Like No One Ever Was Brown Satoth

Colossal is this mountain of a dragon, touched by grandeur and molten stone encompassing his tremendous stature. He is enormous in every way, from hulking magnitude to thick contour, with his massive size rivalling even the smallest bronze. Versicolored over much of his substantial frame, the base of his hide is imbued with russet and earthen shades, with volcanic-cloaked darker points dusted in fallen ash over blunted muzzle and sturdy limbs. Charcoal erupts from fuliginous paws in concisely sculpted but finely honed claw. Broad of head and heavy in jowl, burnt sienna settles as a would-be mantle on his wide forehead and along the tapered rounded ends of his headknobs. Sooty clay flows nimbus-like over the burly shortness of his neck, churning down the length of his spine and muscular tail, which ends in turbid, grit-touched granite. Rounded argillaceous hued ridges stand in even cadence of ancient strata, smoothed from eons of erosion. Bay and dark loam swirl and eddy, as though further shaped by the elements, over the domed and dense configuration of his sides, belly and brawny hindquarters. Extravagant wings are as immense as he is, sifted with lighter dustings of dim oxidized copper and sandstone along 'spars, leaving broad sails to night-cast mahogany.

Egg Name and Description:

Egg on the Edge of Tomorrow
Startling in contrast and flashy in details, the shell of this massive egg is a rigid dichotomy of contrasting design. One could lose themselves in it all and still not glimpse the whole. Neon and vivid electric hues of blues, pinks, oranges, yellows and greens rise in a cacophony of visual styles and aesthetics made to stand out against gun-metal steel towers and structures of some vast cityscape. It is a look of infinite wealth and vanity, synonymous with luxury — on the surface, that is. There is an offered lure of a thrilling and exciting location to be, a vibrant place to live for those of means. Yet what lurks beneath that rich veneer? Perhaps if one gazes long enough, they will see between the narrow gaps of wealth the slivers of entropism — a glimpse of those grappling and struggling against technology and its unforgiving advance.

Hatching Messages:

Egg on the Edge of Tomorrow heaves once, the force of the singular effort toppling it onto its side with a hefty FLUMP. Despite the drama of its first motion, it lies motionless as if there still may be some time before it rises to the occasion of breaking shell.

Egg on the Edge of Tomorrow doesn’t bother to wiggle or shimmy. It simply swells to the brink of an impending explosion, fissures distorting the electric hues and fragmenting its vibrant veneer. Pressure is growing, building against the barrier that just-barely restrains the hatchling within.

Egg on the Edge of Tomorrow erupts in a shower of fragments and egg-slime, pieces scattered around its vicinity in the remnants of the first overcome obstacle in this one’s journey. The newly-shelled hatchling large enough to have filled every iota of space in its egg is left sprawled centrally amidst the eggshell rubble, with slimy wings caught up beneath himself, and stout limbs splayed in awkward orientation.

Like No One Ever Was Brown Hatchling lifts his head up first, giving it a ponderous shake and then exhaling in a disgruntled SNORT. Well, this didn't quite go as planned? Carefully, slowly, he moves one stocky limb after the other, in an effort to orient himself to a proper upright stance. Then it's time for a full body shake, a full stretch of no-longer cramped wings and a deeper breath. Ahh, much better! He turns that massive bulk of his to better face the sea of white before him, head gradually moving as he scans the milling groups from one end to the other … but doesn't seem at all hurried to move forwards.

Like No One Ever Was Brown Hatchling continues to hold his ground not far from the remnants of the egg he hatched from. Heat has already begun to dry his hide, but aside from the occasional twitch or flick of his wings, he still hasn't made his move. His head lifts high, blunted nose sniffing at the air with intrigue — and that much at least has him rising up on those massive hindquarters to get a brief higher vantaged glance at the Candidates. There must be something (or someone) within a cluster that he's honed in on at last, as the brown lowers heavily back to all four feet. Next, he lumbers into prowl along the perimeter, head lowered and turning to remain focused on those robed figures. Almost… almost…

Impression Messages:

Like No One Ever Was Brown Hatchling abruptly stops, his massive frame gathering up under him as he faces the robed Candidates directly. With an exuberant roar-like call, he lurches forwards, by no means fast (or entirely graceful) in those first steps but his stride lengthens in ground eating pace. He cuts a straight path with as much ferocity as a landslide, leaving it to anyone in his way to move out of it or get knocked aside in his passing. There's only one he wants and that missing part, his forever partner and equal, is directly in his sights — and it will only be that tall Harper that'll bring him to a stop, mere inches from a collision and his head now pressed against his chosen's chest.

