Curious Faye of the Wild Green Shimonith

Deep hunter green soars over a robust form, sprockets of bright green seeping out of each crevice of the dragon. Her muzzle is the color of healthy grass, outlined by the deeper color, which creeps up into her eyes ridges and frame her innocent, inquisitive eyes, curious and wondering, and transfigures back into a lighter shade as firm cheeks are covered. Sturdy neck and broad shoulders are covered in hunter, as light green begins to trickle and envelope elongated and dainty arms, and ending in slightly longer than usual fingers. The same darkness is shared on dragon back, yet fireworks of lighter shades shine wing ridges off shoot wings, different from others. The grassy color with an outline of bright sun kissed green along the top make up a tail, happily swaying back and forth, completing the dragon that begs questioning and pondering.

Egg Name and Description


City Rhapsody Egg
Whirling purples and blues subtly shift in shade and hue as they twist about the shell of this egg. What may be figures of people or great whizzing machines are all terribly blurred into abstract chaos. As the eye trails from apex to base, the colors lighten from black to lilac then back. Sudden splashes of gray or teal meld effortlessly into the cacophony of the ovoid's surface. Only one shade stands untouched amidst the busy bustle of the shell's background. A crimson streak seems to half silhouette a black form slipping past a pyramid of light. A street lamp perhaps?

Hatching Message

The City Rhapsody Egg shudders violently for a few moments before it comes to a still again. A cool breeze seems to flow over the egg before it starts to vibrate again, slowly and quietly at first, building to bigger vibrations and eventual rumbling. Then the egg stops yet again, with a thundering crack sounding off and gentle pounding afterwards. More and more the crack splits down the egg, until it breaks into two, its occupant tumbling into the sands.

Impression Message

A touch of gentle warmth trickles into your mind, soft grazings turning into an overwhelming feeling of security, accompanied by the sound of soft and gentle bells. A hunter green splotch grows big and big, slowly at first, then growing with love as it washes over you and embraces you. From the depths, a voice of curiosity and wonder, medium in pitch, and perfect in volume, «There's so many new things to see and so many people here, my Lahela.» You realize that it is coming from this little green, staring at you lovingly, just as feelings you never knew existed ignited within you. A feeling of completeness as the voice continues, «I'm a little scared, but as long as I with you, my Lahela, we will always have fun. So says me, Shimonith.» It touches you once again, even more lovingly before. «But first, maybe we can have some food?»


A true introvert, one who wishes to join in, to be a part of it, but never really will be. They are on the sidelines, yet deep down, secretly happy that they are. This egg is shy, hesitant at making friends, not overly sure of itself.


Shimonith's voice is never a voice that will fill all the space of your head, except at rare and certain occasions. But that doesn't mean she's not prevalent! She loves all the colors of the spectrum, but tends to stick to warmer tones more so than anything else. She'll constantly change colors and move around in your head, like a little dance only she and yourself will enjoy. She has a slightly higher than medium pitched voice that is always matched with a feeling of curiosity and wonder. There is even a scent to Shimonith's voice, a scent of a grassy fields that hits you. Yet as you start to wonder about it, the scent leaves just as quickly. Mentally, Shimonith is, in some ways, a bit like sire and dam, and in other ways nothing like them at all. Her overwhelming curiosity does not stem from either sire or dam. Her inquisitive nature separates her from other dragons. While most dragons would be content with basic explanations, Shimonith will continue to wonder and produce questions. Yet, she can be just a bit stubborn when it comes to arguments, a trait easily recognized coming from sire. But, in general, Shimonith is not confrontational. A bit shy, she will never be as out going as most other dragons, but that's okay to her: as far as she's concerned she'll always be happy with you.


Why did Shimonith pick Lahela? Basically it comes down to how much Lahela and her have a shared soul. A want to be part of the bigger picture, yet always hanging out in the background. Yet, despite never being a true part of the group, Lahela and Shimonith are both very happy and content to be where they are. Shimonith responds to Lahela's gently curiosity and doesn't feel threatened by her. Lahela was very gentle during her touchings and Shimonith isn't afraid to come out of her shell and be loved by her. Unlike the other candidates who touched her egg, Lahela gave warm feelings to Shimonith and that is why she chose you.

Growing Up


Shimonith will be a very curious type of sort, wondering how everything works whenever she sees something new. «Lahela, why is it that I can fly and you can't?», «How does that radio work?», and so forth. She'll want to know what makes things tick: animals, people and things alike. She's oddly inquisitive for a dragon, yet a bit forgetful. So you'll have to explain things over and over again, most likely. Her curiosity might get the better of you however, and possibily even out weigh your own. «Do wherries fly differently elsewhere? Let's go find out!» and with that she'll be up in the air with you, heading towards Fort Weyr to watch the wherries. But don't let this dragon fool you! She's no idiot and most of the time she can easily deduct how things work before even explained by a master. But, she often enjoys giving the impression that she doesn't know as much as she actually does.
When it comes to other dragons, Shimonith will be a bit shy and reluctant to really speak up. In some cases, maybe with her clutch siblings, she'll be as friend as she can be, a true companion, but if she's ignored or excluded from the group, it doesn't rain on her parade. «Flying to Eastern without me? Well, that's okay. I have the entire beach to myself!» However, when around dragons that Shimonith is not familiar or close with, she'll tend to be introverted and loves sticking to the background. Don't be fooled however! She certainly will enjoy doing her part, but she doesn't see a reason to voice her own opinion. «Yes sir, I can do that sir! No questions, comments, ifs, ands, or buts!»
However, things change for Shimonith once the prodiness hits. When she goes proddy, she'll be a totally different dragon. All of a sudden this usually shy and quiet dragon will become the life of the party, grabbing the attention of any male dragon she possibly can. «Hello, boys! Didn't you know the quiet ones are more fun?» She'll become rather flirtatious, causing you much grief as she will also put you on the spot light with her flirtings. «I'm sure /your/ rider will absolutely LOVE /my/ rider. She's rather good too, if you know what I mean?». But once the proddiness is gone, she'll hide for a little while, denying anything she might have said before hand. «What? Little old me? I didn't do anything!»


Name Curious Faye of the Wild Green Shimonith
Dam Gold Zaislinth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By C'ian
Impressee Lahela
Hatched Aug 14th, 2003
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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