Daredevil Diver Blue Siebith

Shallow ocean currents race across this dragon's body, streaks of white wakes swirling after some unseen vessel. Dappled shades dot down his neck from his muzzle to pool into a darker blue splotch on his chest. His body is small and compact, perfectly proportioned like a prized racing boat. A thin darker blue streak down both sides of his torso create a stylized marking, as they swirl down to the tip of his tail, chasing each other as if in a never ending quest. His wings are shorter than average, but thicker as well, colored the same pale blue as the rest of his body.


From Crystath and Khirsath's clutch came 7 hatchlings:

Big, Gold, and Beautiful Gold Quirinth Impressed to Asher
From the Murky Depths Bronze Gensoth Impressed to K'win (Korwain)
Pillar of Stability Bronze Tesnath Impressed to P'ton (Payton)
Bouncing Ball of Brown Tirigeth Impressed to P'nce (Ponce)
Buche de Noel Brown Chenolth Impressed to R'san (Rysan)
Separated Sea and Sky Blue Risanth Impressed to Abigail
Shipwrecked Princess Green Marisalath Impressed to Loeashia

From Amberth and Finbarith's clutch came 3 hatchlings:

Transformed by Love Gold Elinath Impressed to Ameera
At War with the Wind Bronze Eukrocenth Impressed to R'eos (Zareos)
Daredevil Diver Blue Siebith Impressed to D'had (Donnchadh)

Egg Name and Description


Crystallized Iridescent Egg
Speckled like bright shards of glass over the shell are multitude of fractured bright colors, from striking greens and blues to clear yellows and fiery oranges. With a wide base and narrowed top, this egg appears teardrop in shape; and while the egg is small, its brilliant color allows it to stand out among the rest of the clutch. Its colors ever changing as the egg turns, its splintering shades melding into one another and unable to distinguish a pattern.

Hatching Message

Crystallized Iridescent Egg begins a rhythmic rocking, back and forth in its wallow.
Crystallized Iridescent Egg fissures, the creature inside becoming more agitated as it seeks the outside world.
Crystallized Iridescent Egg breaks into shards, tumbling an egg-wet hatchling onto the sandy ground.

Impression Message

Your mind is suddenly rushed with a cool ocean breeze. It lifts you away from the hatching grounds and carries you far, far above the clouds. Up here all is perfect and cool. And then reluctantly you're brought back to earth, and a voice is shouting at you as if from a great distance. The voice is bright and happy, young and energetic, « D'had! D'had! I knew I would find you! I love you more than anything - even flying! Have you flown? I want to fly! That's what these flappy things are for, right? Oh, D'had, let us fly! I am Siebith, and I found you! »

RP Tips

Siebith is quite the daredevil. Energetic in every fiber of his being, he's a blue that you can't keep down. He is always pushing the limits - yours and his both - to see how far you can go. In every aspect of your lives together he will push the envelope. You're having a nice romance? Step it up a notch! Think you can run two laps around the bowl? Make it five! You think he can't make it from Fort Weyr to High Reaches in a single flight? Just watch him try. He will constantly push, testing the boundaries of what is possible.

He is a pioneer, ever striving for new things in his world. He craves new experiences like people crave food - it's a part of him, just like his wings or his tail are parts of him. Where he truly shines is in the air. Being a dragon he was born for it, but he moves through the currents with a grace and elegance that's simply stunning. He will be wanting to fly every minute of every day. And not just flying, but playing. Testing out new tricks he's dreamed up, or things he's seen others do that he just /knows/ he can do better. He lives on the very edge of what is physically possible, and you'll have to keep a tight reign on him to keep him from hurting himself. He's very in the moment, and won't give a thought for the future when he's in the middle of some stunt. It will be you, Donnchadh, who keeps him from getting the both of you killed.

He loves making grand claims and then trying to live up to them - don't be surprised if he tells the weyr that tomorrow he's going to fly from Eastern to Western non-stop, and create a press buzz over the attempt. And it will be you who is dragged along on all his grand adventures and schemes. He also loves organizing and putting on shows - air shows Pern style. He'll want you to plan all the « boring people stuff » while he choreographs the daring display he and a select few other dragons will complete overhead.

He chases in every greenflight that he can get to. He thrives on the thrill of the chase and aerial battles that are played out. He'll be sad if he loses, but he's more focused on retelling you exactly what aerobatic feats he managed this time to be sad for long.

He's a friendly dragon, but he moves so quickly that some friendships might be doomed before they begin. He has no time for melancholy or calm dragons - he's seeking out other passionate personalities like his own to form lasting relationships with. And maybe they'll be good enough in the sky to join his precision flying team. « We could call ourselves Siebith's Sizzling Stuntmasters! »

He also loves the sea, and understands your connection to it. He's almost as skilled in the water as he is in the air, and many of his flying stunts include daring dives and wave skimming. He loves fishing, especially because it combines the water with precision flying. He will fish just for the joy of fishing, and will lavish fishy presents on whoever happens to be around at the time. When he's not in the air he'll want to be in the water, so don't be surprised if he asks for a weyr near the lake - or even asks you to install a dragon-sized bath on your ledge!

But overshadowing all of this is his deep love for you, Donnchadh. You are his rock, his stabilizing force, and he knows how much he needs you. « Nothing would be possible if you weren't with me. » In the rare moments when he is calm, he will simply wrap you in his loving emotions and dote on you. Until the next idea comes into his head and he's off again, winging into the unknown with you by his side.


Deep Currents
This voice is eternally young - he sounds like a 20-something man, cocksure and confident. His voice often sounds distant, as if heard through water. Because of this, he tends to shout a little louder than other dragons - sometimes they perceive it as him yelling at them. This isn't the case, that's just the way he speaks. When he gets excited his voice becomes rapid, stringing words together so quickly that it might be impossible to understand him until he calms down.


Your egg was written by Ysa, and based on an opal (http://www.opal-online.org/picts/opalteardrop.jpg). Your dragon was created by Elara. He is based on the 1920's barnstormer Wiley Post (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiley_Post), a man who always pushed the limits of what was possible in aviation. Another facet of his personality comes from Augustus Siebe, a man who engineered one of the first diving suits. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augustus_Siebe). He is named after Siebe. I hope you enjoy him!


PernWorld MUSH
Telgar Weyr
Name Daredevil Diver Blue Siebith
Dam Gold Amberth
Sire Bronze Finbarith
Created By Ysa and Elara
Impressee Donnchadh
Hatched 28 October 2008
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