Meet With Triumph and Disaster Gold Sahazyth

Well-proportioned contours lend a supple elegance despite the bulk of musculature on the frame of this queen dragon, clothing her in an athletic grace. Her form is that of a dancer, lean of flank, broad of chest, her body propelled by powerful haunches and perfectly balanced by her sinuous tail. It’s a deceptive ruse that she is less formidable than she truly is. The gold of her silken hide appears antiqued with the patina of time, a muted amber that veils her blunt muzzle and cascades down her supple neck, the ridges of which are bronzed as though smoke-filmed. A rich topaz cloaks her wide shoulders where her large wings join, membranes of aged parchment webbing her spars, the wingtips barely touched along the edges with inky shades of khol. Shadowed saffron trails across her strong back, dappling sides where gingered honey fades to ancient ivory on her underbelly, the hue there smudged with faint henna markings as though finger-marked by careless handling. Below, as coiled springs, agile and ready for action, the shade of her sinewy limbs are harvest gold at twilight, darkening to near-black on talons tipped by ebon claws.

Love's Timeless Temple Egg

The dome of this egg, appears as pristine white marble, almost translucent it is so pure. Below, pale shades in the hues of a fading sunset’s caress cast shadows that lend a box-like shape to the shell, forming walls in perfect symmetry. Embellished upon them as if inlaid in semi-precious stone, is a scrawled design of jade, sapphire, turquoise and carnelian in a calligraphy of pattern that appears as curlicues and arabesques. It might almost be discerned as words should the beholder be fluent in the language written thereon.

Your Beloved arrives unexpectedly and unsought, with a warmth that steals around your heart. Smile for me? It's a breath of a sigh for your ears only, Oh, you have such nice eyes! What is your name? Where are you from? You are. Different. What is this quality that you have that no one else does? In the silent pause, there is the feeling that someone listens attentively, hanging on your every word until the contact almost skips away as it leaves you behind with a giddy gotta-dance sort of feeling.

Your Beloved laughs, a faint, delighted lilting inside your head, You are back! I missed you so! Come, sit by me, talk to me for awhile. We don't have much time, you know. You are aware of an all-absorbing preoccupation, a single-minded curiosity. It wants to know, What makes you happy? What makes you sad? There is the assurance that your answers are important and will be remembered by the one who asks before the contact abruptly hastens away as if summoned, leaving you with the impression of a fleeting, over-the-shoulder glance back at you.

Your Beloved shares a deep, abiding affection, certain that being here with you is all there is, all that matters, but wants to know, "Are you sure?" There is no further elaboration of that ambiguous question before slipping away, leaving behind the sensation of lips brushing yours, a reluctant sigh for the parting echoing inside your head and the lingering feeling that the time you've spent together was indeed all too short.

Your Beloved welcomes you back with a companionable silence. With complete acceptance and accord, there's no need for words and the minutes stretch, lengthening to hours - or has it been turns? Sealed inside this shell is not the place to be and for a flash you can sense a deep, almost unbearable grief for the separation followed by a more peaceful acceptance and patience. The contact fades with the promise, I'll wait a lifetime to be with you again.

Hatching Message

The walls of Love's Timeless Temple Egg crumble, shards falling in greater numbers until the occupant is set free at long last. The hatchling stands amidst the shards, blinking for a fraction of a second before huffing at them as if to say, "About shardin' time!" Lifting its head at proud angle, it casts a long look around taking a first few stumbling steps towards those figures in white, pausing once to shake-shake-shake a hind foot in an attempt to free of a piece of clinging shell.

Impression Message

With a breath that carries the scent of freshly fallen snow, the heat of the sands no longer burns - in fact your body is caressed with a soothing coolness as the brush of silk reaches your ears only - the words infused with the joy of an aching longing that is now fulfilled « My Briana. My Love. » There's a pause while the name is savored as honey-sweet to the one who speaks it - and the flavor is enough to make your own mouth water as you sense this. Your being is steadily filled with a gentle warmth, but not from the sands. It's the assurance that you are known, murky though your secret shame is, all that you are longing for yet to be fully discovered, you are nevertheless totally and completely accepted, loved and joined to another, never to be alone again. The perfume of tropical blossoms laces her next words « We are together at last. I am your Sahazyth. » A soft growl claims stake to you punctuated by a faint drumbeat of joy « And you are mine. »


