This bronze dragon is short, stocky, and smaller than most. Don't let this confuse you though; he's got it where it counts. His coloring is a deep rusted bronze that begins on his short muzzle and flows upward from there along the crown of his head and down along his back and legs. That dorsal color is mostly uniform, with no major flaws or variation. A lighter, yellower bronze can be found in circles around his eyes, underneath his muzzle and down across his underside. This burnished bronze glints and shines under whatever sun, stars, or moons he may find himself. His muscles are plainly visible beneath his hide, flexing when he moves or just being keyed up and ready for action. Because he is so small, it almost seems that a normal sized bronze's muscles were just stuffed into a smaller space, giving his overall appearance a very built look, not at all pudgy but definitely broad and solid. His muzzle is short and squat. It doesn't extend far beyond the rest of his face, and his neck is short in keeping the rest of his body. His neck ridges are small and rounded, and don't stick out hardly at all. The dragon's head knobs are perhaps the most angular feature of his otherwise squared body. They extend well beyond his temples, looking almost like the antennae of an insect. He has short legs, keeping him very close to the ground as he scampers along, and brilliant bronze talons on the tip of each of his toes that at least give him a good grip on any surface. The bronze's wings are small and short, barely seeming any larger than his legs. In fact, upon looking at them for the first time, one might find themselves wondering how he even gets off the ground on those stubs. A stunted tail, only just long enough to even be considered a tail, is attached to his behind.

Egg Name and Description

Spherical. Vivid. Flashy. These are three words that could easily describe this egg. The egg is moderately sized and if one was to go by size alone easily overlooked, fortunately though for this egg it has other features that command the attention of all who gaze in its direction. It is perfectly spherical in shape with no bumps or imperfections along its smooth glistening surface. What makes this egg especially eye catching is it's sharp and vivid color scheme. There are blues as deep as the ocean, reds blazing like a fire, even patches of white and black. There are, of course subtle variations of these main shades most notably pinks, yellows and some spots of greenish hue. All the colors seem to be muddled together, almost as if multiple schools of different colored fish merged into a single cohesive unit. The only color that doesn't mix in with the rest are black stripes that appear across the egg's surface at regular intervals. These stripes are usually bordered with a thing space of white before exploding in color once more.

Hatching Message

Galactic Experiment Egg sits quietly for a few more moments before springing to life in spectacular fashion. One half of the shell is ejected one way and the other half in the exact opposite direction leaving the hatchling there on the sands.

Impression Message

A quiet hiss invades your mind, followed by a wave of much louder sounds. It's difficult to make out, but it sounds like at least ten… no, twenty… guitars, all playing out of tune at the same time. They rise in volume and then the whine of feedback starts, amping up before something snaps and explodes in a shower of sparks that crackle through your mind and fall down around you like a meteor swarm striking earth or the discharge of some futuristic energy weapon. « Oh dear, » a smooth baritone voice intones. « We'll have to work on that. That doesn't sound right at all. » With a sort of mental gyration, the mess is swept away and the sparks replaced by a shimmer like sequins or sunlight on the waves. « T'lon, is it? You and I, we are gonna do some great things together. Me? Well, I'm Saumath, of course. Why yes, yes I am. Uh-huh. Thank you, thank you very much. » A roar, like the waves against a seashore or a horde of fans screaming… at least, in his mind. « Now, let's go get some grub. I'm famished. »


Saumath is, at his heart, a deeply caring dragon - but it may be easy for others to miss underneath his rough and tumble, physically-oriented exterior. He's not above being a bit coarse and sometimes even outright rude, but he's fiercely loyal and protective to those he considers part of his family. He's a dragon of action, and not one to hold back or think things over; instead, he's usually charging into battle and trusting to his brawn and force of personality to solve his problems. When it doesn't? Well, it's a good thing he's got friends to help him out of a scrape, and he'll do the same for them if he sees the chance.

Don't expect him to follow the rules. When he's not just blithely ignoring them, he tends to see them as inspiration. If the sign says "Stay Off The Grass"? Saumath wants to know what the grass feels like, and he's going to tromp all over it to find out. He has no fear for consequence, believing he can handle whatever comes, and he takes definite pleasure in defying authority. Expect a series of injuries as Saumath tests his limits - but he is a tough little bronze, and while his scrapes may leave him a few scars, he'll come through in one piece and learn something about just how far he can push. As he grows, he'll extend that sense of consequence to understand when his actions could lead to his family being hurt, and understand that some rules - no matter how tempting it is to break them - should actually be followed.

One of the things that you will come to learn about your new lifemate is that he has a rather keen sense of humor. It probably won't take much to get him to laugh, and it wouldn't be surprising at all if you had a great difficulty getting him to stop. He's one of those sorts that will have no trouble keeping himself amused, even if no one else knows just what the heck he is on about.

During those times when no one knows what the heck he is doing he may tend to get a little bit out of control, especially when he is young. This is something that he will likely learn to deal with as he ages, but during those younger turns he may have moments where the 'badness' is 'increasing.' It's not meant maliciously; those destructive instincts were just engineered into him back when it was important for him to be able to fight thread. Now that they're not needed, he's going to need your help to find a different life for himself - one that won't have him rampaging around and breaking things!