The heat of the sands grows exponentially, while everything else seems so much farther away. What was once discomfort at the bottom of your feet is now everywhere, wrapping around your mind like a dense, engulfing, inescapable blanket. The air shudders and simmers as it condenses into steam along all the edges of your consciousness. Distant, a sound unlike any other cuts through the fevered atmosphere, and the very ground beneath you must tremble. Lava in its slow and tempered, but wholly unstoppable pace is the voice that comes of this uninhabitable mind, « N’ye, what are you waiting for? » For all that liquid fire seethes and scorches as it crawls onward over soil new and old, it does not burn. He could never harm you! Abrupt excitement bubbles and ripples within those molten pools, « I am Satoth, and we are going to be the very best. Let’s go! » Exuberance trips over hesitation, a sudden quiet that is filled with the muffled shifting of earth. Stabbing pangs of hunger shudder through subterranean veins of magma, and echoes through you, « Except… maybe.. after we eat? »


Walking down this endless highway
Nothing but my friends beside me
We'll never give in, we'll never rest

From the earth, the land
The sea and sky
They can never win, but they sure can try

I'm undefeatable
From the stars and the ancient past
They come to play, but they'll never last

I'm undefeatable
You think you'll win, but soon you'll see
You may beat some, but you can't beat me
— Pokemon: Advanced Battle Lyrics

From the very first days after he's hatched, it will be apparent that there are plenty of core traits and beliefs that make Satoth who he is. Even when age and experience may shape him, they will never quite dwindle, only shift in dominance to better reflect whatever stage he’s reached in his life. In those early days, he will be generally kind and brave, enthusiastic and passionate in the right environments and scenarios. Central to all of this is his unwavering sense of adventure, one trait of his that will never phase out no matter what might come his way.

His exuberance will know no bounds, bright eyed and with a fresh perspective on a world that is wholly new and undiscovered to him. Satoth will want to see everything, experience everything and despite his massive size suggesting a lazy or sloth-like demeanour, such judgements couldn't be further from the truth in his case! He will constantly be exploring and, if he's not exploring, he'll be observing anything, everything, and anyone. Strap in for the running commentary on his thoughts!

« N'ye, did you see that? »
« N'ye! Come and watch the drills going on! We might learn something that'll help us! What do you mean we're not ready yet!? »
« N'ye, did you hear what the Weyrlingmasters were discussing? You missed it!? How is that … Never mind, let me fill you in! »

He's a regular chatterbox with the right company or audience, though rarely so far as to intentionally be a pest about it. If there's a shared common interest, Satoth will be all too happy to converse until the topic is naturally exhausted. Even if he happens to overstep or get too carried away, he will take the hint if those around him are growing weary of his constant stream of idle commentary (and, let's face it, often groan worthy jokes and antics).

With more of his world unfolding every day and his interests not so singular, Satoth will be tapping into that budding sense of adventure and exploration. Once his curiosity is piqued, there will be little stopping his investigation! It could be something as innocuous and mundane as a sound, or a bump in the night, and he'll be alert, gathering his enormous bulk to take off like a rolling avalanche right on out of the barracks — all before you're likely to blink fully awake!

«If anybody's out there, you can come out! And if you're a monster or a ghost, you can stay where you are! »

While happy enough to go in alone, he's equally happy to allow his clutchsiblings, and really any interested party, to join in on the discovery. Satoth may naturally fall into the 'lead' role in these group scenarios and explorative investigations, but he will never insist on it, enforce it or even be largely aware of the fact; he can just be over eager and impulsive at times, acting before thinking things through when he's too caught up in the moment, or reacting off of a charged atmosphere of those around him.

