Basking Under Distant Stars Bronze Saburath

Bronze has molten by an explosion of luminous plasma and polished by cosmic winds with coppery dust, all to leave this dragon's hide gleaming a rich reddish hue from the tip of his muzzle all the way to his forked tail. Sweeping headknobs of pale brass hold a symmetry of field, balanced by the aquiline shape of his muzzle and chin. His eye-ridges glimmer with a faint sparkle of cosmic dust, as do his pronounced cheeks and jawline. His arched neck leads to the broad, barrel-like chest and square, strong shoulders of a powerful frame. Rich cinnabar pebbles across his back like a field of scattered asteroids or the bright hues of an unknown constellation against the copper that is his background radiation. His burly chest is crossed by mottled ribbons of rust and orange smoke, swirling and twirling like a massive storm forever raging. Amidst the chaos of their pattern is a red spot, sometimes clearly visible and at other times appearing to contract to near nothing, depending on… the lighting, perhaps, or this dragon's stance. Sturdy, well-muscled limbs lead down to paws dimmed to ochre beneath the shadow of his bulk but well-capable of carrying him around - as are his wings, whose powerful sweep is streaked with amber comets. Near his body, there's only a few, but soon there are swarms of them, entire showers of meteors until the entire sky is alight at his pale and lustrous wingtips. The pattern of those golden lights may be confusing with his wings folded, but when those mighty sails are fully extended, it's clear an entire galaxy of falling stars has aligned to light his way.

Infinite Possibilities Egg

The shell of this ecto-green egg seems to pulse with some inner light, like a heartbeat summoning the unwary. A shimmer tugs your gaze to it, like a heat haze on a hot day, expanding across the rounded curve to make the egg 'grow' slowly right in front of your eyes. If you were to blink or look away from the ominous egg for even a split second, you'd swear it was a little taller and wider with each energy sapping tremor, til it would appear to be as tall as the cavern it resides in. Larger than life! But from one moment to the next, maybe a shadow passed across your vision, the egg shrinks back to normal size. It's quite innocent really. Not an ancient evil entity manipulating weak minds at all.

Dreams of Decadant Destruction drifts to awareness, encroaching ever onward. A shadow shall fall over the universe, evil will grow in it's path, and death shall rain down from the skies. Do not try to escape, you are in my control. Look at me, I am the sum of all evils. My power infests all times, all galaxies, all dimensions. But many still seek me out, a jewel they must possess. See how I destroy their lives, corrupt their greed into something deadly and glorious. Consume worlds and leave them as dust on solar winds in an instant. Or wait patiently through the slowly decaying civilizations. This is your first lesson, young one. My evil corrupts the most innocent. You will be no different, you possess powers you do not yet understand, and they will twist to my whims. In time. Look again, if you dare, look deep within.

Dreams of Decadant Destruction demands your devotion, and suffering. In some worlds, I'm worshipped as God! Even when someone has the strength to discard me, my power is not diminished. Someone always finds me. Very few escape my grasp. Even in death, my powers continue. From one war to another, my influence is always present. Whispers of rebellion reach a tyrant's ears, and a fist crushes the starving masses. The paltry armies of the universe, are but playthings to me. These stories are almost over, but there is enough time to claim you, because you are the future that could destroy my dark influence. With your death, I could break the chain for all time. See my evil destroy your race, then prepare to die. Do not sacrifice yourself, you cannot destroy me. Is your spirit pure enough to withstand ageless evil? Are you brave enough to peer into these depths one final time?

Dreams of Decadant Destruction is dismayed by the intense courage and bravery of your spirit. What?! This cannot be! Maybe you are not corruptible afterall. A great strength lies hidden within yourself. Perhaps…yes. A partnership between us instead. The spirit of infinite time transfers across the universe to a new defender, and the power of evil is contained for coming generations. The light of hope and love piercing the veil of shadows. Another champion is born to protect the weak and the innocent. To defend, this is the pact, but when life loses it's value, and is taken for naught, then the pact is…to avenge…together.

