With You in the Dark Blue Saeth

Steel blue fades and blends evenly with lighter hints of blue-grey over the course of this dragon, as though he were plucked from a sky falling to dusk and caught in the last moments before twilight descends. Both hues are woven in a seamless and near to invisible pattern of ripples over his long, lithe body. A touch lanky in limb, a touch lean, he’s of medium size and otherwise well proportioned, balanced with a promise of both speed and strength whether on the ground or in the air. He holds his wedge-shaped head with quiet confidence, the broadness of his eye ridges and muzzle, the bluntness of his short head knobs softened by the muted blues that dominate his sleek form. The effect’s gentle spell breaks over the curve of his ridges, as steel gradually melts to a rich shade of cobalt that is neither vivid nor distracts as it sweeps over the proud arch of his neck and expands out over the back of his wings to evenly coat both sails and wing spars and fade near his lower back to leave his long, slender tail untouched. Toned forelimbs take on the same subtle darkening, shifting to a deep and muted cobalt just beyond his elbows and by the very tip of the curved talons on his feet, darkening to a nighttime shade of royal blue.

Egg Name and Description

Lord of the Castle Egg
Descending from above in a halo of celestial brilliance is none other that this jewel of light. The artist of this picture took meticulous care in illustrating the swirls of new fallen snow within the surreal background of pastel lime and aqua. Traced along the rim of the egg are blossoms of pale gold, dulled down to a mere eye catch as opposed to the usual brashness. Feathery strokes of lavender complete this masterpiece.

Hatching Message

Lord of the Castle Egg trembles violently and with one last good shake, the shell snaps with an audible crack and from the remnants of the shards a muted steel blue Hatchling staggers forwards. He doesn’t fall, but his wings spread out to aid him in gaining his balance as he shakes off the last of the egg clinging to his hide before lifting his head to scan the sea of white in front of him.

Impression Message

Heat and chaos can do much to one’s head. A sensory overload, overwhelming if one is not careful and then in the heart of it all… relief? Was that a cooling breeze that brushed against you? Too swift does it pass that it could almost go unnoticed until it returns again and this time surrounds you in a cocoon, a noticeable breeze brushing over you and surrounding you before slipping into your mind as though it had always been its home. His home, as the voice that reaches to you is distinctly male, soft spoken and gentle. « Bowyn! I knew I’d find you here. » The sands melt away to be replaced by grass and rock, clear pools of water and where the high walls of the hatching cavern once were there are now towering trunks of giant trees older than time itself and covered in a variety of growth and greenery. From the heart of this illusioned forest stands a lanky and awkward looking blue hatchling, but he still stands with a confidence in the faint sunlight. « I’m known as Saeth, Bowyn and you and I have much to do. Maybe you can help me with this hunger? » Forests receded and you’re back on the Sands, though the sound of chaos are still curiously muted as the blue approaches and gently rests his head against your side. Time to step onto a new path in life!


Hii-sama: My prince, are you prepared to learn what fate the stones have foretold you?
Prince Ashitaka: Yes. I was prepared the very moment that I let my arrow fly.

Saeth is very much a follower and this is evident almost from the moment he broke free of his shell and joined Bowyn by her side. While it’s not uncommon for a new hatchling to be so bonded to their weyrling, what makes Saeth unique is that it’s not so much Bowyn he’s choosing to follow — but other dragons! Clutchsiblings or adult dragons, it matters not to Saeth! He wants to spend time with them and may outright copy them like a little shadow which could be both a blessing and a curse; especially if the other part is getting into mischief or engaging in exercises no weyrling dragon should attempt at such a young age! Bowyn may have her hands full trying to get him to focus long enough on tasks if his attention is drawn to what others are doing. If he feels more interest lies over there than where he is with Bowyn, she best be readied to dissuade him (if she can) or chase after him. « I was only curious and wanted to see for myself… » may be a phrase she’ll hear often in those first months.