Active play will be important for him; Saumath doesn't like to sit still. He'll enjoy romping with the other dragons, though he may need reminders to play nice - he sometimes forgets that not everyone is as tough as he is. The other way he'll get moving - once he discovers it - is music! When there's a Gather going, expect to find Saumath near the dance floor showing off his moves. Heck, sometimes he may dance just to the music in his own head - or sing it out loud. So what if there aren't eggs ready to hatch? Saumath needs no such excuse to croon out a tune or three!

Given his love of physical activity you will notice that he has a really great sense of balance. Perhaps this is an innate gift that comes from having a very low center of gravity or just something that he comes by genetically. In any case he will excel at physical activities of all kinds. He may well love the water, but he may find that he is likely to sink like a stone. That doesn't mean though that he can't surf above the waves using his wings to keep him aloft. He might invent a whole new sport while he is at it.

While Saumath may act blind to rules, he has keen emotional senses and cares deeply about his friends. You are his best friend in the entire universe, and he will do his utmost to make you happy. His ideas of what will help may not always work out - giving a girl flowers and giving her a dragon-maw full of garden (complete with soil) aren't exactly the same - but they're generally well meant, if rather impulsive. Saumath isn't a thinker, he's a doer.

While he may be more of a doer than a thinker, don't let that lead you to believe that he's just a muscled monster. His activity - and the chaos he can leave behind - may cause many to believe him to be more brawn than brains, but those who get to know him well will find that simply isn't the case. During weyrlinghood he will apply himself well to his lessons and will likely be one of those dragons who is above average in his class - at least, by the time he's done.

In the beginning, he may seem to have a whole lot to learn; some dragons come out of the shell ready to be adults, but Saumath… well, there are times when it seems he's still figuring out how to even be a dragon. He may have some trouble with temper in his early days as he adjusts to life outside the shell. He may be defensive of his space and hiss at others who come to near, or even threaten to nip if he feels like he's being pushed around and kept from doing what he wants.

Once he does figure things out, he won't usually be one to brag; while he does enjoy showing off his skills to an appreciative audience - and he won't hold back against a rival - he'll want to help his fellow clutchmates reach the same level he's achieved. Ohana means that nobody is left behind, and Saumath will take that seriously. Perhaps it's his bronze instincts, perhaps it's something drawn from being a small bronze matched to the youngest candidate, but Saumath will develop a keen sense of relative skills and seek to bring everyone he cares about along on his journey through life. It's a part of his purpose - and it's made all the more important by the fact that there's a part of his purpose - ingrained in his very genes - that he just can't achieve. Dragons were made to fly thread, and that instinct is strong in Saumath… but there's no thread anymore. He may complain to the weyrlingmasters about the lack, or glare at the skies in the hopes of a change… but eventually, he'll come to understand that there's another purpose for dragons now, living and working alongside humans.

You're his best friend, the heart of his chosen family, but you won't be the only one. He'll make new friends among dragons and humans alike, expanding the group he trusts and cares for… in his own earnest way. Those you care about are of course included; to Saumath, they're just another part of his family. That family will grow as he does, and the time may come when Saumath decides he wants a leadership position to better help and guide his friends. If he does, he'll be diligently and caring to those who follow him. Of course, even if he's not officially in charge, Saumath will lead you on many an adventure - and follow your lead to just as many.

Saumath is a small but strong bronze. Other dragons and riders may underestimate him because of his size. They would be wrong to do so. He could hold his own in nearly any instance that he finds himself in. He is built like a wrestler and can easily lift things many times his own size. He might find himself drawn to that sort of work, but there are many wings that would love to take him in; whether it's transport for his strength, or search and rescue work to take advantage of the compactness that makes him very maneuverable in the air and able to get into places a regular sized bronze could not. Saumath could fit in many wings, but he'll want to be active in his work; he wants - and needs - to collaborate with you and share a purpose, whatever it turns out to be.

When he's old enough, Saumath will love the physical challenge of flights. His agility and strength may give him an advantage there despite his smaller size and stubby wings. Win or lose, the chance to battle with the other males for position and race across the sky are wonderful fun! He'll seek it out often - gold flights especially, since they're a bigger challenge and thus more fun, but he'll also chase greens. He may be smaller than some bronzes, but he won't just be left behind!

He'll never admit to getting tired, but there are times when he'll seem to just… give up the chase. Never when he's behind, but if he's in the lead or near to catching, he'll sometimes veer back or drop out of the race. He's in it for the challenge, you see; that particular green - or gold - isn't a good enough friend for him to actually want to catch her. When he really does care about who he's chasing, he'll redouble his efforts right up to the end. He may even sabotage other dragons, if he thinks that's good for his friend.

« Well yeah I clawed Rionth. He's a jerk. »

If he does manage to catch a gold, he'll be a devoted father - those hatchlings are family, and he'll make sure they're kept safe and go to good lifemates! In fact, he may terrorize a candidate or two by getting into their personal space and glaring at them to make sure they're worthy of meeting his children.

