La Vie Boheme Green Sefiyth

An intense air of the bohemian envelops this sprightly little green, a lush aura of revelry and passionate indulgence in life. Intoxicating absinthe cascades over her slender muzzle, ensconcing opalescent eyes and flowing over her aristocratic cheeks and headknobs. An arcing dancer's neck awash in rich liqueur melts into a sylphlike chest, pooling into a diluted cloud of milky green louche in the lean expanse of her belly. Angular absinthe laced wings jut oddly from her refined shoulders, making her seem slightly off balance while wingsails as gauzy as crinoline are filigreed with silver strands, individually strung with finely cultured pearls. Her svelte haunches are kissed with just a twist of lime in a single streak that runs halfway down her arcing tail, while willowy limbs like frosted glass end in awkwardly large paws tipped with pale talons of alabaster.

Egg Name and Description


Born from the Stone Egg
The color of the limitless depths of the ocean enfolds this egg, a deep rich blue the likes of which has hardly been seen before. Amid the watery shade, pale grey and black stud the otherwise liquid smooth surface into a strange optical illusion, giving the dark ovoid a curious appearance, as though it's texture were rough to the touch. Blue wears away into sturdy granite grey at the very base of the egg, half hidden in the sands of the Hatching Ground.

Hatching Message

Born from the Stone Egg seems to think it's finally time to make an appearance. With a push, the egg seems to grow and a glistening wet green hatchling stands in it's place, huge chunks of shell still stuck to her damp hide as she peers about blearily.

Impression Message

As if in a dream, the world around you suddenly stops and you feel as though a pair of ear muffs have been clapped over your head, as suddenly all the noise in the echoing cavern silences. And then, the softest tinkling of silver bells slips into your thoughts. A breathy fragrance of jasmine, sandalwood and orchid twists about your thoughts as it's invaded by a swirl and shimmer of emerald green and crimson feathers. « M'la?» a voice queries gently in your mind, sweet, but with a sultry note just coming through. A deep wave of adoration and a feeling of completion floods your very soul, the feelings echoing within you and the tiny green before you. « Oh, M'la! I knew you were here. I think you won our bet, so I brought what I said I would! » The voice grows ever elated as the feelings deepen. « We'll be quite a matchmaking pair, my M'la, for I am your Sefiyth! »


Sefiyth is the epitome of energy. My description of her egg was in fact, 'rabbit on speed' hyper. From even her earliest days, she'll have considerably more energy than the other hatchlings, enjoying nothing more than being everywhere and in everyone's business, and she'll love filling you in on the gossip. Even if it isn't all that interesting to you. « Calanth says that she heard Kuarith and Ersieth arguing about sunning today. I honestly don't see what the big problem is. » And she'll love giving her opinion on how to fix any problem. « I hear that Sukith's rider is in a bad mood today. You know, a little drink would clear that right up, I'll bet. » Sefiyth is a bit too hyper, and you might occasionally wonder if the heat of the Hatching Grounds addled her brains in the egg, as she'll be prone to some strange thoughts. «You know, I think when I fly, I don't go into the sky so much as the ground runs away from me. » is an example of a random thought from her, the sort that will just make you go, "Huh?". Think 'Monty Python', in the sort of random things and thoughts, not the crossdressing British guys way.

Of all the things Sefiyth loves, she loves playing games the most. She'll be an exceedingly clever green, and she'll adore playing tricks and games with the other weyrlings and dragons. « No, no, Vesukith. You hide, I seek! » She'll constantly be thinking up new games to play and trying to get others to play with her. When work rolls around, she'll work, but she's always seeking out ways to have fun. Next to games, however, Sefiyth loves the snow. She loves water as well, as most dragons do, but snow will always hold a supernatural amazement for her, and she'll take every possible chance to visit a Weyr that gets alot of snow. « Oh, M'la. Look! Isn't it pretty? » She'll love to walk in it, play in it, dump it on other dragons, anything she can do with it.

