Perilous Beauty Green Seibanth

There are at least four distinct shades of green on this dragon, with subtle variations within each area. The dragon's head is a reach leafy green, in both colour and texture, with splotchy yellow accents in various places, including her head knobs. The leafy green colouring continues down her neck, minus the yellow markings. Her legs are a simple green, with pale cream flourishes at her feet. Scratchy brown-green markings work their way along her tail, with orange-yellow cloud shapes at the tip. Simple clear pale green coats her body with a faint sheen, melting to a very pale creamy green at her wingtips, and absorbing the colours of her neck, legs, and tail. Physically, she's dainty, delicate, and yet she moves with an air of the hunter.

Image coloured by X'hil, lineart by Kaljaia.

Egg Name and Description


Leafing Through The Plants Egg
The shell of this egg has a distinctly yellowish tint to it, darkening to a light greenish brown as it curves over to the far side of the shell. There seems to be a seam running around the circumference of the egg, at the center. On either side of it are pictures of strange plants, unlike anything seen before. Blocks of what might be neatly hand-written text are arranged around the odd plants, indecipherable both near and afar.

Hatching Message

A subtle rustling noise begins to emanate from the Leafing Through The Plants Egg, as it wobbles to and fro. The rustling becomes a rushing whisper of sound as it picks up speed, though, as yet, the egg's shell remains unblemished.

Leafing Through The Plants Egg flutters with motion, as if being blown about by a stiff breeze. The whispered rustling has been picking up both speed and volume, adding the faintest of tapping to its repertoire of noises. After a moment, there's a final solid tap, and then the egg stills, not a sound, not a movement, until a sudden loud tearing noise, accompanied by a large crack appearing on the egg's side.

The tearing crack on the Leafing Through The Trees Egg has been steadily widening since it last moved, and now a talon punches through the weakened shell. Once freed, the razor sharp talon rips through the rest of the shell as though it were tissue paper, leaving the egg to crumple, pathetically, as the hatchling steps out, moving out towards the candidates without even a second glance at that egg.

Impression Message

When the Perilous Green Hatchling reaches the candidates, and starts her walk along the line, there's one man, approaching the upper age limit of candidacy, that doesn't dare look her way. It is him that she heads towards, plopping herself in his line of sight and tilting her head at him. The candidate begins to stammer and back away. "G-green? No, no, I'm not… Seibanth! Her name is Seibanth!" On calling the name his panicked expression turns more joyous, bewildered. "N'sken and Seibanth, I like the sound of that." the candidate formerly known as Nosken murmurs, leading the green off to be fed.


Seibanth has always known that N'sken prefers female partners, which is why she impressed him in the first place. /She/ is female, after all! She'll always be at the man's side with a flattering word, should anyone question his masculinity, exerting a powerful calming influence on the man. Seibanth will assure him that flights do not /mean/ anything, and encourage him to seek out his own non-flight partners. For the most part, she'll stay out of his personal life, so long as he stays out of /hers/, but N'sken may find that difficult, as his large green has a fondness for the bronzes.

Seibanth's flights will always be about stamina, never about the acrobatics that smaller greens so enjoy. She may be perfectly /capable/ of out maneuvering any larger dragon, but she relishes the pure and simple nature of /flight/. Being caught is her favourite part, everything up until that point is merely a game to her. Her first flight may take N'sken by surprise, she tends to keep to herself almost until she's caught, so N'sken may have no real idea of what's going on at first, unless he actually /sees/ her rise. He'll experience nothing of proddiness, only noticing that his lifemate has become more withdrawn, but those last few moments of flight will be intense, when Seibanth finally lets her guard down, and the entire wave of proddiness and flight lust hits N'sken all at once.

When it comes time to pick a wing, Seibanth will be in favour of Galaxy wing, search and rescue, to give her rider the chance to be the knight in shining armour she sees him as, while N'sken will be looking more towards Comet, seeing transport as 'easy'.


Chaotic Overgrown Garden
Seibanth's mind gives every outward appearance of being a chaotic mess, harmless vines tangled with poison ivy, bramble bushes and overgrown hedge mazes, and all manner if unruly plants. But, every plant has it's place. Over the turns, it will be N'sken's job to unravel the tangles, and care for the garden, moulding Seibanth into the dragon she will one day become. A few things however will be constant, no matter what. When she's happy, fields of flowers will dominate her thoughts, under bright sunny skies. Sadness will be a wilted garden, with a scratchy brown lawn, and dead flowers. Confusion and the initial proddiness will be the same: A thick knot of vines, while anger, particularly /at/ someone or some thing, will be represented by poison ivy, usually tightly wrapped around whatever it is that's bothering her. Her voice itself, when she speaks — she usually prefers to demonstrate with images — is quiet, a soft rustling sound, like wind in the trees, pages of a book turning in the breeze, or a tunnelsnake's hissing, depending on her mood.


The clutch theme was ancient relics, and this egg is based on a couple of pages of the Voynich manuscript, a mysterious book in an odd script that defies all attempts to decipher it, with pictures of things like non-existent plants and herbs, among other things. — It is based on these two pages specifically:

The hatchling was a trickier one to figure out, as not much is known about the origins of the manuscript. I knew I wanted something that was not as it seemed, something with a basis in plants or herbs, and eventually decided to go with absinthe. The body is the pure absinthe, the wings are diluted absinthe, and the extremities (head, legs, tail) are each the three main herbs that comprise absinthe.

The dragon's name, Seibanth, is just an anagram of absinthe.


Name Perilous Beauty Green Seibanth
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By X'hil
Impressee N'sken (Nosken)
Hatched April 15th, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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