While Saumath might be short and squat, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have anything going for him with the ladies. The female dragons will love that he has a good strong male voice and the moves that he brings to the table. In fact, the other male dragons may look at him and metaphorically scratch their heads wondering why Saumath does so well given his size and squat form. Some mysteries will never be solved… and for Saumath, the answer is clear: he's a fine dragon, and his size and shape have nothing at all to do with that. After all, you were one of the smallest and youngest on the sands that day, and you were still, clearly, the very best choice.

How could you not be? In you, Saumath sees a kindred spirit; curious, determined… desiring of a purpose without yet knowing what it is. He doesn't want a father to guide and control him; he wants a brother to love and play with (and, yes, sometimes fight with)… and that's what he sees in you. Your twin brother and partner in crime may have left to Ista, but now Saumath is here. He's no replacement for Shanatea - nor would he want to be! - but he's here to be your partner through all the rest of life, your dragon twin who is as similar and yet as different as only twins can be. You both have a long road ahead of you as you figure out how to work together and what to do with your life, but it's a journey the two of you will share. Do your best not to step on any buildings along the way!


Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog
Saumath's mind is bright and active, and it glows with an almost alien aura. His thoughts can come fast and furious, almost as if they were bolts from space ray gun - or the flashing strobes of a rock concert. At other times he'll be calmer, his mind more evocative of the ocean waves and with just as many hidden depths beyond the crashing surf. You will be able to tell a great deal about his mood and emotions by the color and speed with which these bolts of thought and waves of feeling dance and move through his mind.

His speaking voice will be full and rich. In many ways it will mirror a certain star of stage and screen, Elvis Presley. When he speaks it will be with almost a southern drawl, but not so much so that he sounds like a hick. For him, it will be all about elegance and sophistication - or at least, that's how he sees it; others may have different reactions, but love him or hate him, Saumath is all but impossible to ignore. As he ages, he'll likely learn to use this smooth voice of his for his own personal benefit as well as for the benefit of others. He'll always have a bit of a flash, but that doesn't mean that there is no substance underneath. It's just, if you've got it? Flaunt it!

Saumath's mindscape will tend toward a beach filled with moving lights - whether swirling fire poi dancing or sputtering plasma balls being shot around. The weather is usually sunny, with waves to surf and music playing… though if he's in an unhappy mood, expect storms and explosions to follow! There's even a stage set up further down the beach, where Saumath can play whatever music tickles his fancy and fits his current mood.


Welcome to Xanadu Weyr T'lon. We are so glad that you made the choice to try search this time round. We hope that you have been having fun so far and look forward to all the trouble that you will create going forward.

The clutch theme for this cycle was things that go together. In the case of the Galactic Experiment Egg those two somethings were Lilo and Stitch. Lilo and Stitch were of course characters in the 2002 film of the same name. I have to say that this is one of my favorite Disney films of recent memory. It is both funny and heartfelt. These two characters complimented each other well and it is my hope that Saumath and T'lon will complement each other just as well.

You also mentioned something in your application about wanting his voice to be something more like Elvis. Consider this wish granted. The mind name "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog" is both from Lilo and Stitch and of course from the Late Great American Rock and Roller Elvis Presley. Elvis had many hits throughout his career starting with "Heartbreak Hotel" in 1956 all the way until his unfortunate death in 1977. But we all know that Elvis isn't really dead. I saw him at the Walmart last week buying socks. But I digress, back to talking about Saumath.

I drew inspiration for the mindtouches from both the film Lilo and Stitch and a ride at Disneyworld called "Stitch's Great Escape." The ride itself is a revamp of a much scarier ride that involved encountering an Alien from the movie Alien. This ride was thought to be too scary for the Disney crowd and so it was remade to feature Stitch. It is one of my favorite rides at the park and despite being less scary still has its creepy moments. One of those moments is when Stitch escapes and runs loose through the room. You feel him crawling near you and this was my primary inspiration for the mindtouches. If you are curious you may see a full video of the ride here:

Deciding on his name was a relatively simple affair. I put Stitch into the google translate and translated it through several languages until I came out with Sauma which is Icelandic for Stitch. This choice is both straightforward and a joke at the same time. In the film Lilo calls her new dog Stitch and the clerk at the shelter says "That's not a real name in Iceland." So it's very appropriate that he be called Saumath. It's also something that is short and easy to pronounce.

The egg and mind touches were written by C'rus, and the dragon is from C'rus with a few bits from Soriana.

We hope you enjoy! And, of course, Saumath is entirely your dragon to play as you choose. Any of these recommendations are just that and nothing more.


Calisi - A Feeling that Never Ends Gold Meirath


Bea'rn - Bitterness and Honey Brown Ceylonth

H'aroro - We Could Be Immortals Blue Maxeth

L'on - The Sky's The Limit Blue Blue Yklimth

Ezzie - Flitter Flutter Zoom Green Phaeth


Name Saumath
Dam Gold Luraoth
Sire Bronze Draukaith
Created By C'rus (Egg), C'rus and Soriana (Saumath)
Impressee T'lon (Tealonie)
Hatched July 08, 2016
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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