Ah, matchmaking. Yes, even in the egg she was influenced by M'la, and Sefiyth has it firmly in her mind that she is an excellent matchmaker. And surprisingly, she really will be pretty good at it. She has an amazing ability to judge people quite well, and she'll always be willing to help you with your matches, adding her own ideas. « Lahela and that brownrider from Igen? Hmm, no, I don't think so. I think she'd hurt him. » She'll have a flair for setting up dragons as well, deciding who would work well with who. « I think Branwynth and that Valenth would do well. Imagine the lovely little hatchlings, M'la! » Sefiyth's talent for judging people has an interesting side effect as well: she'll be a wonderful Search dragon, and no doubt, it won't take long for her to get a reputation around the Weyr as such.

Of course, she'll enjoy her good reputation. For that's her main flaw. Sefiyth will be terribly vain. She knows she's a beautiful green, and no doubt males will often tell her as such. She won't rub it in alot, but she'll always have an air about her that she knows she's beautiful, and she'll take great pride in her appearance, always careful to have her hide nicely oiled and clean. That vanity leads me into another issue: proddiness. Sefiyth will always be a gregarious green, and she'll get along with most anyone, but come time for flights, she'll get a little too friendly with the males, preening and primping around them, snuggling up to anything with bronze, brown or blue hide. Unlike many dragons, Sefiyth's flights won't be straight up and down, as fast as you can go. She'll revel in acrobatics, and she'll hug close to the ground. Thanks to her small size and slim figure, she'll love making close calls, skimming close enough to trees that it seems she'll hit them, or appearing about to hit the ground, before pulling up and missing hitting anything.

And finally, just why did Sefiyth pick Mylla? Well, it's obvious that she had a special affinity for her even in the egg, and Mylla obviously influenced her feelings on certain things, like matchmaking. But they just seemed to mesh so well. Sefiyth needed someone who could be her energetic partner, and yet could also be the somewhat calmer of the two, the voice of reason if you will. And Mylla fit that need to the tee, as she'll always be the more sensible (and some might say sane) of the two.


Colorful Feathers and Satin Skeins
No longer is Sefiyth's mind a jumble of colors. The odd waves of color has jelled into feather-light touches and lush bolts of fabric, in every color of the rainbow, though her favorites will be brilliant crimson and indigo. As one might expect from such a slinky little green, her mindvoice is cloyingly soft and sweet, with just a touch of the seductress that she truly is underneath. Her voice has a surprisingly wide range of emotion, unusual in dragons, and she'll play it to her full advantage. A 'scent' lingers over Sefiyth's thoughts as well, a sultry combination of sweet jasmine, sexy sandalwood and heady orchid that is subtly seductive and uniquely Sefiyth.


The theme for this clutch was partnerships/bonds, so the Born from the Stone Egg was based on the novel "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini, and the bond between Eragon and his blue dragon, Saphira. Now, I broke tradition a little and didn't base Sefiyth herself on the book, like several of the other hatchlings are, as I personally found "Eragon" to be, while good, nothing special. Because the egg was so bubbly and carefree and wild, I felt a Bohemian theme fit her much better. She herself is based on the lushness of the Bohemian revolution in Europe, and the favored drink of the times, absinthe. Absinthe is a brilliant green colored alcohol, which tastes of liquorice. It contains essence of wormwood, which contains a chemical that is reputed to make the drinker hallucinate to some degree. Her personality and appearance are also based on Satine, played by Nicole Kidman, from the movie "Moulin Rouge!" although very loosely. Her name, Sefiyth, is a combination of two names 'Sebille' which is French for 'fairy' and 'Fiamma' which is Italian for 'fiery one'. As for pronunciation, I prefer 'Sefee-yith', though 'Sef-I-yith' works equally well. Given Sefiyth's pixie-like appearance and hyper personality, I thought the name fit however. Sefiyth was created by Elia, just for you.


Name La Vie Boheme Green Sefiyth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Elia
Impressee Mylla
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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