It’s safe to say that it won't be all sunshine and rainbows with your Satoth! Nothing in life exists without some balance of good and not-so great, right? N’ye, you best be prepared for the flip side of that coin, where virtues slide more into vices: where, at times, he can be stubborn, hot-headed, short-tempered, and cocky. Where, in one moment, he’s behaving as you’d expect while you go about your day with your clutchsiblings and then, out of the blue, he'll quip:

«Ahh, don’t get your underwear in a knot! »

Where did that comment come from!? And just as swift as any storm, Satoth will carry on like that blip of attitude never happened! It's shrugged off, as though whatever (or whoever) was irritating or annoying him is no longer worth the focus. N’ye, you may feel the need to apologize at times when he does this, but be prepared when he might feel differently on the matter! That’s not to say that he’s cruel or mean-spirited — because Satoth is neither of these things. — If ever his abruptness crosses a line and he feels he has generally overstepped, he will make up for it. He can do this because, despite his occasional flare up of attitude, he shows a lot of sympathy (even if internalized) towards others. Satoth will often be the one who reaches out to help those who he feels need it; it's through these gestures that he befriends (in most cases, anyways) them in the process!

Misty: Were you online the entire night?
Ash: Yep.
Misty: Huh? Aren’t you exhausted?
Ash: Not a bit and I couldn’t sleep anyway since I was thinking about my battle with Gary.

Satoth’s occasional youthful attitude problem will be the least of your worries in the long run, N’ye! As his eagerness for all that life's mysteries and discoveries hold, it's going to be Weyrlinghood itself as the highlight of it all! Weyrlinghood is going to be a wonderland of delights for this brown, who will take to training with a level of enthusiasm bordering on obsessed. He will be determined to be the best that he can be at every exercise, lesson or task put to the both of you. No matter what limitations he may face, especially given his size and stature, Satoth will want to do it all! Which means if he doesn’t get it right the first time? Right away, Satoth will want to attempt it again or work at puzzling out just what went wrong.

Again, and again, and again…


Does that mean it always works?

Of course not! Satoth can accept failure and there will be more than one occasion where he does, having no choice but to concede defeat and relent in his attempts. His stubborn streak will show at times like these and frustration won't be a stranger to either of you. Satoth's frustrations will be largely at himself, while yours may be more based in concern, and for good reason! Part of growing up is learning limits, and he will have several hard lessons to face if he pushes too far past his own. Reminding him of the potential consequences of his actions might be enough to do the trick but sometimes, just before you think he'll step too far over that line, he'll come to his senses.

With the chance that not all lessons will be met with immediate success, there will be times too when he has difficulty taking advice or criticism from others — whether his own siblings, the Weyrlingmasters, other dragons, or even you, N'ye! And don’t think for a second that he’s going to let you slack off or allow anyone else to come between an important all nighter extra session.

«I’m having a major flight formation crisis. Could you steal N’ye some other time? »

Sometimes the straightest path can be a bumpy one, right?


Those moments will be something for the two of you to work out together as they come. For all his seriousness when tackling each new milestone of training during Weyrlinghood, Satoth will come to appreciate moments of fun and games too — after all, he's young at heart and will have moments where even he can't resist setting things aside in favor of play, relaxing and just general joking around! Remember that passion for adventure? It's still in full swing, when he can take his mind off on improving his skills!

Once Weyrlinghood really starts to get rolling and you're caught up in the thick of it, Satoth will display another interesting quirk! When he isn’t too absorbed in his own head and falling victim to his own vices, he can display an uncanny knack for unpredictability when it comes to various scenarios. Much of his skill and abilities will be honed and sharpened in the way he grasps strategy and tactics, all of which are rooted heavily in problem-solving. This includes his fast thinking in the heat of the moment or relating to those involved in order to tip favour to his side. For every unsuccessful attempt made, he'll strive and progress elsewhere while gradually picking up on those loose ends.

