Wild West Agate Gold Sakrienth

Body contours are rounded and smooth as though every line and surface of this glossy beauty has been polished for eons in a rapidly flowing stream. This queen's hide is a pale amber color, washed smooth and varnished with a delicate red-tinge that evenly coats the agate base, adding a touch of warmth and softness to her smooth form. A few tiny speckles of dark ochre on the ride side of her rounded muzzle follow her subtle jaw line, curving up to her broad and ill-defined 'knobs where at last the imperfections disappear from her agate hued hide. The brilliance of color dims along her 'spars, fading to a pale buttery red color along the wingsails. The thinness of this delicate tissue is slightly light permeable, enabling the dull color to catch the light and produce vibrant golden color. Even the tail of this dragon is smooth and rounded, coming to a rather abrupt and blunt end. Perhaps the only portion of this gold which is not gently rounded and smooth would be her paws, tipped in sharp and distinct talons. These singular points, coupled with the outlines of powerful muscles along her back and in her legs hint at the queen's true strength and nature.

Egg Name and Description

Spang off the Bucket Egg
From the hatching sands emerges a large oval shape that is quite more solid and substantial than actual sand, although its color provides nearly perfect camoflage which is disrupted only by the unnaturally smooth and distinct lines of the egg. Flecks of terracotta and straw interrupt the dusty color of the egg, providing but slight relief from the dull, dusty coloration.

Hatching Message

Although other eggs are shaking and wobbling about, Spang off the Bucket Egg has been relatively still. It is with little fanfare or warning that the egg then tilts gently to the right, shivering briefly after its readjustment. That was a movement that could easily have been missed during a blink of the eye.

A barely perceptible tremor grips the Spang off the Bucket Egg. The sandy colored egg then dips further to the right, then wobbles back to the left side. Back and forth the egg rocks as the hatchling within stirs. A slow crack appears along the meridian of the egg before the occupant tires and rests, the egg at a tilt.

After a moment of stillness, Spang off the Bucket Egg begins to pulsate, the hatchling within exploiting the crack in the surface. Shaking, there's an attempt to cast off that shell and escape, though soon the movement dies down. A second, two, and then the egg is back in motion, that structural weakness being worked at intensely. Finally the shell gives, loudly cracking as if to draw attention to itself. A single forepaw sticks out of the opening, dark and wet in its newness. As the limb seeks purchase to help cast off the rest of its cramped prison, the egg tilts and finally spins around before the dragon manages to crack the shell further, freeing itself entirely.

Impression Message

A faint breeze carries with it a hint of alcoholic tang, as though a cask of strong liquor had been spilt in the distance. Before the thought that there can't possibly be a wind in the hatching caverns of all places can cross your mind - BANG! The smell of acrid sulphur sharply overtakes your senses and there a wave of pale liquid amber washes across your mind as another presence sneaks in. A gentle chuckle resounds in your ears as another flood of amber is released. « I'm down here, honey. Right here. » Before you stands the smooth form of a young gold. Eye contact prompts another throaty chuckle. « You don't know me? » she queries, her husky voice full of teasing and humor, « But I know you. You are my Sianne, darlin', and I'm Sakrienth. I don't suppose you'd have something for a lady to eat, would you? I'm mighty hungry…» Accompanying this announcement is a dull ache in your stomach.


For the first few months of life outside the shell, Sakrienth will be everything a curiously young child is. There's an entire world out there to explore, the workings of which must be learned so that she is able to figure out how she and you fit into all of it.Even at this early stage of her life, some hints will be shown as to what her personality will be when she matures. She'll be prone to bouts of liveliness and activity and demand 'playtime' in the form of a good romp outside. She'll always be quietly chomping at the bit and wanting to advance. While she may not overtly obey orders, she will seek loopholes in rules and orders while becoming impatient. « When do we learn to fly? Is it today? It should be today. Why is it not today? » She will say to you, while her impatience will manifest itself in the form of stubborn, moody silence towards others. Other times she will use her newly acquired knowledge to slyly prank others, changing or moving things around to see how others react. Of course, there is a time for everything, including a time to think and there may be moments at which she will withdraw from others to revel in quiet musings of her own. During adolescence and childhood, you will need to motivate her to come out of these spells and participate with the rest.

As the time goes by and Sakrienth matures, she will be given to bouts of mischief. Never truly malicious, these acts are more for her amusement and understanding of individuals and dragons than anything else. To you she may be full giddy or nervous energy, thrilled at the prospects of having accomplished some little 'victory' or won some morsel of knowledge. However, to others she shows a calm, smooth poker face that belies nothing of her intentions. Her calm facade and her husky, intoxicating mind voice may make Sakrienth quite a charmer. She will have developed a good understanding of others, knowing just how to soothe and ease others and win them over. Besides being mischievous, Sakrienth is somewhat of a gambler. She enjoys taking risks and will make bets with you as to whether or not something can be accomplished. These 'bets' run the gambit from harmless pranks such as « I bet you I can eat six whole herdbeasts! » to the more dangerous such as dive bombing the ground at high speeds in her flights, because she's doomed and may as well get a good rush out of it. Physical feats, results of pranks, and the reactions of others are but some of the bets and risks she will take. Goading others on is a favorite habit of hers as well.