It’s not that Saeth is seeking trouble. In fact, it’s the farthest thing from the truth! As he grows, it becomes apparent that his need to follow and shadow is the stepping stone to his desire to spend time with other dragons. Saeth has no troubles making friends, proving to be a fairly sociable and amiable blue even though he may not say very much. When most dragons stick close to their riders, Saeth is forming stronger bonds with his kin though expects Bowyn to follow him and his young mind may be baffled and confused if she hesitates or seems hesitant on the idea of ‘friends’ or ‘bonds’. For this reason, Weyrlinghood may either go smoothly or have it’s bumps and hurdles to overcome. Saeth’s ability to appeal to other dragons (and in turn their riders) will make lessons easier for him, especially when it comes to teamwork. Yet he will never forget or put Bowyn aside for she is his partner and he will gently encourage her should she balk or seem less confident. « You and I can do this, Bowyn! I know we can. But we’ll be stronger if we include the others. Just this once. »

Ashitaka's English voice actor Billy Crudup stated that he liked Ashitaka as "an unexpected hero. He’s not your usual wild, brave guy. He’s really just a young, earnest man who’s trying to lead a valuable life and protect his village."

As Saeth grows and the newness of the world begins to fade and his curiosity is sated, he will slowly become more independent. It won’t just happen overnight, but rather a gradual progression and may be noted when he willingly chooses or even suggests that Bowyn join him for solitude. « We should work on our straps, Bowyn. I know a good spot for it. This way! » However, this is not Saeth showing evidence of becoming a reclusive and shut off from others; he remains sociable and continues to show an aptitude for friendliness. He has a knack for drawing others to his side, starting with his clutchsiblings and even extending to a few adult dragons. He’ll become the leader at times, instead of the follower - though he never seems to have a need for control for its own sake. If, however, he feels he has a strong enough purpose or need and requires others or desires others to join him, nothing will stop Saeth in forming his ‘pack’ of trustworthy companions and he’ll often do it with very few words and often through acts of generosity or simple kindness.

Prince Ashitaka: Well, they say that happy women make a happy village.

If he sees a fellow weyrling struggling, it is expected that Saeth will be there to help if he can even if it’s just a few words in passing and should Bowyn question why, she may only receive a mental shrug in return or a soft spoken (if not amused): « Why not? ». Saeth will prove to have quite the cunning and sharp intelligence, being quite in tune with his natural instincts and very confident and assured of himself. There is no task too big or challenging that he doesn’t feel he cannot tackle, so long as: « I have you beside me, Bowyn. » When lessons become more physically demanding, Saeth will leap forwards to face it all head on. Not so much recklessly, but well aware that he is capable and is quietly determined. It is only a matter of how and when and with whom.

Lady Eboshi: What exactly are you here for?
Prince Ashitaka: To see with eyes unclouded by hate.

When he reaches maturity, Saeth will have grown into a loyal and compassionate blue, independent but capable of balancing freedom while still understanding the bonds and ties to family, friends and home. This is something he is fiercely protective of and will seek to encourage and nurture in Bowyn, though he is compassionate and understanding of her needs. He will never force her but rather guide her and patiently help her find that balance in herself, always drawing her back to what is important. « You can trust them, Bowyn. You trust me, don’t you? Try. Then we can see if it is worth pursuing. » Saeth however isn’t against an escape to the wilderness. Even he needs a moment or two of solitude and he may take it upon himself to do so alone and have Bowyn join him, or will allow Bowyn to go while he remains (more or less) at the Weyr. Saeth’s trust in Bowyn will run deeply, and so he will be willing to let her ‘escape’ when she needs. Regardless of the distance, he knows his mind can reach hers, and thus he won’t be as needy as some dragons to always have his rider close at hand. Saeth knows that she will return on her own time, and he can always find and join her.

Prince Ashitaka: [to the crowd] Look, everyone! This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It's eating me alive, and very soon it will kill me!
Prince Ashitaka: Fear and anger only make it grow faster!