His confidence and zeal will be more than enough for the both of you, too! Modesty and humbleness? They’re in there (somewhere) but like much in his life, he will only learn through many hard lessons and, even then, may never quite grasp it. It will be hard for him at times, but on the rare occasion when he’s stuck in a jam, he will relent enough to take direct input — from those he trusts! Unsurprisingly, N’ye, you’re his first choice for this crucial advice! Because, unlike his inability to swallow criticism so easily, Satoth isn't wholly against advice when he feels it's merited. Eventually, he may come to realize that advice is an important resource, and he can take much of it with a grain of salt. It may have him seeking the council of older dragons, and ones he considers to be masters in their field of experience.


Truth be told? Satoth doesn’t really care what anybody thinks of him! He’ll have a hard time opening up to others, even towards his own siblings. It’s not that he isn’t friendly or approachable — it’s quite the opposite, really, as you've discovered. He just prefers not to talk about his feelings very much, or open up to anyone other than you (and even then…), but it's not from a lack of trust. It's simply in his nature to be a very private dragon — which in turn makes him a great secret keeper! Anything that is confided in him privately will remain such, as Satoth is a dragon of his word and he would never dare to break the confidence or trust of those he cares about. Even though he may never truly open up to anyone beyond you, N’ye, bonds do mean A LOT to Satoth! It’s the connections he makes with others that are truly ‘home’ to him, and if anyone within his vast network is in trouble, they can always count on him to have their backs.

Reaching the end of Weyrlinghood will do little to tame Satoth’s drive and pursuit to achieve greatness in all he strives for. In fact, having that freedom to go anywhere on Pern will only ignite the flames all the more! He will insist that the two of you go out and explore at any given opportunity. It’s while you’re out and about, or even largely within Xanadu’s coverage area, that he will always be scavenging for — well, it’s hard to say?

«You have to hurry and come see what I've just discovered, N'ye! »

It’s never quite the same thing twice! Sometimes it will be a similar discovery, but modified — and he will insist on ‘evolved’, as a word. So be prepared, N’ye, to collect a variety of everything. From rocks to plants to shells, and even the occasional bug or tiny creature! Better hope that discarded scrap of material wasn’t important to someone. He’s determined to “catch” every unique or undiscovered item on your travels, or even right at home! And if you can’t get to it? You better believe he’ll be pushing you to do it!

« Make sure to store it safely with the rest, N'ye! Are you sure you got the notes down right? »

As he fully matures, he will gain some evolution of character himself via a pinch of charisma. Unfortunately, it comes wrapped up in a dash of impulsiveness and recklessness, which is wrapped up in a neat little package known as ‘a temper’. All that youthful attitude was only a precursor of what was to come, but thankfully flare ups are well and truly uncommon. The only time it will rise without question is when Satoth witnesses an act of blatant cruelty or violence against another or, worst of all, a defenceless creature. He has little tolerance for that kind of behavior and will abhor any form of bullying, too. Sure, he's not without his own flaws, but he would never actively upset someone, and that is where he draws the line in the proverbial sands.

Satoth is passionate about his goals and dreams, even well into maturity, and he's willing to go to great lengths to see them, and yours, fulfilled! His sense of dedication and his ambitions are a huge part of what drives him — now more than ever! It can be a great trait or the worst of vices when he hyper focuses on just ONE path, just as he did in Weyrlinghood. Which begs the question — did it ever truly stop? He may end up not caring about anything else, and it will be all up to you, N'ye, to either convince him to hold off (and let that draconic memory take over) or, cautiously, buckle in and indulge him until it passes.

When he’s not distracted by some current obsession ambition or other Life Experiences, Satoth will be taking an avid interest in yours. Through this, you will both discover that he shares a taste for music and, at the very least, enjoys it. While he doesn’t have any desire to sing himself, he can appreciate a good song and all the more if the lyrics carry a message! If he had a choice in the matter, Satoth’s medium would fall in pure words, propelled by driving oration and any touch of theatrical flair. He’s all for the clever use of lyrics being used to convey an ideal, to inspire and inform. Songs that give the timid courage, the weak strength, and the blind vision! In short: ones that invoke any form of emotional response (even laughter or sadness!).

