Curious Young Brown Siryth

With head constantly cocked to one side, this little brown hatchling seems ever poised in a curious manner. However, his head is not cocked that way because he chooses to. It seems as though the muscles on the left side of his neck have developed in such a manner so as to be tighter than the looser muscles on the right side of his neck. Naturally, this can be worked out in time with gentle massages, but for the time being, it causes this hatchling to look terribly awkward. He, too, is feeling the affects of his unfortunate development, as he seems to be keen on walking in circles as a result. His wings flop around, a dark sienna in hue, and ironically enough, tiny swirls of klah mix in a creamy backdrop on his hide. His tail crooks in the opposite direction of how he's going as though he's trying to rudder his way out of his spin, but he is unsuccessful. Spinning dragonet, and spinning hide make him one terribly mind-boggling hatchling, to say the least.

Egg Name and Description


Shining Stars Above Egg
Night time shines on this egg like a passle of fireflies, coming down to descend upon the sands. Darkness, black as midnight, but warmer than *Between* stares out, with its many blinking eyes of bluish, red and yellow tints, almost dancing across the shell. The Holder's Daughters glimmer at the apex, looking out at the other eggs it surrounds, looking over them.

Hatching Message

Slowly, the stars begin to slow in their chaotic turmoil on the shell of the Shining Stars Above Egg. Shards of shell begin to fall to the sands below, as night becomes day and a small brown is depositied on the sands before you all.


Name Curious Young Brown Siryth
Dam Gold Everenth
Sire Bronze Branth
Created By Tristjen
Impressee Kevyn
Hatched June 6, 2001
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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