The Most Happy Green Sicealth

Spring-kissed meadow's verdant vibrancy slicks over lithe, limber form, eye-blindingly bright from nose to tail-tip before paling to lemongrass' tart touch along her underside. Bursts of orange dance across slender muzzle, trail over upraised eye ridge to gather atop wedge-shaped head in a crown of copper blossoms. Argent-brushed ridges twist their way along lean back, thrust up from pasture's lush brilliance in a wandering dance from head-top to spine-base. From shoulders spring moonbeams, silver spars stretching outward, between them secured sails of translucent gossamer. A rainbow's wealth of iridescence teases the eye in swirls and eddies across pale, silken wings, ever-changing patterns exploding with each minute movement. Long and slender - dainty, for all her size - her every movement, from the lash of long, twisting tail to the tread of delicate feet, is one step from an all-out dance.

Egg Name and Description

Child's Whimsy Egg
A rather egg-shaped egg, this perfectly oval ovoid seems almost a child's representation of what a dragon's egg should look like. As though pieced together, several different blobs of color slap against each other, melting together to form a solid whole. Across the top, rich red bleeds downward into the belly of the egg, bright blue on the left and sunny yellow on the right - a thin strip of green marking where the two colors meet in the middle. Along the base, velvety purple and neon orange wrangle to cover the foot, muddy brown blobs indicating points where the two colors mingle grudgingly. Matte from top to bottom, the egg seems to absorb the light, giving it an almost pliant appearance - as though a single touch will leave behind an imprint.

Hatching Message

Child's Whimsy Egg rolls about, scattering dust as it wobbles to and fro, creating its own little hollow into which it finally subsides, quivering once or twice.

Child's Whimsy Egg jumps, bulging and contorting as cracks begin to wind across its colorful surface, creasing and buckling the pliant egg. After a moment of tremors, it settles once more, trembling almost imperceptibly in its little cup of sand.

Child's Whimsy Egg bounces once, twice, then abruptly shatters, colors sloughing away to form a pile of egg shards upon the ground. Amidst the wreckage of what was once a colorful egg stands now a hatchling, neck and wings spread skyward as she gives voice to a sweet trill of joy at her release.

Impression Message

« Oh, Natali. » Soft and sweet and just a little breathy, the voice slides into your mind like a cool breeze against the heat of the Sands. « There you are. Don't you know I've been looking all over for you? I am Sicealth! » Butterflies swirl, wings brushing gently against your thoughts, feather-light caresses tickling as giggles ring forth like wind chimes. « Don't you look all shell-shocked! Well, don't be! You knew I'd be here, just like I knew you would. Oh, we're going to have the most wonderful times together, my Natali! Though - right now? I think a bite to eat would be very nice, indeed! »


Cheerful, charming, flighty, these are all words that describe Sicealth - at least, the Sicealth the world often sees. No matter the provocation, very little breaks through the bubbly exterior that this sprightly green exhibits to those around her. Even when everything around her has gone pear-shaped, the eternal optimist in her is looking for those points of good amongst the morass of bad, cleaving to them as a reason to be happy. Her eternal good cheer might rub some of her peers the wrong way - but her graceful nature will often smooth away the rough patches before they have a chance to form. Though she may act the part of the bubble-brain, she's actually quite witty, and will often surprise you with a sly comment that hits right on target.

"I've decided my work is having fun. Somebody needs to do it."
- Alianne to her father, George (Trickster's Choice)

Beneath that happy-go-lucky exterior, however, lurks a will of iron and a frightening intellect. Though she has the usual memory problems of a dragon - her short-term memory is rather shot, she'll learn fairly early a way to fix that little problem. Be prepared to do a lot of writing - your dragon intends to keep a journal - or rather, a whole lot of journals. However! It won't do to have those journals readable by just anyone, so be prepared to find a way to encode them, using a mixture of words and pictures. And don't worry if you can't draw - Sicealth will teach you, just as she'll teach you write, and read, in code. In fact, no code will be safe from her - not Harper drum codes, not runner message codes, not even the encryptions used for sensitive files. She'll find them, she'll break them, and she'll store the information she learns with you, in her journals. To her, gathering information is a game, and she's determined to be a winner.

