Untamed Weatherbeaten Heroism Brown Saenkarith

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Like rain-drenched soil after a heavy rainstorm, tenebrous earthy tones of chocolate and molasses cling thirstily to this hatchling's hide; somber hues of umber brown that mirrors his lean, serpentine frame, capturing each slight curve of shoulder and flank in vivid detail of swarthy syrup-brown shadows. Hints of lighter brown, flickers of cinnamon and topaz can be seen along his lower jaws, wisps of color that streak down along his lower belly. Fawn touches along the near iridescence of his large narrow wings. Almost resembling a convoluted curvature of a dragon, this is especially noticeable along his neck, which appears just a little bit longer than usual, or along his tail; once again long and sinuous. His head appears longer and slightly narrower than most dragons would, and there's an angular awkwardness to his limbs; definitely more flexuous than the norm. Despite the loamy dark chocolaty brown that coats silky-soft hide, his lithe frame is not hidden in the darker contrast of his coloration. He's whipcord-lean, and yet there clings to him a certain aura; one of easily movement, and meandrous grace.

Egg Name and Description

Grid of Magic Egg
At first glance, this medium-sized egg is cream based, covered by a black grid of asymmetrical straight lines, arranged into various poloygon shapes. Upon closer inspection, the most noticeable feature is human profile, formed by extra shadows, that appears superimposed. Comprising of shoulders to the fulcrum, the profile abruptly cuts off before the nose begins. The lips, set in a wry grin, are shaded beneath the grid by soft red. The red splotch drags from the lips to the back of the profile, and seeps out from the bounds before fading into the cream. Other pale splotches are placed randomly about the egg - none near this prominent shape: a pair of wide open green eyes, a tiny heart, a pile of dark gray bones, an apple with an arrow through the center, a snarling feline face, a clock, a blue and green planet. Finally, the only bright color upon the egg is flame which rises from the bottom and licks a quarter of the egg. Within the flames, a crumbling bridge is barely distinguishable.

Hatching Message

The Grid of Magic Egg sparkles, can't you see? Or at least that's the impression that the sand gives, clinging to the now wildly shaking egg: tiny dark diamonds glinting off the shell. Out! Whoever lies coiled within the shell wishes to be free. There are things to do, places to go, people to help. Enough dilly-dallying. With a loud crack, the shell shatters, releasing a dark brown, his hide still wet with egg fluids onto the sands.

Impression Message

The heat of the sands has wreaked havoc on many scents, but yours is especially noticeable. Whirling, hungry eyes meet yours. All at once, a rush of haunting, unintelligible whispers assaults your mind, demanding and abrasive. « Rendre.» A deep voice draws out the name. The whispers quiet, and in the silence, the voice speaks again, tinged with a loving disgust. « You are adequate. We have much work to do. » Another pause as the dragon adjusts his posture. « I am Sankaerith. You will feed me now. »


Saenkarith would like to be a hero. How he came upon this ambition would be difficult to pinpoint. But the fact remains that he learned about heroes. He will constantly want to hear stories about heroes, and just as constantly he will come up with another scheme to put himself in the spotlight - a spotlight where he can shine. He is likely to insist you get involved in renegade infiltration or hunting. He lives for excitement and, of course, the ladies that come with it. You presented him with a challenge, and you are now his to attempt to shape as he pleases. In time you will become partners, once you become motivated. Saenkarith shoots for the stars. He is personally affronted by many things you. However, should anyone question your ability or insult you, he will be the quickest to leap to your defense. He will not tolerate laziness - he will deal with it He is the sort of dragon who would do well telling others what to do. The weyrlingmasters job is to turn weyrlings into riders. With you, he takes this to a new level. Failure is a horrible, nasty word to him, and he will always be quick to learn and even quicker to be the correct others who are wrong - diplomatically. He dislikes rudeness, and is very refined. He has excellent taste in what you wear and how you present the two of you. He has a loving disapproval and love for who you are: 'A boy with no dress sense whatsoever, who usually goes around looking like a mobile garbage dump.' He will attempt to change this. He may or may not succeed.

Saenkarith wants to be in charge. He has strong ambitions, however he is so refined that he will not out and out admit that he can do things better. From the very beginning he will be very capable and adaptable. The only problems you will have in the first few weeks and months will be with controlling his mind, which will tend to go wild and broadcast to all present. His mind is a daunting thing: at times abrasive, but can be described as a great and terrible beauty. It is not a pretty, dainty mind. Always reeling with a thought that crossed his mind - never a stupid thought - or an image he saw - or even a rumor he wishes to have dispelled. He will also be your personal trainer and cheerleader. You are his challenge, his to mold and work out. He may sometimes claim it was only accident that brought the two of you together, but that will be far in the future, when the two of you are settled and have found more in common than you might've thought you had before.

Why Rendre? In you, Saenkarith has found someone he can shape and mold to his desires. You are so lazy, nasty, and all-around horrible that he, in a way, took pity. It will be a hot time *Between* before he admits this, however. He has found a streak of obstinacy in you that will rival his own, once he challenges you to change. And you will, to some degree. He came out of the shell looking for a partner - whether it be in crime or otherwise, he is looking for success and you provide an interesting means to find this success.


A Rush of Haunting Whispers
The mind of Saenkarith can be summed up by the word dynamic. Silent, yet exploding with noise. Black, yet colorful as a rainbow. When Saenkarith speaks, you will /know/. He uses every sense to its fullest value. Noise, taste, feel, vision, smell. If he is unhappy or POed you may find yourself with headaches, for he uses pressure at these times - cold pressure, meant to push away. His colors range from bright to very muted, and tend to be earth hues and sometimes a rainbow. His voice is a rush of haunting, unintelligible whispers underneath deep, resonating bass tones. When he is on emotional overload, the voice begins to hiss. Smell and taste he uses only when necessary - but his favorite scent is fresh, new morning, and extremely cold water.


Name Untamed Weatherbeaten Heroism Brown Saenkarith
Dam Winged Goddess Gold Isisth
Sire Glistening Quicksilver Bronze Aevisaanth
Created By Nenya and Lonriya
Impressee Rendre (Re're)
Hatched October 9, 2004
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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