Dawn Before the Storm Gold Seryth

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Morning's mist settles, an ethereal cloak upon this slender gold's shoulders, the first pale rays of Rukbat casting their golden shimmer over her form. Sunspots dance upon her delicate muzzle, spots of richer metallic gold speckling the hide between faceted eyes, fading out over each gently rounded headknob. Ridges remain in shadow, each gently rounded shape like a distant hill on the horizon, hints of lilac darkening the curves of the creamy-golden line upon her back, following the curve of her lean tail to the very tip, a tip dipped in dull amber. The same dull amber speckles her dainty paws, stretching upwards to twine like armlets around each limb, spreading outwards across her smooth stomach. Silver and gold vapors settle upon the pale membranes of her wings, spread between the shadowy spars that arch outwards - untouched by the morning's pale light. As if a gentle rain has fallen upon her back, cream flows into gold flows into silver, colors mingling effortlessly as if a celestial watcher has touched her very being.

~Image by S'gam

Egg Name and Description


The Dim and the Dark Egg
A green-tinged khaki sweeps over this egg's shell, golden hues set behind it, slightly iridescent as it wraps it from one end to the other. While a single band of mahogany spirals around the shell, deeply contrasting the background hue, darker olive-green filigree spirals from end to end, like creeping vines stretching up a guiding line. A simple pattern, mimicking the lines of an avian's wing, is imprinted upon the top curve in white, contrasting the warmer hues behind it.

Hatching Message

The Dim and the Dark Egg is slowly moving, rocking back and forth, swaying gently upon the pink sands, the olive filigree seeming to move as if the leans of the creeping vines are blowing in a gentle breeze.

The mahogany band of the Dim and the Dark Egg is visibly moving now, shifting and shaking, as cracks begin to form upon the surface, compromising the structure of the ovoid, spreading upwards and outwards in a filigree pattern of their own.

The Dim and the Dark Egg has fallen victim to the small and large cracks upon its surface, and as they spread, the pattern widens. Slowly the fragments of shell are falling to the red and white Sands like gentle raindrops, before the shell continues to dissolve, leaving the occupant within exposed to the new world, the new home.

Impression Message

A gentle mist hovers in your mind, cool dew accented by flowing rivers of greens and blues, hints of aqua mingling in, and slowly the heat of the sands, the weight of the world suddenly lifted from your shoulders. As a sense of peace and serenity slow settles over your shoulders, there's a soft voice, a melodic murmur in your mind. « Thea… » After a pause, there's the gentle hints of sunlight filtering downwards into your thoughts. « Thea! » The green becomes brighter, though the voice is as calm as ever, « Thea, I have found you. Together, we will see it all. Together, we will answer all of our questions. Thea and Seryth, together. » But then, the clouds seem to darken for a moment, a storm forming on the horizon. « First, may we eat? I must have energy for our journey together. »


In the cathedrals of New York and Rome
There is a feeling that you should just go home
And spend a lifetime finding out just where that is
-Jump, Little Children (Cathedrals)

Seryth is many things, but above all she is a nurturer, a lover, a guide and a friend, and she is all yours Thea. While she has her own quirks, and her own personality, she is and always will be totally and completely devoted to you, and she will be your strength even as at times you will find yourself needing to be hers. Seryth is your rock, your strength, your anchor. She is that home that so many people never find, and she'll always be there, no matter what problems may arise. Through the trials of weyrlinghood, she'll constantly be reassuring. « Thea, we are half way finished. We just must work harder, to show we can fly together. »

Like the rains when they come to the countryside, Seryth is a nurturer. She'll be there not only for you but for her clutchmates, gently encouraging them in their tasks. « Tiurneth, if you just stretch a little more, you will find it easier. » Her tone is never patronizing or snobbish, but rather she is completely honest in her desire to help everyone achieve their goals. She'll do what she can to help, sharing her kill when her fellow weyrlings are unsuccessful in their attempts, or giving you that extra push of encouragement before a stressful test or conversation.

Leaning from a precipice
That only love would dare
Spinning in a gravity
That only love could bare
-Jump, Little Children (Vertigo)

Seryth would give the world, to make you happy. There is no situation too dangerous, no sacrifice too great, if it ensures your happiness. She'll gladly do whatever you ask - whether it's trying a new maneuver in the air despite its difficulty or if it's a gentle push against a weyrleader's mind to gain permission for this or that. Seryth does it all out of love, and her love is endless. While some would attempt to change their rider's mind, Seryth will allow Thea to make mistakes, but she'll be there afterwards too, to help comfort her and pick up the pieces, without an accusatory tone, hoping that Thea will learn from her own experiences rather than being roped in. After all, everyone makes mistakes, but without mistakes, one never grows up.