She'd had an aptitude for codes and translations since she was small, regarding them as games she wanted to win.
- George's thoughts on Alianne (Trickster's Choice)

Never fear that her personal mission to gather all the information in the world is going to make her some dry, bookish scholar. Your lady is all about the fun - it just so happens that gathering information is fun! Fortunately, she also prefers some more normal pastimes as well. She loves to explore, especially fond of finding unusual, out of the way places. She particularly enjoys anywhere with a view, and will often encourage you to help her find a way to record the view so that she can remember exactly how it looked. She enjoys collecting things, especially things that sparkle. Don't be surprised if every now and then, someone confronts you over a stolen piece of jewelry. She doesn't mean to be a thief, but sometimes she just can't help herself. She's also quite mischievous, and delights in playing tricks on her fellow dragons and their riders, never pulling the same prank twice.

Grace comes natural to Sicealth, and for all her size - easily one of the largest of the greens at Xanadu - she'll be quite agile on land and in the air. There's not a timid bone in her body, so be prepared for some of the fancy trick flying that makes greens so valuable to the wings. Knowing her body and her own limits is very important to your lady - she'll insist on exercising and practicing over and over until she's gotten a maneuver down perfect - and then keeping up with it so she doesn't lose her edge. This natural grace extends to her movements on the ground. While most dragons are awkward and ungainly once out of the air, this green will move as though dancing. So certain is she of her own movements that no matter how deliberate she may be, she makes everything she does look effortless.

What's the use of having knives if she's too out of shape to use them?
- Aly, preparing to exercise. (Trickster's Choice)

Your dragon is a natural flirt, and her cheerful demeanor and bright outlook draws dragons, and people, to her. Don't be surprised to see her form her own coterie of followers, and it won't be unusual for her to have at least one or two males waiting for her cycle to peak. However, Sicealth, for all her coquettish ways, is not one to linger over boys. Males are nice enough for some things, after all, but there's far more to life than the games of man and maid, and she's not the type to linger over proddiness when she could be doing something else. She'll take to the skies within hours of coming into heat, and her flights are more about seeing who can keep up with her dizzying aerobatics than in out-flying her pursuers. Fortunately, as a green, the fact that her flights are almost always short won't mean anything more than the fact that you'll spend very little time actually dealing with a proddy dragon and the repercussions of her cycle.

"Marriage is for noblewomen with nothing else to do."
- Alianne to her father, George. (Trickster's Choice)

You asked for a dragon who matches the motto "The Most Happy", a dragon that is witty, charming, and happy-go-lucky, one who is flirty, fun, and sophisticated. Well, your Sicealth is most definitely the social butterfly you wanted, and to her, life is nothing more than one great game. Her love of life is second only to her love for you, her Natali. In her you will find a confidant and friend, someone who has endless optimism and who will always find the good in any situation, no matter how dire. Any time you're feeling down, she'll be there to perk you back up. The dragon theme was 'What I Want to be When I Grow Up', and the dragon from this egg wanted to be an artist. However, in my opinion, an artist is someone who excels at their chosen career, not just someone who draws for a living. So, your dragon excels at being creative, in many, many ways.

I've tried hard to match what you wanted in a dragon, and I hope you'll be happy with her. As always, these are simply guidelines. How you play her, and her ultimate personality, is entirely up to you.


Iridescent Wings
Rainbow glitter and fluttering wings combine to create an iridescent wonderland. A cheerful mindscape for a cheerful dragon, Sicealth delights in painting pictures with light and color, preferring to use visuals rather than vocals in standard communication. When she does give way to sound, it is most often the tinkling of wind chimes - light, sprightly, and ever joyous. On those rare occasions she might be upset, her mental pictures - often touched by streaks of lightning - may be accompanied by the deeper, sonorous tones of church bells. There is a distinctly floral scent to her mind - heather and lavender, wild roses and lilies, with an underlying hint of baby's breath.

She does speak, more often to you than to others, and her voice is soft and somewhat breathy, a faint soprano edged always with the chime of bells. Much like a fairy, she often giggles, and can express a wealth of emotions with her voice - cheer, sarcasm, mischief, and such. Though not the most vocal of dragons, she won't hesitate to speak up if her mental pictures simply won't convey what she's trying to say.


Egg: N'shen (Based on Play-Doh)

Dragon: N'shen (Description based on the Giant Day Gecko and a Faerie Princess, personality based on Aly Homewood from Tamora Pierce's Daughter of the Lioness Duet)

Name Inspiration: You stated this in your questionnaire: "I want something … fairy sounding. And it might be cliche … but Celtic/Gaelic-y. Or Welsh. Cause I want it that way." So, that's what I gave you. Sicealth, pronounced Shee-kalth, is derived from the Gaelic word Siceal, which means Fairy Tale. Why? Because ultimately, that's what your lady is: a fairy with a tail. Wait…


Name The Most Happy Green Sicealth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Isterreth
Created By N'shen
Impressee Natali
Hatched September 26, 2010
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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