Antique Promises to Keep Gold Risabeth
This candlelight-warm gold is built in long lines, from her slim muzzle, to her well turned out limbs, broad shoulders, narrow hips and slender tail. However, when this could easily make her bulky, her frame remains delicate, her paws small and tipped with fine, starlight-white claws, her ridges soft, unassuming curves. With hide the colour of a warm flame, brighter highlights of copper mingle with richer roseate hue and dapple down the line of her throat, sweeping all the way past her rib-cage to thin flanks and almost to the very end of her tail. The shimmer to her rose-gold colouring helps create a sense of litheness of figure and steadiness of step, and though the former may be plain to see, the latter is certainly a helpful illusion. There is a quiet, watchful intelligence in her bronze-smudged eyes, softened by the manner in which she carries herself.

Egg Name and Description

Pegasus' Treasure Egg
This tall egg has been enveloped by a shimmering galaxy of lapis lazuli, frosted malachite a faint sheen glazed across every bit of its surface to lend it a faintly green edge. Within the whorls of vivid blues, midnight meeting sky and back again, striations of gold glimmer in perfect harmony with those deeper tones, stars strung across a vast, bold universe. From a distance, its shell seems glossy, but, upon closer inspection, there is the softest of differences in texture from colour to colour, blues more rough to the touch than those smooth, cool golds.

Hatching Message

Pegasus’ Treasure Egg stirs only slightly, tipping forward the tiniest bit before it rocks back and becomes still once more.

Pegasus’ Treasure Egg twists in its shallow cradle of sand, the faint crack as the first rivulets appear at its very top lost amongst the louder demonstrations from other eggs.

Pegasus’ Treasure Egg splits decisively straight down its middle, sending only flakes of its lapis lazuli coated shell to the sand, as if to do otherwise would be to create unnecessary fractures and disorder. The rose-gold hatchling who blinks her eyes wide at her first light and lifts her nose to sniff at the air needs no more time than that to adjust to the world. She simply gets her paws beneath her and ventures forth, her path to the girl she wants direct and without pause.

Impression Message

As she stares up at you, it’s as if she forces you to look back at her, the flame-touched gold at your feet, as she quite contentedly goes rummaging her way through your thoughts and latches onto the dominant notes of panic and doubt that wash towards her in piercing waves. « No. No other, » Risabeth states, not cowed in the slightest by how you are treating the crystal shimmer of starlight that is her presence, her mental touch subtly transforming as she touches on this memory and that. Moonlight, candlelight, a bright dawn. She’s all of it and everywhere, blindingly so. « You are meant for me, » that gentle, yet commanding voice insists. She doesn’t need to question anything, and nor do you: you know her name – you are hers now.


From the moment that she hatches, Risabeth will have a secure understanding of what it means to be a dragon of her colour. Only, her interpretation of what a gold ‘should’ be and what the majority believe might not necessarily match up, not that she will allow anyone to sway her view. In her early months, she will interpret the duties of being a queen and having chosen someone to spend her life with as being firstly to look to them and look after them. What she doesn’t comprehend immediately, she will be determined to learn, to ensure that she can do the best she can in taking care of her rider and making sure that the appropriate progress is made. If that learning tends to take a more philosophical and intellectual edge, well… The physicality of some lessons will come slowly and with difficulty for Risabeth, who can be more concerned about the emotional wellbeing of her fellows. She will hunt, eventually, and she will glide, eventually, but will only put her all into these tasks once she’s sure that everyone around her has what they need. If it can be made clear that the greatest need is for her to do these things that she at first finds so tricky, perhaps she will lend them greater focus.

She will become more graceful as she grows, but landings might well always be something that Risabeth finds difficult, her timing and balance rarely meeting where they should to produce something other dragons find so simple. She will grow into those long limbs and learn how to carry herself in a way that masks most of any more clumsy tendencies that remain, but she will never quite find the proud bearing that others of her colour may adopt. In the skies, it will seem as if she could last up there forever, drifting from current to current and manipulating her long wings to send her through loops and dives. If she must work and fly with a wing, she will, but not often without questioning how things are done and why. Risabeth has a firm grasp of hierarchy, but is unwilling to exploit it – or see it exploited. If another queen gives her an order, she will want to understand the why of it, and she will rarely use the commanding nature of a queen without explaining why something should be done. Transparency and agreement are important to her – one should not order others blindly, or simply because.

Her even temper will begin to change when she becomes proddy, though rather than ripple anger or upset outwards, she will begin to fret over the most insignificant of things. Only if someone dares to point out their insignificance will she snap or snarl, and then feel all the worse for it. She will want to be impeccably clean and will need to be kept calm, lest she go off on tangents. When Risabeth finally takes to the skies, it will be as if she wishes to escape her own hide and keep from burning up completely, lending a ferocity to her flights that has little to do with any temper. Should she find a male that she can understand and bond with, she might form close ties with a particular bronze or brown, but she will need to be able to respect him to do so. Otherwise, a flight is a flight, and eggs are the precious consequence. She will be a doting mother, if itching to return to the world beyond, and will take an interest in her young – to make sure that they develop the open-mindedness that she would want.

Ultimately, Risabeth is a queen who will be a queen when she must, and even then she will wish to see her way through what issues and troubles befall her and her rider, rather than force her way to a murky resolution. Diplomacy and understanding of the facts available are key to her interactions with others and mediating any disputes that she must. If anything, it could be said that Risabeth cares a little too much that everyone gets to have their say and their own voice, and if her rider struggles with this, she will have no trouble speaking for her, if she must. She would prefer not to, of course, and not have to force Bethari into situations that she finds uncomfortable, but if one of them has to make a stand, then she will. Perhaps the danger is that Risabeth will put all others before herself.

Though Risabeth is not the dragon that Bethari may have been expecting to choose her, she is, as promised, the best friend that she could ever wish for; her light in the dark and someone who will always, always believe in her.


Risabeth shares her feelings with a seemingly inexhaustible array of light. At her very heart lies the amber light of a candle’s flame, not so different from her hide, and though her voice takes on other forms, this light will never go out. In her brightest moments, she’ll steal the light from the stars themselves, yet, in others, she might use the cool, pale light of the moons to express her displeasure. She can be a summer dawn or winter twilight; the only limit is how much she is willing to share with those around her. Much of what she shares is not without a hint of crystal’s glimmer, used to both ground and amplify her spectrum of light.


Risabeth is primarily based on Elizabeth Weir from ‘Stargate Atlantis’. Her physical description takes from elements of the Ancient city at night and warm light spilling out over the ocean, while her personality draws on the nature of Weir’s work, her view of leadership, and her attitude to conflict resolution.


Name Risabeth
Dam Gold Lyoneth
Sire Bronze Xionth
Impressee Bethari
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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