The sun will rise
And keep your mind at ease
-Jump, Little Children (Close Your Eyes)

Seryth is the ray of light before the storm, the glimmer of the sunrise that reminds you that every day is a new day. She'll be there to help you start each day fresh and make the most of your new position, and to help you experience all that you can. It's a great big world out there, and she'll love to see it all with you, from the little islands that dot the Eastern Sea to the snowy mountains of the Northern Barrier Range, where it never becomes spring. Rain touches the whole world, effects the whole world, and so will Seryth have the two of you do.

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain."

Just as Seryth's mind is a refreshing mist, she enjoys a refreshing mist, soaking up the rain to refresh her own body, mind, and soul. You'll often find her nudging you awake in the middle of the night, as the sound of rain echoes through the barracks or the weyr, begging for you to head out into the rain, to dance, to sing, and to simply let it revive you both. While other dragons are hurrying to find somewhere out of the way, she'll be enjoying it completely, her trumpets of happiness reverberating in the Weyr as she's truly in her element.

"Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life."

Even though Seryth will encourage you and others to strive for perfection, she will rarely achieve it herself. Success, however, will be common to her, but only as a result of hard work and practice. She'll be diligent about her weyrling lessons, about following each direction exactly, and about fulfilling her duties so that there is no doubt they are indeed appropriately finished. Her dainty size brings with it grace, and practice brings with it elegance, the two combined often giving her ethereal body another element of otherworldliness. While Weyrlinghood and beyond will bring a lot of hard work for both of you, but it will pay off, and you will both be better for it.

"There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world."
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Despite her endless love and devotion for you, Seryth knows that she has duties to herself and to her race that must be fulfilled. While some golds may despise the males, despise the flight, Seryth looks upon it as another way of being happy, and bringing success to the Weyr. She'll never avoid the inevitable, but rather strive for the best, knowing that it is her responsibility to blood well, rise well, and mate well, for the good of her own offspring and for the Weyr. She'll fly long, she'll fly hard, and she'll ensure that only the most worthy will sire her children.

Once the eggs are upon the Sands, she'll show them the same loving, nurturing attention that she shows you. There'll be no worries about them, as she'll show them all the love she can and carefully protect them from anyone wishing them harm. However, this will also pose a bit of an issue, as she'll be difficult when candidates are on the Sands, fearing that they will not show her offspring the same gentleness that she does. With a bit of time, and encouragement on your part, however, even this can be overcome as you provide her the support that she so often provides you.

But I'm a yearling
A callow schoolboy
In the eyes of love
A pallid virgin
Just a newborn
Barely breathing
In the eyes of love
I'm a yearling
-Jump, Little Children (Yearling)

Your new life with Seryth will be different from anything that could have been imagined. The bond of love that exists between the two of you will outweigh anything and everything, even if at times the relationship may be strained by outside forces. No matter how difficult weyrlinghood is, no matter what difficult tasks you encounter as the youngest weyrwoman, Seryth will be there, to help take the weight off your shoulders and ease your troubled mind, as a gentle rain washes away the worries and fears that clutter your thoughts. As you both age, your bond will deepen, your bond will strengthen, and yet, the love you share will always seem new and refreshing, as it will never grow weak. Together, you will do great things.


Rains in Asia
Seryth's mind is cool, calm, collected - a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the world, and a sacred sanctuary just for the two of you. A gentle mist seems to linger in her blue and green clad thoughts, a cool dampness that seems to cling to you and refresh your very being after even the briefest of mental contacts. Her mental 'voice' has much the same effect, as its a soft, comforting tone, one that just makes everything seem to fade away into the distance, and take the weight off your shoulders. While her voice itself never seems to rise above its gentle murmur, the colors of her mind betray her excitement - green turns almost to lime, and the warm rays of Rukbat filter through, settling on everything with a gentle glow. And yet, when she's frustrated or angry, the clouds darken on the horizon and its quickly evident that a storm is rolling in. However, soon enough, the clouds will lighten once more, and you will be left in the gentle mist of her mind.

