Morning's First Rays Gold Solarith

Flights - Clutches


Dawn's first light is captured on the hide of this golden queen, those pinkish first rays of light that skip along the fine boning of her head and back betwixt narrow headknobs. Shadows chased away from her eyeridges by sunlight to leave them hidden down along her throat. Rounded ridges move along from the slight first start at her head and then slowly grow larger as they move down her body, limned with rosy tints all the way to her tapered tailspade. Sunlit gold reflects on her shoulders, before curving back into the smooth increase along her chest that leads into slim flanks and angular haunches. Faded pale yellow that showcases the bones and muscles of her feet before even those shadow the dawnlight pale hue of her talons with their near half moon shape. Shielded along her body are her wings, gold laced morning clouds that spill across her wingsails and drape the translucent membrane in the morning light. Lighter even still are her wingspars, delicately wrapped in the metallic gleam of icily perfect near white gold and cloud to support that treasure of gold.

Egg Name and Description


Dawn's Sweet Haze Egg

Enviable tranquility, fashioned from the briefest moment where sun wakens earth in a heady, golden haze, settles pleasantly o'er the Queen amonst eggs. Fiery golden hues to rival, even, the hide of her Dam so protectively near, entwine with yellow and orange tones to present itself as the dazzling sun orb which brushes each day with its warming light. Towering over the others, this egg stands alone, though heavily guarded, as an elegant pearl, pure and perfect. Neighboring orbs appear even to bow in homage to its glory, to the Lady so delicately encased.


Purity, like the first rays of light on a crystal clear dawn. This is your lifemate, no doubt enters her mind, nothing disturbs her unless it disturbs you. There is a calm certainty about her, she has found you and that is all she ever needs. Every thought is perfectly clear, no slurs in her thoughts unless it is the traditional rider names and even those she only bothers with if they belong to the Weyrleaders, otherwise it is a calm, proper, " Him " or " Her " - neither does she tolerate cute nicknames for herself, she has a name, and a nice one at that.


Name Morning's First Rays Solarith
Dam Gold Illyriath
Sire Bronze Vericath
Created By Rialla
Impressee Tylia
Hatched November 9, 2000
Southern Weyr
Rukbat MUSH

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