Logic's Lady Green Sanldoth
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« Well, no one can say I am plain. » And isn't that just the truth? A stunning jungle green at base, Sanldoth is at no loss for decoration. Muted flames lick at the dark depths of her wingsails, hinting at a fiery nature that she keeps very much within. Her tail shimmers with crystalline tones, ranging from celadon to myrtle, each color giving off its own fractal sort of light. Her head is graced with all the finer curls of a nebula, molten shamrock and harlequin melting into a pale green moss. Her headknobs are unusually long and arch back to a point, their dark color matching the gloves that none-too-subtly grace her paws. The tops of her wings are fern-toned at best, sparkled over with stardust.


Name Logic's Lady Gren Sanldoth
Impressee O'rly
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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