Dances With Death in her Heart Green Ruesireneth

Small, slender in limb and aquiline in build she is the paled color of jade and seafoam, the two hues washing over her form in rippling waves. Her dainty features of her narrow head are accentuated with hints of ghostly emerald that course up and over her sweeping head knobs to the curved ridges lining the arch of her neck and down the length of her back and long, whip-cord tail. Wings, also long and narrow are balanced to her size and are dappled with hints of pastel mint and spring greens. She moves with a flowing grace, as though always with a dance hidden in her steps.

Hatching Message

Dare to Gain an Immortal Soul Egg continues to rock and sway more impatiently and needy now though the cracks are so slow at widening that one has to wonder if the being inside is not struggling to surface. At last, a large shard breaks away and a tiny and dainty pale jade and sea colored green wriggles herself free to stretch out on the Sands. She made it! With a cry that is no more than a whisper among the deafening sounds of the hatching, she shakes her wings dry and moves forwards, slow and awkward at first, only to gain momentum once she gains confidence. She knows where she must go!

Impression Message

Damari stands with her younger sister Arika, quiet even now as the Hatching unfolds around them. The Xanadu resident and senior apprentice weavercrafter can't seem to focus on one thing, her gray eyes are wide with wonder and awe and for that reason the pale and dainty Dances With Death in her Heart Green Hatchling
all but sneaks up on the pretty young woman. "Ruesireneth?" Damari exclaims breathlessly, darting a quick look to her younger sister before swiftly moving forwards to wrap her arms around the small green hatchling, who now finds her voice and warbles in happiness and sheer joy and relief as she leans heavily against her chosen, almost pushing Damari to the sands. "Of course you found me!" the young woman says, laughing and overjoyed. "We'll help each other now. Come on, lets get you some food so you can rest!"


Name Ruesireneth
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By Kiena
Impressee Damari
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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