Subtle Smoke and Flowers Blue Siyamath

Rich cornflower blue blossoms over the stout torso of this dragon, waves of color rolling across his wide, bulky chest and strong neck. His whole body is compact, but heavily muscled, built much like a draft runner. The same bright blue frames a fiercely angular face, a softer smoke grey hue settling over each line, framing glinting jeweled eyes. Wings are slightly too short, contributing to his overall stocky apperance, but each sail and 'spar is dappled with various shades of deep cobalt and Prussian blue, overcast by a smokey haze that billows down into each sturdy, lowslung leg, tipped by brawny paws not the least bit gangly or graceful. A thick, blunt tail balances out his body, a powder blue down it's length into the very tip of his spade-shaped tail.

*Image by Samantha

Egg Name and Description


Guardian of the Golden Apples Egg

Thick, dark clouds of smoky grey wind around the surface of this large egg, like the coils of a great serpent, threatening to cloak the shell completely. Barely peeking through the waves are grey are faint splashes of deep leafy green, the color gained by only the most ancient of trees. A secret is concealed within the layers of darkness and foliage, brilliant golden baubles hanging in the boughs, forbidden fruit just waiting to be picked by those who dare.

Hatching Message

Guardian of the Golden Apples Egg twitches in it's place as flakes of shell chip away, the coils of the great serpent relaxing it's deathgrip on the hatchling inside until it falls away completely. With a stuttering bugle, the hatchling shakes off the last of it's shards and regards this new world.

Impression Message

With a sudden rush, a myriad of flashing colors flicker into your mind, shifting rapidly from copper to silver to deepest burnished gold, a overwhelming feeling of jubilation behind it. Behind the initial feelings is a flood of relief at finding you and a sudden feeling of intense love that makes your very chest tight at it's strength. All these feelings are centered in yourself and the stocky blue before you, and through the clutter, a voice sweeps through, deep and ringing like a brass bell going off in your head. « Rhesoe! I thought I wouldn't find you! » The voice recedes for a moment, rolling across your mind like a retreating storm. And then, softer, « I am your Siyamath, Rhesoe, and I will protect you always. »



What is your Siyamath going to be like as he grows up? While Rhesoe may be a kleptomaniac, Siyamath is almost bipolar. One moment he'll be frolicing with the other dragons, and the next he'll be a sullen mess, hiding off in the corner. However, most of the time he's even, one could even say friendly, though he's quick to make judgements about others, which he'll share constantly with those he trusts. « Isn't that Dajath a snob? I don't care much for him at all. »

For all that Siyamath can be a bit of a jerk, he's really a very social dragon. Just don't tell anyone. He likes nothing more than to be around a great deal of people or dragons, though Rhesoe tops his list. He'll never say a bad thing about you, and he's your constant defender, completely confident in your abilities where others might not be, due to your age. He is your guardian, your support, just as you are his.

One of Siyamath's slightly less appealing attributes is his coniving nature. He's always plotting. Always. Be it on the best way to get out of chores, or how to get one of his fellow weyrlings to do something for him, he's very good at twisting others the way he wants them to go. He enjoys working, but equally enjoys getting others to do it for him. As he gets a bit older, Siyamath will have his eye on holding positions. He knows he's a blue, and he's proud of his blueness, but he also feels the need to prove himself, and you for that matter. He'll constantly try to work his way up the ranks. Speaking of his blueness though, I should mention that Siyamath has a vain streak in him. « Certainly, I'm the most lovely blue in Xanadu. Possibly Pern! Don't you think? Not to mention my voice…» He's lovely, he knows it, nuff said.

With that loveliness comes a love of the ladies. Alas, Siyamath is never going to be much of a ladies man. Oh, he'll catch greens, because he's a particularly fit and strong blue, but he'll never quite get the hang of whooing them. He'll love to chase them, though, and he'll brag when he catches, sometimes for days after the flight. (Secretly, he fancies that one day he'll snag one of those golds too.)


Fiercely Guarded Flashes of Lightning

Siyamath's mind voice is a rolling, deep voice, with a richness behind it like a huge bell ringing. It's highly expressive, unlike some dragons, but it matches his somewhat stocky build perfectly. The colors he uses varies, but they're often metallic: silvers, gold and coppers generally, though any color he desires floods through as well, except for pastels. A curious scent often accompanies Siyamath's thoughts, a mingling of acrid wood smoke, vanilla and cloves that is uniquely Siyamath.

Why R'soe?

Why did Siyamath pick Rhesoe over everyone else? Because he was his perfect foil in every way. Rhesoe is silly, and while Siyamath has his moments, he's generally the more quiet of the pair. However, he enjoys Rhesoe's silliness completely. Also, Siyamath adores Rhesoe because he was the only one who didn't react badly to his egg, and Siyamath enjoyed his singing as well. Finally, Siyamath needed someone to protect. And while Rhesoe can take care of himself, Siyamath will be supportive of such a young rider.


Name Subtle Smoke and Flowers Blue Siyamath
Dam Gold Branwynth
Sire Brown Zoith
Impressee Rhesoe
Created by Elia
Hatched December 5, 2004
Xanadu Weyr, PernWorld MUSH
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