Wobble Message

Infinite Possibilities Egg grows weary with waiting to be found by some passer-by. A tremor from the hatchling within causes the shell to ripple in an expanding circle, bulging so that the egg seems to swell then withdraw, as if it was shrinking right before your eyes. A few brief moment of stillness, long enough for several breaths, and then the egg lurches in place as if the occupant is throwing some weight around in there. Infinite Possibilities Egg tips over a few inches, stops, then a few more inches send it rocking gently onto its side and succeeding in coating most of its sinister radioactive green shell with gritty sand. A sedate calm settles over the egg, no longer rocking or wobbling. Now is the time for patience… and maybe a quick nap.

Crack Message

Infinite Possibilities Egg has considered many options and a decision has been made. An internal struggle causes an audible crack and tiny thread like veins begin to stretch around the gently curved shell. A few jittery bumps from the scuffling hatchling trapped inside and larger cracks branch out, one portion of the shell bulging out as more tiny crevices spread over onward. The pressure recedes and the egg goes still, not for long though. In a sudden burst of motion the shell parts just a bit more and light flashes from a goo covered snout, but can't quite breach its confines and is forced back to stillness once more.

Hatching Message

Infinite Possibilities Egg doesn't spend too much time resting, not when freedom is so close. In a surprise attack, the shell once more bulges, shards parting as the young one inside struggles against the harden walls of the vivid green shell. The determined hatchling trudges on though as his head punches through to freedom. With a large flake of shell stuck to his head, and the rest of him still confined, there's only one thing to do. Retreat! The bit of shell drops back into place as the head vanishes from sight. It's not the end of this little one though, oh no. As if there was room to take a running start inside Infinite Possibilities Egg, it shatters with a goo flinging explosion of green fragments that alert everyone of the shell-break.

Impression Message

The reflections of light on the sand shudder away into a field of stars all around you, taking you light-years away. « So much searching. » You're not alone here, in this place where the galaxies swirl in their vast patterns. You can float here in this space and never be cold, for there is a powerful warmth here with you. « So much searching, but I have found you. Together… » That very idea - together! - is one that merits joyous laughter, a fluting song of pleasure. « Together, we will search for more. » A cosmic wind ruffles through your hair, exploring the features of your face with a gentle touch and the soft scent of cherry blossoms. « I am Saburath. I am with you. » The stars remain, but they recede enough to show the physical world once more, the hatching sands and the young dragons of his clutch. « They are hungry. » And so is he - you can feel the yawning gulf of his stomach beneath his concern for the others. « Where is food? »


A noble beast is Saburath, born of an ancient line and with a great purpose. Dragons were made to fight thread, but more than that: dragons were made to bridge the distance between the ground and the stars.

Thread is gone now. Some still look to those stars, no longer with dread and duty but instead a sense of joy and wonder. Saburath knows that the universe is a wonderful place, but he also senses a darkness in it. Not all is right with the world - not everyone is as kind and honorable as they should be.

He felt that even in his egg, and his sense of purpose will begin to shape him while he's still figuring out how his legs work and what it means when his tummy rumbles. He may run to the rescue of a clutchmate who's stubbed their toe, only to trip and fall head over heels himself - or ask uncomfortable questions about where his meat comes from. He might even be the first dragon in history to consider turning vegetarian!

Saburath will grow past those hatchling fumbles into a creature both confident and powerful. He is the stalwart defender, always ready to interpose himself for the sake of the weak and oppressed. He is gentle to those who need his aid, but those who are cruel or harsh to others will anger him beyond all measure.

Once he realizes that his lessons are meant to make him stronger and more capable, he'll apply himself to them earnestly. He was born with the heart of a hero, and he'll work hard for the rest. He'll ask and expect the same of you, because he knows that the world needs a hero - and that there will always be more work to be done. People will always need saving, but he is willing - nay, eager - to rise to the challenge.

Saburath doesn't believe in easy answers or turning his back on problems. He may work himself - and you - to exhaustion, unwilling to give up while he still thinks he can help.

In time, he'll learn to pick and choose his battles and sometimes leave things be… though he may never be happy about it. He wants to help everyone! But eventually, he'll come to understand that he can't, and that some things are more important than others… though you may sometimes still need to remind him of his - and your - limits.

