Lost in Nature Bronze Ryunth

Moonglow touched bronze trickles down the muzzle of this gigantic fellow. His head is covered in shaded pattersn of midnight bronze. Speckles of gold petals dance over his head and down his proudly arched neck. Dark bronze and faint pinpricks of bone slide from neck to shoulders. Shoulders are plain and dark bronze, but huge and powerful as well. Back and haunches lighten somewhat, to a more brassy bronze. Streaks of faint lightning peruse the gently sloped backside of this giant. Wings, great strong copper wings spread like silk from his great bronze shoulders, gleaming and shining like new metalwork. Legs and tail lighten up to the color of a new penny. Ridges of tarnished bronze slip smoothly down from his neck to cross his back and then melt down his tail, dissappearing as his tail spade forms.

*Lineart by Rogawani

Egg Name and Description

But Where's The Rum Gone! Egg

Hatching Message

But Where's The Rum Gone! Egg falls still and then suddenly the liquid bronze and gold surface shows signs of stress. A moment later, the egg shatters and sends sharp shards of egg shell flying out at the candidates.

Impression Message

Lost In Nature Dragonet is instantly on its feet. Fluid and graceful. And Gigantic. Only that much can be told from the darkness that enshrouds it like a cloak. Pausing for a moment, the giant arches its long neack and large head towards the candidates. This is for real. Let us see who is Desireable within this Group.

Lost In Nature Dragonet gracefully floats like a shadow through the darkness, heading slowly and carefully towards those white robed figures. Only to be seen as a giant, the gentle dragonet, larger than siblings he is, steps into the light.

Lost In Nature Bronze Dragonet would be insulted if no one thought he was a bronze. Only golds get as big as he is. Pausing a moment, he start to rifle through the midns of candidates until…he finds him. Thou Perfect One.

All sight and sound of the chaotic scene on the sands fade. A soft warm light touches your mind gently. « T'bear. » Comes a warm voice touched with sunlight and rain. « I am Ryunth. » Dew and mint mix briefly. « We shall decorate the skies together and embellish the Weyr. »

Dragon Name

Ryun literally means "little king". It is an Irish name that was used for many years as a last name. I picked it both for the meaning of the name. I picked it both for the meaning of the name plus the way Ryunth just rolls off your tongue. Plus! It's Irish, thus the basis of its appeal.




Name Lost in Nature Bronze Ryunth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By T'ea
Impressee Tabearin
Hatched April 25, 2004
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

*Art by Lahela

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