Your HAD intrigues her, and it may take her a few months to grasp the implications of it. You can hear any dragon - any at all? - without her assistance? This will bear some consulting with the others - how do they interact with their riders and how do their riders hear the other dragons? Unless you would like your secret leaking out, you will have to convince her to stop asking others these questions, for once. Upon realizing the implications of your HAD, she will be jealous at first. It should be her job to tell you what the other dragons are saying, so she will relay their messages to you as well, knowing full well that you can hear them. It's really just a power struggle and definition of the relationship between you and her, which changes as she leaves that difficult time of adolescence. She will revel in the knowledge that her Sianne does not need a "crutch" and will think of herself and you as being a more capable team since she need not waste time relaying messages to you. Always, despite whatever disagreements you have, Sakrienth will be fiercly loyal to you and will defend you against any insult to your name and reputation. Although the two of you may have your disagreements, Sakrienth will always back down before things get too heated, seeking another way to resolve things besides tense words and sour moods.

Just prior to flights, Sakrienth will become far more loquacious and flirtatious. During this time her poker face faade becomes sloppy, as well, and she is more likely to let interesting tidbits and secrets slip, but she never means to she just gets far too excited and it happens. When confronted about the release of information, she will attempt to distract and charm others, drawing attention away from that little oops she made. At flights themselves, she will transform into a fierce and bloody queen, leading her suitors on short, but furious, chases about Fort full of daring and risky maneuvers, the likes of which are usually seen in green flights.

Remember, your Sakrienth's personality is not set in stone. She is a dynamic character who may change over time, but ultimately she is yours to play with and enjoy as she forges relationships, interacts with others, and develops over the course of weyrlinghood and beyond.


Gunpowder and Firewater
Once out of the egg, Sakrienth's mental voice will temper and the explosive bursts of gunpowder will appear only when she is feeling angry or particularly contrary. The rest of time a faint odor of gunpowder and sulphur will linger, and when she is feeling whimsical the intoxicating aroma of alcohol will permeate her thoughts, which are the golden color of fine whiskey. Her voice is a husky and sultry drawl that, combined with those hints of whiskey and intoxicating aromas, is designed to inspire trust in the other dragons and have a soothing effect.

Mind Touches
Gunpowder and Firewater waft coyly upwards from the egg's surface, faintly mimicking the movements of the emanating heat from the sands in an effort at camouflage its presence. The sensations are faint, as though the contained presence were gathering itself or hidden behind a thick veil. A sudden BANG precipitates the release of thick, acrid clouds of smoke and tendrils of grey, behind which the young mind slinks into contact with you. The release of an intoxicating and heady aroma trickles across the mental connection, each droplet containing with it a hint of smugness as well as ill-masked curiousity as to what intrigues and mischief your mind may bring.

Gunpowder and Firewater twist and dance about together, liquid and smoke twisting together and mingling before separating once again. The scent of the smoke hangs heavy and cloying, a tendril breaking off to twist around in a faint lasso that attempts to encircle your mind in its quest to rob you of memories and information. The fiery and intoxicatingly seductive liquid laps at your mind, emitting a faintly soporific sensation from its shallow and crystalline depths, a simultaneous attempt at baiting and distracting your mind whilst it awaits tasty morsels of data.

Gunpowder and Firewater diffuse into the background, leaving behind the smug and self-satisfied sensations of one who has somehow won a bet. What bet? Why, that it could win even just a teensy weensy bit of information from you, of course. Even as these sensations are dying down, there's another violent, echoing BANG that once again spills forth smoke. There's the sound of a shattering bottle, and then a faint dripping as the aroma of alcohol evaporates and permeates the air. Behind this veil of smoke and ethanol, the young mind fades sleepily.


The egg was based off the Gunfight at the OK Corral and the mind voice on the smell of gunpowder after a fight and whiskey, the stereotypical drink of the west. The personality of the mind voice, and to a degree the personality, are based on Doc Holliday as depicted in the movie Tombstone. You said that you wanted a dragon with a singular color, and her physical form and coloration are based on a river smoothed yellow agate, including the types of imperfections you might find on such an agate. The name Sakrienth was inspired by Kaliska, which is a Native American name that means 'coyote chasing deer', chosen to match her personality. Hope you enjoy her! :)


Name Wild West Agate Gold Sakrienth
Dam Gold Wiyaneth
Sire Bronze Izelth
Created By Asiree
Impressee Sianne
Hatched July 1, 2006
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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