Rite of Spring Green Romasseth

The passage of seasons is reflected across a mirrored surface of luminescent emerald; the verdant tones still touched lightly with the pale snows of winter's solstice that dominate the tones of this hatchling's hide. The lightest hues of green; frosted sage glisten across a well-rounded, gentle fingers of misty pine trailing over plump hips and over a short tail. Grassy green, the color of grass shoots just peeping through the melting snow leaves a dappled pattern across the pale quasi-translucent membrane of dainty wingsails. Flawless dragonhide, complete in perfection of the marbled blend of the soft pale hues of springtime's dawning, encase about a petite, dainty frame, with soft curves of shoulders and the gentle swell of her haunches down to that delicate little tail. Set well on gently curving neck, her wedge-shaped head appears just a little shorter, but no less refined than the rest of her; large exquisite eyes set beneath lovely eyeridges. Her headknobs, small, dainty and refined are set perfectly along the crest of her skull, the sweep of elegant neckridges marking a perfect row down her poll and along the crest of her neck. An ethereal aura clings to her; a promise of grace and dignity embodied in dragonform.

Egg Name and Description

Recipe For Romance Egg
The base of this large egg is baked yellow. Around the center is a wide, uneven strip of cream, swirled and soft. Above the strip, the yellow is cake textured. Below, it becomes waving cotton. From the top of the egg, sweet pea green flows down in drizzles. The apex of the egg is decorated with a six-pointed star, each point colored with a rainbow color and mottled evenly with black dots. Scattered about the green drizzles are rain droplets. The lowest part of the egg is grass green, blades noticeably large. The yellow is hemmed high, curving freely as though being blown. Little brown, black, red, and blue splotches are hidden here and there in the green, shaped like birds.

Hatching Message

The yellow base of the Recipe For Romance Egg begins to bow from the pressures within. It quickly expands up into the cream and pea-green, spreading the fissions already creeping across the egg. With one final explosive push, the shards break away and begin raining down onto the mound of sand right below.

Impression Message

As the heat of the sands reaches the unbearable point, you feel a hint of breeze stirring to cool your steaming brow. The gentle airy tones of a flute drift on the breeze and soothe away the aches in your body, leaving you suddenly brightly invigorated. « Airen? » A mischievous voice calls, with peals of teal laughter. « Airen, why do you linger on these sands? » The breeze shifts from the physical to a purely mental touch as you meet the eyes of a green hatchling. « Hello, Airen. I am Romasseth. May we eat now? I'm ever so hungry. You should rest for you seem tired. » And you know you will never be alone again.


Something about you has drawn Romasseth to you. Some spark of greatness that only she sees and which pulls at the very harp strings of her heart, to wring out a soulful song of perfection. Why even when in the shell you angered her, still she felt the pull to be with you, and keep you safe and close always. Without you, her life is lessened.


Hazy Orchestral Winds
Her mind is a complex symphony of sound and color, with the range of a maestro. When loving and joyful, she ranges in the mezzo-soprano range, light and airy as a gentle breeze stroking harp strings. Lust or mischief sends her down to the contralto range of a well-tuned clarinet. Anger or fear take on the brassy full body of the oboe and causes her voice to seem to squawk. The colors and textures of her touch are varied and eccentric. Examples are neon green, magenta, and cyan. All bold strange colors with a knobby or ribbed feel to them. Somewhat unusual, she has no signature scent to her thoughts, consisting only on sound, color and touch.


Name Rite of Spring Green Romasseth
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Aevisaanth
Created By Nenya, Kathryn
Impressee Airen
Hatched October 9, 2004
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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