As a hatchling, like most young dragons, Sahazyth contains a bright curiosity about the world around her. Inquisitive and consumed with the desire to see, explore, and GO DO! This young lady is not timid in the slightest, and you’ll have your hands full at first as you instill some caution in her, but the pull of adventure will never be something that leaves her. From the shell, the awkward baby-movements hinder her steps but as she grows, though her size is amongst the largest of dragons, her movement on the ground can be described as nothing but sinuous, having a serpentine grace. When she takes to the skies, and finally masters flight, the bulk of her musculature does nothing to hinder her aerial dance with the winds, thanks to her generously wide wings. From her earliest days Sahazyth cannot resist the lure of music. Any and all, she’s not picky. Instrumental or vocal all fascinate her and she’ll urge to you locate its source, come listen with her, perhaps even to the point of cajoling you take lessons so you can hum or sing to her!

Sahazyth is, before all else, your other half, your soul-mate, your champion. There is no one she would rather be with or talk to than you, Briana. Should anyone try to criticize you unjustly, she is quick to bolster you with a bracing defense. « I don’t see it quite that way, she is mistaken. Just toss that in the trash where it belongs. » If you get down on yourself, she’ll put a stop to that countering with an astute counter-view that is not so negative. « Now Briana, you need to stop that. It is non-productive and besides untrue. You are a wonderful person, after all /I/ chose you, didn’t I? » And woe be to anyone who tries to hurt you. Sahazyth, much like the Old Terran mama tigress, will rise to your defense. She’s fiercely protective and possessive and this is focused full-force on you at first, Briana. As her awareness grows, it expands to include her ‘family’ – her clutchmates and later will grow to encompass all of Xanadu Weyr as realizes that this place, her home, is also partially her responsibility to help govern and keep safe.

Not shy in the least, Sahazyth wants to be in the forefront when decisions are being made and new things tired. Leadership is innate to her and although her approach can be unconventional, she values teamwork and respects rank. Independent and bold, she can often be imperious enough to tell her browns and bronze clutchmates exactly what she thinks, yet subtle enough to be diplomatic about it depending on the situation. She is shrewd, not above manipulating, but as a means to an end, not for personal gratification. She might find a kindred spirit with Zhaoth’s desire for a higher purpose, while attempting to temper his over-zealousness so he won’t over-extend himself. Sahazyth is not aloof, but warm with a quick sense of humor and a bright wit, but not at the expense of others. She’ll often stand up for Kagenaith when the others are leading him on, warning him not to fall for their machinations. While she is confident in her own ideals, she is open to the opinions of others, listening with great patience even if she disagrees before offering an alternative. She might be the one dragon able to match wits with Nisuanekhdjieth, engaging on some verbal sparring, all the while really not taken in by his golden-tongued persuasions. She’ll let him spin his schemes before adroitly taking him down a peg or two by questioning his motives.

Sahazyth will revel in the junior management tasks set to you, often watching in through your eyes while you train and later fulfill your Junior’s duties. A keen study of the human psyche, she’ll often nudge your mind, infusing you with confidence as she approves your decisions but adding her own subtle suggestion, tweaking your plans ever so slightly. At first this may be confusing and even a little disconcerting, but as time goes by you will rely on her without realizing it as the pair of you become a unified team. While she will revel in the wing training, she’ll take an intense interest in politics, often pressing you to go look up specific protocols in the records room or seek out the Weyrwoman or Weyrleader with her specific questions.

When Sahazyth begins to glow her mood will, of course change. Her passions will rule, rather than her mind. While she isn’t normally much of a flirt, sensuous and sultry will befall her naturally during these time. Blooding is accomplished with the same single-minded focus that is her nature. Rising in flight as the males give chase, is to her a battle where there can be only one winner: herself.

While Sahazyth is visionary, she’s nonetheless pragmatic in her approach: In her mind, if protocol is written and followed, it is meant to have a certain effect. The intent, therefore, is more important than the letter of the law. She’s fair-minded in her assessment of people, reminding you that your renegade roots did not hinder her choice, neither should it hinder yours when it comes to promotions of others. While she won’t urge you to blindly trust questionable characters, she will often press you to give them a chance to prove their sincerity. Throughout all her being, her expression of belief in you, her love for you is predominate. You are why she exists – she exists because you are.


