Moonlit Forest Green Rysith

A huntress through and through, this large green's svelte form has been refined and built in such a way to give her the near ideal image of agilness and quickness that her color often boasts. Olive and camo greens merge together across her blunt muzzle and rounded head, the darker of the hues blending in along her short, wide head knobs. Soft shadows and hightlights twine across her back and ridges, creating an effect much like moonlight streaming through the leaves in a thick, lush forest. Dark green shadows of hunter green and emerald, nearly black in some places, dance with murky grass greens that gently caress the smooth curve of her muscled chest and lithe sides while forest green hues flow down the proud arched curve of her neck to her muscular flanks. Soft silvery-green hightlights appear and disappear with the movement of light across her smooth hide, giving more credence to the illusion of shaded leaves blowing in a soft breeze or she being born from the forest itself. Even her wings are touched with the intermingled play of light and shadow, the soft translucent wingsails swirled with light silvery jades and spring greens.

Egg Name and Description

Heavenly Honeydew Egg
Descending from above in a halo of celestial brilliance is none other that this jewel of light. The artist of this picture took meticulous care in illustrating the swirls of new fallen snow within the surreal background of pastel lime and aqua. Traced along the rim of the egg are blossoms of pale gold, dulled down to a mere eye catch as opposed to the usual brashness. Feathery strokes of lavender complete this masterpiece.

Hatching Message

The Heavenly Honeydew Egg decides to release it's prisoner. It shatters in a dozen pieces from the force within, the shards flying all over the sands.

Impression Message

A creeping darkness crawls into your mind, swirling about for a few moments, almost appearing to stalk your senses for a few moments before suddenly it pounces on you full force and a gruff, deep voice calls into your mind, « I am HUNGRY! » The swirls stalk a moment more and then the voice softens just slightly, « I am Rysith and I have hunted and caught you. You are mine and I need to eat! ».


This green is a true huntress. She'd much rather be out searching for her meals than raiding the local feeding grounds. She's also very demanding and temperamental. Watch out for this one, she's fierce and quick to anger.

As a young dragonet, Rysith is very playful. She plays like a kitten plays with a toy mouse, in preparation for the time when she will need to hunt on her own. She will always let you know when shes hungry, itchy, or has any other need, and in a rather loud voice. As she grows in age, she grows in wisdom, and becomes less childish in her demands. This doesn't mean shes any less demanding, however. She can be quite critical, especially of those she holds in high regard.


Tactless Swirls of Gruffness

True to her nature, this greens mindvoice is deep and gruff. She has little use for tact, so be careful what you say around her. She's always quick to speak her mind.


Rysith is based off Artemis, goddess of the hunt, wild animals, women and childbirth.


Name Rysith
Dam Gold Braxith
Sire Bronze Willowith
Created By Domuta
Impressee Anoryn
Hatched July 15, 2001
Western Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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