Ever So Vigilant Blue Redemereth

Small and sleek, even for a blue, this dragon is well proportioned, all of his parts balancing out the others with none seeming too large or undersized. Expressive oval eyes are set in a narrow, wedge-shaped head, the ridges above them and those that run down along his back complementing his other features. His lithe frame is compact enough to fall just short of being gangly, every line and curve of him speaking of understated agility, muscles toned but far from appearing bulky. Instead, he is very obviously built for speed, from the precise angles of his wings to the leanness of his body. Long, slender limbs tapering to almost-delicate feet, are capped by sharp, elegantly curved black talons. The rest of him is a soft mix of smoothly blended twilight tones, enveloping him in muted shades of cobalt and indigo, clouded and greyish, picking up the faint, rippling hints of silvering across his membranes.

Egg Name and Description

To The Nether Egg
Clearly, this egg is well grounded, lying on its side as it is. It nearly blends in with the black sands that surround it, the surface carrying only a subtle purplish sheen, to differentiate it from its heated bed. From just a glance, it might seem to defy the light, illusory bumps or ridges nothing more than a mere trick of shadow playing across what actually is a smooth and unblemished shell. The curve is hard to see, even up close, though likely not impossible. Yet, now and again, from just the right angle perhaps, there is the briefest glint of red, just a fleeting flicker - it almost could be imaginary - except when it's seen again. What odd reflective properties of this egg might be causing such a thing? On the whole, it's as dark as midnight, but even at a distance there might seem to be something more beyond just its plain exterior.

Mindtouch Messages

Just A Little Different is just like all the others - really. Just ignore that awkward beeping. You sure didn't hear any pointless clicking just now. And what's with that smoke and smell of melted metal? Singed and crispified isn't what's happening right now. STAY CALM. No one is getting incinerated! Oh hey, was that a falling cube? Think fast - because in the blink of an eye, you're right back where you started.

Just A Little Different is totally alert, and ready for you! The second it senses you, BLAM! Click..click..click..click.. Er, eheh. It meant to do that, really. No, really. This is how things are supposed to work, right? Everything's this dark for everyone, surely. What, it's not? Well, it's the effort that counts, okay? And.. speaking of which, why is the whole world sideways? The world in your head gets tilted at right angles abruptly, everything pulled from your mind going through a sort of defective mill, where what's spit out on the other side and fed back to you is sour as an unripe citrus, and maybe just a little confused. Maybe… maybe it's time for a break, alright? Then back to keeping an eye out.

Just A Little Different has got things sorted this time. It knows what to do. It just needs to find out how, and directions must be past this one last memory it didn't see before. Or that last one. Or maybe these or.. hmm. What was it doing again? You, of course, must be what it's been waiting for. Why else be so vigilant? Just a good look will solve everything. Maybe. Hopefully. But seriously, why's everything sideways? Maybe it's time for a real break. Have a nice day.

Hatching Message

To The Nether Egg is solidly unmoving, until it seems to sense something, and gives a little shiver.

To The Nether Egg shivers some more, its sides expanding out abruptly as something from within starts rhythmically shoving at the tough shell, causing cracks to speed almost imperceptibly across its surface.

To The Nether Egg suddenly flips end over end, frantically shaking and shuddering until, finally, the hard shell all but flies apart, revealing one very small and very damp hatchling sitting amongst the mess.

Impression Message

Falling.. the sense of motion sweeps over you like a wave, deep currents drawing you away, out of the hatching sands, out of the chaos, of the ever-stifling heat.. except, why is it getting /warmer/? You're falling. Falling, falling, fa- FIRE! FIRE! YOU'RE ON FI- oh wait, no. No you're not. You are most certainly, definitely, without a single doubt at all, not remotely on fire. Even if your feet might feel like they're getting just slightly incinerated right now. Chill, man. What do you expect, standing around like that? It's too dark, but hey, roll with it, things happen, times change, people sometimes do not spontaneously combust. The walls don't always close in like that, the floor doesn't usually drop away, and.. well, okay you might have to get used to the clicking noise. Because it's very definitely inside your head. And so is Redemereth, cocky voice echoing at you from someplace just to the left of impossible, going all « Hey, is it supposed to be like this? I- I mean, take it easy, of course it is. C'mon, we've got a lot to check out, R'eyn. You coming or what?» the word just as abruptly piecing itself back together, with one minor change. Just a little one. Even the nagging hunger isn't enough to distract you from it, though - probably nothing ever will!


Curiosity! Your dragon haz it.

The world is HUGE. And Redemereth is, well, he's relatively small, but big enough to find his way into a lot of places. Which might be a little awkward sometimes, until you perfect the ability to image what you see for him. And even then, he'll be interested in what's just beyond the next tunnel or door. Be prepared for a lot of questions when he's young, and a lot of ninja-naps in the middle of the training grounds as he explores everything until exhausted. It will be up to you to make sure he doesn't overdo it, most importantly during those first few months when hatchlings tire easily and tend to strain their muscles. But eventually, he'll grow in strength and learn his limits. Not that he won't occasionally push them when there's an adventure to be had!

Life is one great, light-hearted adventure for him. And now, for you. His favorite pasttime will be the two of you exploring together, though it won't be until he learns to fly that he /really/ gets the chance to check out all those unknown places. Ista is surrounded by dozens of tiny islands, and you can bet he will want to see every single one, so you may want to take some notes in those weyrling classes that cover geography. There isn't as much fun in wandering off on his own, though occasionally something you might think or say in passing will give him an idea to go investigate, so you might end up on unintentional 'adventures' trying to get him out of whatever pickle he's ended up in. He may along the way acquire a fondness for maps or souvenirs, or maybe just seeing the places will be enough. Either way, it will definitely be an adventure. As he grows older, he'll probably be less recklessly impulsive about it, but no less enthusiastic.

