child displaying a drawing. This game complete, it recedes to review what it has taken, coveting these images for itself.

Childhood and Autumn Mists break into the recesses of your mind like waves over the shore, all blues and golds and flashes of dappled sunlight. It wraps within your being, taking you in light a tight, warm hug. Happiness and joy swamp you, flooding you and leaving you with a sense of well-being. As soon as it came, it is gone, leaving grayness and shadow.

Childhood and Autumn Mists will come no more, a stillness, a blackness, has overcome this energetic mind. Gray morning light and falling grains of sand are all that remain.

Childhood and Autumn Mists return with eagerness, blasting away with grayness with a gleeful explosion of lemon yellow and pink sunrise, waves tickling your senses. Happiness to see you, to know more about you spread throughout your sense. A sudden streak of red string bolts across your mind, roping in some long buried memory, showing you back an image of its own. A sailboat on the sea, sail billowed out in the breeze. And then it is gone, whipped away into the mists to be contemplated over.

Childhood and Autumn Mists bounce back into your mind, sparks of every rainbow color rebounding inside of your minds eye, glittering like so many pretty rocks washed up by the tide. It shows you prettiness, wonder, joy, all displayed inside of mundane things th at it pulls from your memories. The smell of the grass, the sunlight playing on the water, this toy, the smile of a friend. Eagerly, it reaches in for more. This, that, the other, a million million stars in the sky, and all of them for it.

Childhood and Autumn Mists knows your touch well by now, and seek to fill you completely with merriment. So much to be felt and seen and experienced, and where to start. Will you show it all to me, show me your world and teach me? An image, what is this? A person, who is this? So much curiosity, so much mischief in one dreaming mind that it overwhelms completely, and just when you think you can stand this tidal wave no longer, the tide receeds, leaving you completely alone.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message:

The slightest of wobbles shakes the Shores Of Honah Lee Egg. Once! Twice! Maybe…? Like the waves against the beach, however, it too must pause. And so the sand-colored egg falls still once more.

Cracking Message:

A shake, a violent movement that seems to dislodge the sand that clings to the shell of the Shores of Honah Lee Egg. And then with a loud POP!, the egg begins to sport lines of blue beneath the sandy shell, growing wider as the little dragonet inside seeks to break free.

Hatching Message:

As if on some silent cue, the shards of the Shores of Honah Lee Egg disintigrate like a million particles of sand, trickling down and sticking to the crevices of the petite green hatchling that is revealed.

Impression Message

A rush of water, a sigh of the wind, a rainbow of dancing colors in copper and gold, invade your mind. From the darkness you did not realize was there before, a corner of your mind unfilled that is now suddenly, irrevocably, enfolded with sunshine and love, a voice like the crackle of leaves underfoot comes, speaking so loudly and enthusiastically it overcomes you. « There you are! This is no time for hide-and-seek! We will play later! I am your Sophyrinth, and you are my S'ya! We will be best friends! But first, I must eat. You will feed me, please? »



As a newborn, your Sophyrinth will be very adventurous, and quick to throw a tantrum when anything gets in her way. « But I want my way NOW! » And she'll make you miserable until you do. Don't misunderstand, you are the light of her world, and it confuses her when you don't give in to her every whim. Even if it is as impractical as finding her favorite piece of tin foil at two in the morning. Oh yes, tin foil. Sophyrinth can't get enough of it, or anything else shiny, pretty, colorful, or just amazing! Granted, her idea of amazing may not mesh with your idea, and you'll often find her hoarding things that don't belong to her somewhat compulsively. « What do you mean, dragons don't collect balls of string? But look at all the colors in it! » Would I could say she'll grow out of this kleptomania, but it will become imbedded in her personality as she grows.

Sophyrinth lacks a decent attention span, and you'll often catch her chastising you for neglecting to pay attention or take things seriously. Amusingly, she's prone to the same wanderances of attention, and she may spend more time admiring her own reflection in the surface of the water than she probably ought to. The exception to this is when you speak with her. She will eagerly listen to your every word, savoring the sound.

As she grows, she'll discover the male of the species, though it is in a more « Eew cooties! » kind of way. Mating flights will confuse her, and she will rarely, if ever, settle for one blue, brown, or bronze. When she isn't proddy, she's likely to ignore them, and when she is, she'll just inflame them. « Hey there, big fella. Why don't you slink on over here and curl up next to me? »

Sophyrinth is a dragon full of joy and life, something she finds in you. Without you, her world is dark. She finds boldness in your presence, and may sulk when you are gone. Ignore her for too long, and she will retreat upon herself, becoming depressed and withdrawn. Treat her with love and she will always return it tenfold. You are her Jackie Paper, after all.

Sophyrinth will always be a show-off. She will want to be the best, flying higher, flying faster, than all of the rest. She will love to fly, but she will have an equal affinity towards the water. Perhaps it is the way light reflects off of it and makes it sparkle, but she just can't help herself. If there is water nearby, she will be in it. While she won't be a prissy dragon necessarily, she may demand baths just as an excuse to be in the water, and you may find yourself bathing her twice a day sometimes. Luckily for you, she is very small and dainty, or the task would be arduous indeed! Her proximity to you will often stir her into fits of brazen challenges. She will often lift her head and roar, if only for the fun of it, and if only to see who she can bully. Beware her sharp tongue, for she will use it only sparingly, but it is keen as a newly sharpened blade when she chooses to lash out with it. Unable to take out frustrations on you, her dearest friend and greatest love, Sophyrinth may turn her anger outwards on any dimwit who crosses her path. She may do it more often if she discovers this behavior amusing, so be wary of positive reinforcements to negative behaviors. Sophyrinth wants to be an adult, but she will always act somewhat like a toddler.


A swirl of cool air that flows in puffs and swirls marks the beginning touches of Sophyrinth's presence. It brings floating upon it trickles of copper and red and ochre. Her voice is loud, enthusiastic, relying both on words and overbright images seen in a pallet of crayon colors. It crackles in the mind and in the ears, reminiscent of wind whistling through crags of rock and surf breaking and the crackle of leaves on a chill fall afternoon. She feels like sunlight, always bright, always warm, always loving. When her anger is sparked, she will burn hotter than the warmest summer day, intense and overbearing. When she sulks, she will be like winter, distant and faded away, but still there to embrace you reluctantly in the warmth of her love. She shines on everyone equally, though you the most, in her own far away fashion.



If you hadn't already guessed, Sophyrinth's egg was based on "Puff The Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul, And Mary, and so is Sophyrinth, though I did try to include the traits you asked for as best you could. Her desc is based on the eccentric lines of the passion flower, also as you requested. She was made lovingly by L'alie, and I really hope you enjoy her!


Thanks to Lorena for drawing S'ya and her petite green Sophyrinth and of course L'alie for working so hard on her and all of SearchCo ^^

Name Fascinating Line and Color Green Sophyrinth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Hesketh
Created By L'alie
Impressee S'ya (Myesha)
Hatched April 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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