He doesn't believe in 'good enough', but Saburath forgives failure easily so long as the attempt was honest and the motives pure. If someone was hurt by that failure, he'll want to see them aided and apologies made, but he knows the world is imperfect and so are the people in it. Saburath demands people do their best… but he knows it won't be perfect. He'll just keep fighting, every day, to make it better. Mistakes happen - but you have to learn from them!

When he's not in his role of self-appointed champion, he can be somewhat reserved - it may seem he's at something of a loss for how to interact when he's neither protector nor adversary. He tends to be polite but distant, slow to reveal his inner feelings and admit to his own desires, and may well need your encouragement to make friends.

Given his natural reserve - and his steadfast adherence to principles - Saburath may never be popular with his peers. Those friends he does have will find him warm and loving, affectionate and full of encouragement for them to rise to the same high standards he keeps for himself and you.

He may take an interest in your own friends and lovers, listening in on your interactions with them and trying - in his own way - to help them with their problems. His attempts may not always be the most appropriate - a tree-branch has less in common with a bouquet of flowers than it might seem - but his heart is pure and his execution may well improve with time and observation.

Saburath enjoys flying, stretching his wings and letting the air carry him - and he also appreciates the vantage it gives him to see what's going on below. Similarly, he'll enjoy perching on cliffs and other high points that let him look toward the heavens - and keep an eye on what's happening so he knows if he has to come diving to the rescue.

When it comes to a different kind of flights, he'll wholeheartedly seek to prove his worth to a glowing green or gold lady - but he's chivalrous as well as eager, chasing but never attacking the other males. He's not prone to feats of agility in the air, relying instead on his strength and stamina. Win or lose, he'll be satisfied so long as he knows he did his best.

If he does manage to win a gold's flight, he'll be a faithful aid to her on the sands - though he may question the worth of some candidates. Are they true and noble enough to merit the innocent young dragons who will hatch from his eggs? Will they carry forth their duties with pride and honor? Once his offspring have chosen their lifemates, he'll still be willing to offer them the shelter of his wings - but he'll also encourage them to stretch their own and to find their own special ways to make the world a better place.

Saburath chose you because he felt the strength of your dreams. He knows the world is vast, both wonderful and terrible, and he knows your vision is lofty and that you are capable of so very much. Together, you can work to make the world a better place.


In Saburath's mind, it is always night. The universe of his inner psyche is made of stars, an ever-expanding cosmos of all the colors from dull red to bright blue-white. Scattered among them are the rocks of planets and asteroids, places for you and he to explore. In among them is a wandering rogue, that ancient asteroid that once rained death on Pern. When he's in a good mood, the Red Star is distant, but when he's worried or upset it looms closer, a menace in his mindscape until the problem is resolved and things are right once more.

The planetoid he most tends to inhabit is a small garden, simple in form but carefully tended. The grass is soft, brightly green and scattered with leaves fallen from the lone cherry tree in patterns as seemingly random as the stars overhead. There's a series of stepping stones, pale granite that leads in from the edge of the sky to the small thatched-roof teahouse. The entrance is low, the furnishings humble but made with loving care. The implements are always ready - the bowl and whisk, the pot of water heated in preparation. There are no seats in the teahouse, but just outside is bench from which to contemplate the garden or the sky. It's made of maple wood, simply designed and worn by use into contoured comfort.

The scent of green tea and cherry blossoms will often be the touch of Saburath's mind to others, carried on a gentle breeze that whispers through the leaves or brings the faint melody of a distant bamboo flute against the backdrop of a night sky. When he's upset or angry, that breeze can become a roaring gale, a windstorm that makes branches creak and buildings groan.


NAME: Saburath's name comes from saburau, the original Japanese word for samurai. Like his namesake, he is a noble champion with a code of honor he lives by.

EGG: He came from Infinite Possibilities egg, which is based off of the Loc-Nar from the 1981 animated film Heavy Metal. The mind touches are the Loc-Nar’s perspective.

Infinite Possibilities Egg was written by Kera, and Saburath was written by Kera and Soriana. We hope you'll enjoy him, but remember - everything here is just a suggestion that you can alter according to what works for for. Congratulations!


Name Saburath
Dam Kairoikyriath
Sire Zeruth
Created By Soriana and Kera
Impressee E'tan
Hatched September 26, 2014
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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