With Saeth’s affinity to social bonds, it’s no surprise that he has a strong sense of justice and fairness, able to see both sides of any situation and make weighted decisions. Never one to act in haste, he will always try to seek a neutral stance, even in disagreements between Bowyn and himself, and be methodical in his choices. He can be stubborn if he feels drawn to one conclusion, yet tends to not allow irrational or panicked behavior weigh his choice. And if there is one thing Saeth cannot stand to see, it is injustice to anyone he deems part of his ‘family’ or ‘pack’. While he tolerates teasing and mild taunting in good, light hearted, fun what he doesn’t approve of is needless cruelty. It seems to be one concept that Saeth cannot quite grasp and will often ask for Bowyn to explain (if she can) why people would needlessly hurt one another for selfish and unnecessary means.

Maturity means a time when Saeth will be able to chase in mating flights and it will be obvious from the start that he does not flirt around greens - or any female for that matter - and behaves much like his normal self. That does not mean Saeth will not chase; he will, and is simply forthright about it. He doesn’t show interest except for when the green is close to or already rising, but then he will actively seek her as a potential mate. For him, flights are an instinctual and natural event and it will be a rare time when he doesn’t chase a green should he be available to do so. Because of his approach to flights, Saeth will take losing easily in stride though at some point he may find a ‘special’ green and want to focus on her. In most instances though, once the flight is over he is back to being himself and will not linger long by the green’s side. It’d not be unusual for him to want to seek the wilderness for sometime after a flight — whether he won or loss.

San, The Princess Mononoke: Ashitaka, you mean so much to me, but I can't forgive the humans for what they've done.
Prince Ashitaka: I understand. You'll live in the forest, and I'll help rebuild Irontown.

In the end, Saeth is Bowyn’s ‘friend, family and home’ and in turn her anchor to the Weyr and it’s inhabitants. He is not out to seek to tame her, never having desired to do so from the moment she touched the shell of his egg. Saeth chose Bowyn for her wild nature and loves her for it and he wishes only to see her flourish and grow into a strong, balanced woman and rider. Just as he expects her not to enforce her will on him, he will not do the same in kind and no matter how long it takes for her to find that balance, to gain the trust and confidence she needs, he will be forever faithful and patient. They will not always meet eye to eye, and may butt heads, but Saeth will be her voice of reason in all things. He will help her learn or gain that confidence to interact with other people, to step up to more responsibility and answer to authority and most importantly of all to be sympathetic to others, to open up and allow some trust to build so that she can become a part of a team; to build her own relationships. Saeth is confident beyond a doubt that she is capable of being a functional, balanced adult but still keep some of that feralness to her and he will strive to be sure she reaches her full potential in life.


Monster in the Dark

Saeth’s mind is vast and seemingly endless, the imagery within it perhaps born from memories of Bowyn’s time in the forests, her memories mingled together and reinvented. Shadow cloaked forest paths filled with trees and lush green plants of all shapes and sizes, grand mountains nestled about an azure blue lake, secretive pools beneath the towering roots of giant trees of legendary girth and height - Saeth visits them all, either in solitude or when he wishes to share it with others - especially Bowyn; he’ll take pleasure in having her wander his forests as she has those of Pern.

He tends to favor the imagery of green-shrouded mountains, rearing up towards a sky that can be clear and sunny or overcast and stormy depending on his mood. Where the forests melt away, there’s a simple village of wood and stone hugging the base of the mountains, a clear lake surrounding it. It’s not unlike the many holds found about Pern, yet it still holds an otherworldly feel. Anything might come around the corner of a building - if Saeth permits it. This is his place, under his protection. Despite his favoring of this sense of ‘home’ and ‘family’, he will also be very fond of using the ageless and timeless forests and untamed wilderness to emphasis his thoughts and moods. He is comfortable in them, taking joy in things as simple as a stroll among the dappled sunlight and shadows of a winding and narrow trail, to resting among the trees of a young forest, complete with the scents and sounds one may hear of the local flora and fauna.