Sahazyth's voice is the lure of far-off places, from the sun-warmed spice of the tropics, exotic, rich and heady to the cool, fresh scent of eternally snowy peaks that tower in the highest reaches of Pern. Contact with her can be either heady, a sensory overload tasting of curry ginger and saffron or as subtle on the tongue as rosewater and vanilla, depending on her mood. At times, her tone is the haunting flute of longing - at others her mindvoice throbs with the drumbeat of passion, the tempo quickening when agitated or excited. When pleased, the contact is a silken and sensuous, the touch barely brushes your senses with her own delight. Her desire begins with a rich and sultry low-toned purr, modulating to the reed-notes of a shenhai that wriggle-dances enticingly in hypnotic rhythms, tempting response with whispered promises of seduction. The downpour of monsoon rains announces her displeasure, the increased volume in torrential words run rapidly together and crackling with lightening to make her ire known. Uncertainty is the rare raindrop on the desert rock of her indomitable nature, brief in duration and soon to evaporate.


The theme of this clutch was eggs: ancient artifacts, dragons: culture from which the artifact originated. Love’s Timeless Temple egg is based on the Taj Mahal, the tomb built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as a tribute his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal - a tribute to his beloved. Each mind touch of Love'sTimeless Temple Egg reflects the progression of love, from infatuation, the self-centered preoccupation one’s own feelings and physical attraction, the deepening interest in the other person with the blossoming of abiding love, the concern of the other’s happiness above one’s own and finally the commitment to that one above all others, even after the separation of death.

Since the Taj Mahal is located in India, Sahazyth is drawn from that country as well. You asked for powerful, large and an ‘anitque gold’ coloration. With this in mind, I drew from the imagery of Ancient India and things it was famous for in wording her coloring: precious stones, exotic spices, ivory, silken saris, the mysterious veil, henna and khol used for cosmetics. You had also asked for a strong dragon, one which would draw Briana’s hidden strengths to the fore and help instill in her being a sense of pride and belonging. For this reason, I chose Razia Sultan as the inspiration behind Sahazyth’s personality. Razia was the first female monarch of the Delhi Sultanate, India. Her shrewd, strong leadership and her audacious accomplishments have made her the subject of many legends. She is best known for riding an elephant while leading her troops into battle without wearing a face veil. I drew from Razia’s life for Sahazyth’s coloring as well – belly and wings are elements of a battle map, smudged by ink, fingerprints and the smoke from a campfire.

For personality reference:

For partial voicemind reference:

Sahazyth is from the Hindi word sahasika, meaning 'bold'. Pronounced as close to the Hindi as possible it would sound like: SAH ha zayth with the accent on the first syllable, short vowels except for the last, which is long A. But feel free to pronounce it any way you wish.

With this particular clutch ONE sappy dragon can be forgiven, can she not? Sahazyth will provide a little bit of sunshine and light to rain on the parade that is sure to be the darkness of angst that will certainly be your fellow Weyrlings' life for the next turn. So hopefully Pyriel can gag down the rainbows and ponies Sahazyth will provide. XD

Sahazyth was created for you by Thea and the RP tips are written as suggestion only – you are welcome to RP her any way you so choose. Enjoy!

Meet Me


Author: Unknown

Meet me in the shadows of your heart,
The place only you and I know exists.
Take me with you and hold me in your arms.

Meet me in the stars above,
The place the highest goals live.
See the light of love shining in my eyes.

Meet me at the ocean's edge,
The place where the water cleanses.
Take me to a place of absolute purity.

Meet me at the forest's clearing,
The place where the trees part.
Where we are sheltered and safe.

Meet me in the billowy clouds,
The place where heaven and earth touch.
Dance with me in the sky and share our joy.

Meet me on the mountain's peak.
The place where you can breathe deeply.
Inhale my essence and make it yours.

Meet me, my love….
Anywhere, anytime, anyplace.
Share my soul and be one with me.


Name Sahazyth
Dam Seryth
Sire Inimeth
Created By Thea
Impressee Briana
Hatched June 05, 2011
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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