He will always encourage you, N’ye, in your skill and ability as a singer (and just about anything else, too)! Whereas training and adventure are just a part of the heart of him, he’ll contribute his unwavering support and enthusiasm to your own passions. Satoth knows you both have a long way to go, but he'll always be eager to face each new day, and all the challenges they might present as you both come across them.

After all, you'll only become stronger from it, right?


Satoth's mind is like a dense, blanketing heat that surrounds you, even at the lightest brush. It encumbers the air with a gravid warmth that both embraces and empowers, despite its stifling intensity. For all that it could be daunting, it is overwhelmingly welcoming.
Why wouldn't the very essence of his mind not also be an adventure?

At first, there is a stunning silence. An absence of everything. Listening closely brings the sharp-muffled cracking and shifting of the earth. Beyond the heat in every direction, there is nothing but ash and bleak and grey, curtaining the horizon. Below, the land is just as barren and desolate, a wasteland of pitch and oily ridges that fissure and undulate in the semblance of frozen black sea.


And it’s not so forbidding as it first appears. Not all of it is frozen, you see! Streams of molten rock carve unhurried paths from a massive singular mountain that looms ahead, creating more and more waves of stone in this desert of newborn land. Soft liquified sounds of lava gliding over itself in a time-slowed tide dominates the ambiance, and the voice of this mind.


Magma flows craft lethargic rivers from its peak, glowing a vibrant yellow-orange against the dim of that which has already cooled. The crater that unevenly gouges the top of that mountain bubbles and splashes with the volatile potential of the lava within. It seethes with barely-bound immense fiery energy, spilling over what can no longer be contained.


Venturing closer exposes kinks in the armor of that volcano. Uneven is this ground, with frail natural rock bridges, and deep narrow crevasses. The vertical cliffs are fragmented and challenging, presenting innumerous turns and corners that ultimately dive into the volcano itself. Lava drips, like slow, coagulated rain that sizzles and melts wherever or whatever it lands on. Mouths of caves gape within these hidden chasms or higher up cliff sides, the unknown of their voids beckoning you (or anyone) onward.


Tunneling caves burrow into, around, over, and under. They dive down so steeply at times you may have to trust in a blind fall. Other times, they ascend so dramatically, each pebble must become a foot hold, every nook a place for your fingers. Never once would they seem the same, either, for the subterranean labyrinth is as alive and ever-changing as Satoth himself. There’s no turning back from here, and even if you did, there would only be more passages. So you must go on…


And on… and on… and… on…

Until you find one of the many ends, where muted light floods into the otherwise impenetrable darkness broken by only the vague figment of torch light in the smallest vicinity around you.


Finally reaching an exit doesn’t mean you’ve found your way out. What kind of journey would that be? It takes many failures before any real success, many fumblings before victory. Should Satoth be in a particular mood, you may be met with several dead ends, with your best option to turn around and try, try again.


Should you be at odds, or rising to the explosive imminence of a challenge, you may just find yourself staring down into the mouth of the volcano itself. The heat surges skywards in the steam and smoke that rolls off of the smoldering, oozing lava close enough to touch. The churning mass of molten metals blisters and pops, eating away at the very foundation you stand on. Satoth wouldn’t let you be harmed, though. He’s here for you, and with you, always.


Eventually, you will be intimately familiar with these absurdly confounding tunnels, familiar with the tricks and deceptions that they’re meant to pose to even the most bold, foolhardy traveler. While others may become lost forever in those caves, there is one place his thoughts will lead for you alone. One particular path abruptly opens into a massive hollow, where monotonous gravel and ceaseless stone gives way to primeval forest. The forgotten grotto is lush in the green of foliage which has claimed purchase on every viable surface. From ferns to vines to scrawny tree trunks that stretch towards the ashen sky, the breathtaking glory of it dwarfs everything else. Even water manages to trickle into the secluded cavern, cascading downwards as a waterfall from some unseen groove above. This is a place that just the two of you will share. Among so much unknown, where even the land itself is being recreated and reformed, this is your oasis. This is your deepest soul’s connection with your life-partner. A place of contemplation. A place of solitude. A place where the weary adventurer may kick off his boots until the next leg of the expedition, or start on the plans for the next excursion.


