Curious and Clever Moody Blue Ryukith

It's as if the clouds themselves have unleashed a torrent of elemental fury to forge the shimmering and shifting liquid blue hide of this sturdy hatching. Drenched from the top down, his cerulean head and face coloration drips down his neck into a darker blended midnight blue chest and belly. The storm slows to a soaking drizzle on his legs and tail, as the pigment lightens to a steely blue-grey suggestive of an overcast and moody sky. His deep-set eyes are darker still underneath, where thickening shades of the nimbus blue lend a somewhat brooding intensity to his thoughtful gaze. The leading edges of his sleek wingsails match the dimly filtered blue sky after the storm has passed, and the color runs in rivulets slowly down his wings, lightening first to sky blue and then simply fading to a hazy blur at the trailing edges like the shimmering of a far off mirage.

Egg Name and Description


Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg
Small and green - that's the basic premise of this egg. Looking closer, though, reveals some more details than originally thought. The shell of the egg is crossed with interwoven pale lines, weaving back and forth like the veins on a leaf. Tiny white globes are decorated around the apex of the egg, like a wreath around the top.

Hatching Message

The Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg shudders suddenly, working itself slowly left and right. It manages to root itself more deeply in the sand for the moment. The increased pressure of the surrounding sand encourages it to a reluctant stillness once again.

The Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg rolls to reveal a long crack already beginning on its underside, as if the occupant within has been slowly working his way out for some time. The crack lengthens but the egg, for now, remains whole. It seems that mutually beneficial relationship will last a bit longer.

A loud and brittle ~-crack-~ is heard as the The Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg finally gives in. A jagged hole appears and through that arrives a single talon, as if the occupant is still reluctant to reveal itself. However, this occasion cannot be stopped and the hatchlings own movements and another quick roll conspire to reveal the dragonette at last!

Impression Message

A sharply intelligent presence makes itself known to you. It finds you unerringly, as one might find a missing puzzle piece. For a moment it sounds like there's a single, clear, unmistakable bell ringing softly in your head. No, it must be the heat and an overactive imagination. The questing mind links itself inexorably, inseparably, and unequivocally to yours. « I have found you, Delynni. You are my questions and my answers. We will solve this life, together, now and always. You may tell them my name is Ryukith, but you and I know better.»


Your dragon is based on a very rich and involving character in his own right. However, it's important to remember that he is at his core a dragon. All dragons have a sense of duty, still deeply ingrained from their Threadfighting days, as well as a love for humanity. In cases where basic dragonic characteristics conflict with his character theme, the dragon characteristics win through. That being said, there are some fun aspects of the character L which you might want to include in your RP. The first of these is the fact that your dragon may very well have a REAL and SECRET name, as well as his public ALIAS (Ryukith). I might suggest a secret name of Awlieth, which is L's birth name minus the L — but that choice is entirely up to you. Secondly, L has a well known love of sweet things, and a tendency to crouch, rather than sit — so these are some ways you can uniquely express his theme if you wish. lastly, his flying style might be fluid and dance-like similar to L's fighting style, which has been likened to the dance-like Brazilian martial arts style of Capoeira. Again, it's entirely up to you if you want to use these suggestions. Enjoy your complex, intelligent and vibrant dragon!


Flitting and Floating
This mind is constantly moving. This dragon's mind never stops. A continual barrage of colors and sights and sounds, it's enough to drive a rider mad, unless they can learn to block most of it out. The only time this mind is quiet is when it's asleep. And then, it is silent. This is one dragon who seldom gets lost in dreams. There's too much to be done in the real world.

Flitting and Floating bounds out to meet you with a shocking barrage of colors and sounds. Of course, being an egg, these are limited. The colors are more like those colors you can more sense than see, like closing your eyes after looking at a sunset. The mind is forever moving, never stopping, chaotic and frenzied.

Flitting and Floating does not slow down or pause in its barrage of questions and feelings. Nothing voiced, of course, but it wants to know everything now right now and its excited and sad and nervous and scared and hungry and all the emotions it's gleaned from other people around the eggs and it wants to know everything everything everything NOW!

Flitting and Floating suddenly halts. It's such an abrupt departure it's unnerving. The mind is gone, suddenly vanished.


Your dragon and egg were both crafted by A'ven. The egg (Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg) was based off the mistletoe plant. This evergreen is bright and colorful even in the winter, and so has long been cultivated as a sign of eternal renewal. The Hatchling was based on the character L. from the Japanese Manga series Deathnote — the clever, secretive, and thoughtful detective that never reveals his true name, or his true nature. In keeping with the clutch theme, your dragon also includes some of the animal characteristics of a black panther, lithe, secretive, controlled, and brooding.


Name Curious and Clever Moody Blue Ryukith
Dam Gold Elisith
Sire Bronze Redwalth
Created By A'ven
Impressee Delynni
Hatched October 12, 2008
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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