«Yeah, let's do this!» It's hard to get him down, especially with his cheerful, easygoing disposition. With how laid back Ista tends to be, he'll probably make friends easily, meeting interesting people being just another part of the adventure. You might find him relating tales of places this or that search & rescue or transport dragon has been to, wanting the two of you to check it out. Or he might notice sailboats heading out toward an island he hasn't visited. Your blue is uncannily observant. He'll notice the comings and goings of other people and dragons especially, even if he's not really paying attention.

He's not so much studious as he is simply curious, but it will definitely come in handy learning things. Because, while he might not be /good/ at all those lessons and training exercises right off, he will definitely at least have some idea of how to go about them. But knowing how a thing is supposed to work and.. then actually doing it are not so easy, so when his enthusiasm gets the better of him, be prepared for some interesting outcomes, especially when he gives his own unique take on the situation. /Everyone/ burps up all their firestone before flaming right? «Hey, anyone got any spare firestone?» might be a regular thing during flaming lessons, but eventually his persistence will pay off. His enthusiasm is almost as strong as his curiosity, and if he faceplants after a training flight, he'll just get right back up there without much dampening of spirits.

«Well, gave it everything I could. Can't ask for more than that.»

Confidence, he has in spades. Or at least, that's how it sometimes seems. You'll know better, especially when his unending optimism starts to grate on others. Being so casual about things means he probably won't run into conflict often, and once things smooth out, there'll always be a, « No hard feelings, » attitude that will make him, if not popular, at least very approachable. If things are really getting rough for the two of you, you'll be his reasoning and his reassurance, his best friend and training buddy.

Because he is not one to go obsessing over success or failures - if he tries, he'll do his best, and accept that there will be some things he cannot do. Shrugging off misfortune will be easier for him than for more serious dragons, though he will definitely empathize with those feeling down - and probably put in a word to try to cheer them up if he can. But if he's supposed to be able to do something, he'll just keep on trying till he gets it. He's not clumsy by any means, but the enthusiasm will often lead to a little recklessness. And that may lead to slight mishaps. Being a dragon, he's not too fragile, but he /is/ small and prone to bruising. And overdoing it. And.. if you're not careful, those flying lessons and physical training sessions could result in strained muscles. Learning limits will be something he'll take in stride, though, even if it becomes a regular thing for him to overdo things just a bit.

Flights, like everything else, will be fun while it lasts, though he's not an overly competitive sort. So while he might have an interest in the ladies, he won't worry too much if he doesn't catch. His size and agility will be a definite advantage, though, in chasing greens. Indeed, it will make him ideally suited to working in the air, and whatever wing you go into, if it involves the sky, he will likely have a knack for it. He may even find search & rescue or transport appealing to his adventurous side, the discipline required for those wings being just another thing he's supposed to have, and he'll work at it like everything else. His skills of observation might make him a good watchdragon too, and even the diplomacy wing or AWLM work could be a possibility, given his friendliness. In the end, the paths you both choose will be just as much an adventure as exploring far-off places.


Some dragons express themselves in rich, colorful mindvoices and imagery that touches all the senses. But yours is a little.. different. His mental voice is there, to be sure - and it is nothing if not expressive. It's more or less normal, but there is just this strange echo-like quality to the tone of it that seems a bit.. off. His mindscape, however, is vast. Like the inner workings of some unbelievably massive hold, whose at-first plain walls are constantly changing from one thought to the next, always re-arranging into new and more interesting patterns. As his sense of self grows, so too will his inner landscape, growing in complexity and flavor, his mind becoming as much a puzzle to explore as he speaks as an expression of himself. As he ages, new pieces will be slotted in, with layers of what he sees and experiences added to it - with his own unique take on it. There is, beneath all this, a softer part of him that can sometimes be revealed when his easygoing nature gets tested. Like a critter retreating into its shell, all wide-eyed and shivery, parts of his mindscape can shut tight in surprise or distress. But just as easily it can re-arrange to bend or adapt, and as he gains wisdom, he'll become more adept at opening sections of thought, to unravel the mysteries of this or that challenging experience.


This adventurous little critter is brought to you by the shovel. Also Cenlia built it. Enjoy!

The eggs this cycle were based on gemstones, with his egg being obsidian - specifically, the kind from Minecraft. Where do incinerated sentry bots go? Probably someplace better than the Nether, but it did bear an uncanny resemblance to a defective sentry bot. The theme for the dragons was, as you may have guessed, artificial intelligence. Your dragon's mind was indeed a defective turret - one who was apparently dreaming of exploring the big wide world. And taking you, of course, along with!

Some extra inspiration bits:


Your dragon's name, Redemereth, is loosely based on the word redemption. It was inspired by the area in Portal 2, where there is a conveyor belt (idly, not far from the Oracle Turret) that transports turrets to the incinerators which is called the Redemption Line. It seemed somehow appropriate for a Portal turret dragon.~

And as you may also have guessed, his mind is the Enrichment Center itself. Of course, all of Aperture Science couldn't fit into one little dragon, so it's just a taste of it, with a teeny bit of surprised frankenturret thrown in.

As always, Redemereth is yours to play however you wish, so feel free to pick and choose tidbits - we look forward to seeing your adventures with him. Congratulations, and welcome to weyrlinghood at Ista! C:


Name Ever So Vigilant Blue Redemereth
Dam Gold Isanath
Sire Bronze Tzimisceth
Created by Cenlia
Impressee R'eyn (Eygran)
Hatch Date 2014.04.12
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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