In short, Satoth’s mind is a reflection of the eternal odyssey he wants to take with you. From the blazing, fierce energy contained within an active, boiling volcano, to the weaving maze within it, there’s only one way to make it out alive — and that is together!



There is no doubt about it, Satoth is huge. He’s not just “legs are on the long side” big, he is exceptionally more in every way. Fat is not the right word, nor is chubby. This is a beast of grandeur and regality! He is a tank of a dragon, with a broad chest and trunk-like limbs. It is a silhouette that boasts of strength and stamina, with curves that denote muscle layered with only more muscle. While such a contour as his could never be considered lean, his mountainous structure is tenacity, toughness, and pure brawn personified.

Satoth won’t be getting anywhere fast on the ground, though. Despite the passion and enthusiasm that lights the fire of his very being, it may still take awhile to get wherever it is you’re going. This hulk’s gait is lumbering, some might even dare say unwieldy. He will move in a direction like the steady, unrelenting progress of an avalanche, and everything else best move out of his way! That’s not to say he wants to squish you or anyone for that matter! Vanish the very thought! Being heavy-footed just comes with collateral damage.


Oh, but just wait until he can fly! The story is different in the air, where gravity is much less a bother. He simply doesn’t have the shape to compete with those agile blues and limber greens, and honestly, probably even a handful of the more sinewy bronzes could out-perform him in fancy wing-work, but Satoth can pick up speed in any straighter route. Trade out the aerial dancing for an undertaking to see the whole (maybe not whole, but he can try) Igen desert from above, and you’ll feel the impressive speed and endurance he’s capable of.


While this powerhouse needs few words to prove himself a contender in adulthood, his youth is not quite so polished. As a hatchling, he’s adorably squishy. Maybe don’t tell him that, but all those red-brown highlights and deep russets give the illusions of folds and wrinkles on a relatively tiny body that is composed of short, stocky legs and a small, rounded, and compact build.

"Let's eat fast so we can eat again!" — Ash Ketchum

Having been blessed with a huge body like his, even fresh out of the shell, Satoth's going to be a hungry baby dragon! How else is he going to fuel a body that massive, and with so much bulk and muscle? With FOOD, of course! The challenge here will be keeping him from bolting down his meals, whether from actual hunger or impatience to be done with eating and get back to more important things (like eating again)! Mercifully, much of this will taper off as he grows into adulthood. While Satoth may still eat just a stitch more than an averaged sized dragon, it's never too gluttonous or in concerning amounts that will draw any unwanted attention.

Weyrlinghood is going to be difficult in other ways too. He will be slower than most of his clutchmates to grow into himself. This awkward stage will last just long enough to throw a wrench into most of his plans to be the best in every new skill he’s supposed to learn. What do you mean Navenath flew higher? How is it possible Dovirauth was able to flame so soon? He just needs to try harder, practice one more time, stay up one more night. And then he will master it all! Really, it’s going to take time, and it’s a good thing Satoth is so driven. You both may need to find some creative ways around his slow growth until he comes into his own. Be ready for many sleepless nights and exhaustive, relentless practicing, because this is a team effort, and your partnership will make up for those shortcomings.



The concept of flights is not in and of itself inspiring to Satoth. Rather ignorant to the nuances of courtship, romance is never on the forefront of his mind. This leaves him oblivious to the attention of females, and unconcerned with the frenzy preceding a flight. It is certainly not because he doesn’t believe he is worthy or a strong enough competitor, for he undoubtedly is the very best in whatever he sets his mind to. His apathy stems from his distraction- there is always something else more important to be doing. There are new places to see, interesting objects to find, challenges to be met.