Hidden away deep in his mind, by paths only he knows, is what might be thought his greatest secret. It is a ‘place’ he will reserve specially for Bowyn or for those few he (or she) may ever come to trust that fully. Should he ever feel the need to draw her in so deep into his mind, either to offer comfort or to gain her undivided attention, he will lead on to a hidden place deep within the forests of his mind. Here, crystal clear waters lay still in shallow rocky pools, and the sunlight has been forced into narrow beams, blocked out by behemoth trees - not unlike Skybroom, but not quite the same. The trees have massive roots, choked with verdant greenery and they seem - along with this place - to be as old as the world itself.

Saeth is generally a soft spoken blue, his voice distinctly masculine and a touch youthful but with an undertone of wisdom and knowledge. Rarely does he actually speak out in anger; at most his mental tone will firm and adopt a harder edge. He much prefers to reflect his emotions and thoughts through the senses - primarily visual, but he does go by sound and scent as well. In times of reflection or thought, a breeze may stir through the trees and the sound of rustling leaves and branches accompany his voice in a pleasing and perhaps soothing manner. If troubled, he may change the skies and banish the sunlight in favor of mists or rainfall. It’s in anger or upset that his mind can be a terrifying thing — at least to others. That is when the shadows in the deep forests seem to come to life on their own, adopting strange and twisted animalistic forms that are never quite visible but lurk along the fringes and call with eerie voices, vanishing only when Saeth has calmed again.


Egg: The theme for this clutch was ‘Secret Identities’. Lord of the Castle Egg was, as correctly guessed, based on the Beast/Prince Adam from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Placed under a curse for his callous behavior and arrogance towards an enchantress disguised as an old beggar, the Beast is trapped within his secret identity unless he can learn to love and be loved in return by the time the rose he was given blooms on his 21st birthday.

Name: Saeth’s Hatchling name comes in a few twists. We wanted the name to tie into the theme of the egg but also into his inspiration. ‘With You in the Darkness’ comes from splicing a bit of the egg touch poses and a few lines from the Princess Mononoke theme song.

Oh, what is there in a name! Bowyn, you supplied us with the perfect name: Saeth! It had everything you wanted in it, it fit the theme and we loved the simplicity and fluidity of it, so we decided to roll with it. Why fix it if it isn’t broken, after all? And it was just fate when checked to the database to discover that Saeth had not been previously used!

Dragon: As a huge fan of Princess Mononoke and fond memories of it being a large source of inspiration during Animation in College, I could not resist in writing a blue themed on Prince Ashitaka and with other undertones from various bits of the movie. Saeth is certainly a blend of Ashitaka, with additions from Soriana from ‘Wolf’ totem traits (mainly the deep connection to ‘pack’, loyalty and compassion, etc). Even his mind description is themed largely around the world from the film, including Iron Town/Tatara Ban and the Forest of Shishi Gami (Forest God), with the darker elements (hence why the mind name is still ‘Monster in the Dark’) reflecting the corrupted gods and the shadowy animal tribes, as well as the curse laid on Ashitaka and fed by negative emotions such as anger. Spliced through all of this are traits you wrote in your application and survey and voila: Saeth was born!

Credits: Saeth is the product of a collaborative effort by Sorrin, Kiena and Soriana. Sorrin is the creative mind behind his egg and the egg touches, while Kiena and Soriana wrote and tweaked Saeth as a whole. It was a blast and pleasure to create a lifemate for you and for Bowyn to grow with! While we hope he was what you were looking for, keep in mind that he is yours to play as you see fit! All these notes are just guidelines!

Welcome to Weyrlinghood at Xanadu and Congratulations! — Sorrin, Kiena and Soriana


Name Saeth
Dam Gold Luraoth
Sire Bronze Sharuth
Created By Egg by Sorrin, Saeth by Kiena and Soriana
Impressee Bowyn
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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