Rains in Asia fall gently around you, a cool mist settling over your shoulders and your mind, a youthful curiosity tickling at your very being. It wants to go down to the square, to hear the venders singing. It wants to know if everyone feels that way? What is it like when it rains in the summertime? How do you know if he's gone forever?

Rains in Asia lean from the balcony as if without a care, wondering should they take the fall, or should they take the stairs? Then, suddenly, you're feeling like you're leaning over a precipice that only love would dare, spinning in a gravity that only love could bear. And then you're falling like tears that turn to snow, falling in a vertigo.

Rains in Asia drizzle between the shadows of tall buildings, open arches endlessly kneeling. Sonic landscapes, echoing vistas, and something's listening from a safe distance. The view moves slowly, into a fading light to a final moment in the dead of night. In the Hatching Sands, there's suddenly a feeling that you should just go home, and spend a lifetime figuring out just where that is.


The clutch theme this cycle is based all around music - while the eggs were representations of album artwork, and to a certain extent the dragons were built around works by those artists.

The Dim and the Dark Egg is based upon the south-eastern band 'Jump, Little Children's' album _Between the Dim and the Dark_. Jump, Little Children is a group who, while originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, adopted Charleston, South Carolina as their home town. The group is made of 5 members - Evan (Drums), Johnny (Upright bass), Jay (Guitar), Matt (Vocals and miscellaneous instruments), and Ward (Cello). They played their last concert as a group at the historic Dock Street Theater in Charleston.

However, rather than being based on any single song by Jump, Little Children, this hatching was based on various lines and ideas of multiple songs that together seemed to create a full idea. The songs used included 'Rains in Asia' from the album 'Between the Dim and the Dark', 'Vertigo' from the album of the same name, and 'Cathedrals' from the album 'Magazine'. Similar elements were drawn from the songs and incorporated into the dragon as they were with the egg.

However, ask you indicated an interest in Chinese history as well, I've incorporated aspects of the Daoist Master of the Rains into her as well, to give her more depth and a few quirky traits.

As you suggested the name Suryeth, we attempted to tie those sounds back towards what we were looking at. 'Yushen' is specifically the Master of the Rain, or the Rain Spirit, and out of Yushen, with much jumbling of letters, came Seryth, just as she has come out of the Rain Spirit.

While we hope that you enjoy Seryth, everything that's written here is merely an idea - you're welcome to play her any way you want! She's your lifemate, and yours to enjoy as you will.

Congratulations again!


Name Dawn Before the Storm Gold Seryth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By Niva
Impressee Thea
Hatched December 20, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

Seryth's Playlist

Seryth's Logs

Title OOC Date Cast
Runnerstock... and More for Xanadu February 22, 2012 Sorrin, Thea, Yumeth, Seryth
Romthcicle March 10, 2012 Thea, Xe'ter, Seryth, Romth
Like a Rock March 15, 2012 Petra, Romth, Seryth, Xe'ter
Confronted (egg touch 1) March 18, 2012 Iforian, Inuelle, Kinzie, Thea
Confuzzled (egg touch 2) March 19, 2012 Iforian, Jeniosa, Matrin, Thea, Seryth
Connected (egg touch 3) March 20, 2012 Esiae, Iforian, Keziah, Kinzie, Thea, Seryth
Never Lick a Spiderclaw April 17, 2012 Aisuohkoth, Azurite, Copper, Jessi, Inkfoot, Toral, Soriana, Tarrin
Ground Hunt (Weyrling Lesson) May 10, 2012 Jessi, M'trin, Thea, V'dim, Aisuohkoth, Isobeth, Seryth, Volenth
Surgery, Dinner and a Story July 18, 2012 Healer Garmel (npc'd by Thea), Kimmila, Marella (npc), Muir (npc), Thea, Thero
Dragons Dwindling Post-Thread or Fertility Issue? August 05, 2012 A'dmar, Rwylann, Thea, Auspiraeth, Seryth, Yarovith
Giving Report August 14, 2012 Seryth, Zhaoth
And You Thought it Was Just Brunch (Seryth Rises) November 25, 2012 A'dmar, Idrissa, Ilyas, J’yn, Kale, Ly’am, Mikal, T’as, Ph'rys, Soriana, Orionth, Kiyozuukith, Seryth, Yarovith, Zhaoth
Skillets Are Useful Things November 25, 2012 A'dmar, Thea
A Stitch in Time November 26, 2012 Soriana, Thea
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