Engrossment in his, and your, passions isn’t a full stop on his instincts, however. He is an impulsive creature, spurred on by the energy of the moment. The posturing of the other males at the feeding pens, the taunting of the green who just blooded her first herdbeast, the reminder from you of that bronze who got the better of him last time… Yes, these are the things that will send Satoth flying, leaving you without a moment’s notice. One minute, he may be excitedly discussing everything he saw during your last sweep ride, and the next he’ll take off towards the feeding pens to prove it doesn’t matter that he’s last to blood. This will leave you, N’ye, in some particularly inopportune situations as Satoth is already in the thick of it with the rest of the males, and you’re on your own to find your way.

Satoth will likely give as much attention to the green or gold he's chasing as the very males he's competing against! It wouldn't be unusual for him to give the other suitors encouragement without even realizing how it comes across — some could be baffled, most will ignore him but others might take it as insult, thinking his well meaning comments are a mockery of them. In turn, this will perplex Satoth. The challenge, the “battle,” the occasional feint of a skirmish, these are all in the cards to show that he’s the rightful champion. However, your Satoth is not one to stoop to violence or underhanded tactics to purposely injure or knock a competitor out of the sky. He wants to win the right way, everytime.

Should he win a flight, humble is not the right word to use for his excitement. He will be proud of his success, and brash about making it known. Over-the-top willingness to please may lend a green or gold to find him pushy. Attentiveness to her whims is often excessive, and the time following the flight can grow awkward and uncomfortable if he’s left with an irritated mate. When she’s done with him, he’s quick to forget, moving on without much of a lingering thought.

Eggs are another matter altogether! Should he ever be fortunate to catch a gold (and boy, will Satoth ever consider that an accomplishment to put under his belt!), he will be instantly infatuated once the clutch is on the sands. They are now something else that are his! And he doesn't even have to catch 'em all, because they're all right there to count and admire until they hatch! Although Satoth has no particular desire to engage in flights and extend his bloodline, he will be proud of the idea of those hatchlings being his and potentially having more 'friends' to join him later in his various quests!


Congrats Nyvex! Welcome to Xanadu's Weyrlinhood of 2020! We hope you have as much fun in this next chapter of Nyvex's story as you did with Candidacy!

This cycle's clutch theme was based on Fictional Factions! Egg at the Edge of Tomorrow was based on the not-yet released video game: Cyberpunk 2077 and the factions between Corpo in Nightcity and the Nomads in the Badlands.

Satoth himself is based largely on Ash Ketchum from the Pokemon anime series! Even his name is based on Ash Ketchum's Japanese name, which is Satoshi. This name is shared with the creator of the Pokemon franchise, Satoshi Tajiri.

To round him out a little and include a few more quirks (including his interest in music!), we threaded in a little touch of Johnny Silverhand from the Cyberpunk games and the lifepath of Rockerboy. This is where Satoth's enjoyment and appreciation of music was inspired from!

Physically, you wanted a BIG brown and we went all out! Going first with Entei for a Pokemon link! Entei is a massive, leonine, quadruped Pokemon with some mastiff qualities — which is where we tied in some touches of Tibetian Mastiffs! His coloring is largely based off of the natural rock formations of Purnululu National Park (also known as the Bungle Bungles).

And because Entei's Pokedex entry states: "An Entei is born whenever a new volcano appears. It is also said that whenever Entei roars, a volcano erupts somewhere in the world…" — you guessed it! His Mind Voice is largely based on volcanoes because of this! We also made a subtle nod to those (sometimes frustrating) caves found within the games! Don't forget to stock up on escape ropes~

We did our best to tackle everything you mentioned in your questionnaire and we hope that you enjoy him as much as we did in creating him! Satoth is now yours and everything written is merely a guideline for you to follow but you're free to play him as you wish and however he may best suit you and N'ye's future adventures!

Thank you for joining us here in Xanadu and once again, welcome and congratulations from all of us here on SCo!

Ki'lian and K'vir <3


Name Satoth
Dam Leirith
Sire Xermiltoth
Created By Ki'lian & K'vir, tweaks from V'ro
Impressee N'ye (Nyvex)
Hatched November 14, 2020
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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