Rainy Day Brown Ramachath

Murky brown hues rain down on a solid, yet well-defined and carefully sculpted form. Oozing down the length of the dragon, the muddy color collects in inky pools and dark clots as it passes down his slender muzzle and ropey neck, spreading unevenly across the broad shoulders and lean body of the dragon. Tinges of dark indigo clouds condense around the dragon's joints and in the shadows of his sinewy muscles, spreading upwards into his wings to stain the membranes a stormy brown-grey. Dusty flecks mar the brown's muzzle, thinning out to a scattered speckles along his head-ridges. Bubbling up from the dragon's proportionately too large paws is a muted, oxidized terracotta that dances through the murkiness and cloudiness to coat the underbelly of the lean dragon. This same muted reddish undertone bleeds through around the tail of the dragon and in areas where the mud fails to completely force out the rest of the color spectrum.

Egg Name and Description


Jumping Set of Stripes Egg
Tawny hues encase the shell, from the smaller end at the top to the wider, lower end, only slightly darker then the hatching sands upon which it sits. Slight variations mar the surface, darker shadows and paler highlights mixing, canceling each other out. Over this base are rich, orange-red stripes - uneven in thickness, crooked in their paths. Jutting haphazardly this way and that, they all maintain the same basic direction, placed horizontally on the egg's surface. The same shadows and highlights are visible on the stripes, creating an almost furry pattern amongst the firey hues.

Hatching Message

Jumping Set of Stripes Egg seems to swell in place, the hardened surface bulging oddly at one end and then at the next. The swelling abates, only to be recontinued in a sort of pulsating motion that results in a loud *CRACK* as the egg splits down its longitude. The dark form of the hatchling, coated in goo and egg shards, tumbles in a heap onto the sand.

Impression Message

A sudden force pounces upon your mind, grasping at you and calling for your attention as slightly fuzzy, tawny hues dominate your mind. A trick of the heat? No, this is something different, something that answers in a smoke tainted raspy voice « Well, I knew I'd find you here, » is spoken to you, the voice thick with a sense of self-importance and a tinge of arrogance as a name floats into your mind and dissolves there in a cloud of smoke « Ramachath. » For a moment the weight of the tawny mind rests upon yours and then, « I'd really appreciate it if we could move along to the food now. » This is accompanied by hunger pains in the stomach region.


Ramachath in many ways represents the epitome of teenager-dom. It will seem as though the dragon is forever caught in the throes, and woes, of this difficult period of life. There's a competitive streak to him. Not only does he try his best to outdo the others, but he has to out-boast them as well, and taunt them of course. It's just his way of showing he cares, because he's not quite sure how to put these things into words. They get mistranslated into actions that are, at times, vaguely inappropriate and unsuitable to what his actual message is. This, of course, also creates difficulties in relationships with other dragons. His gift for the gab is, unfortunately, non-existant and he can be quite blunt. Words are spoken before they are thought over, insults readily and awkwardly hurled at the offender, even if they make no sense. What's important is the rage and feeling behind the words, really, or so he believes. He's rather quick to anger and is quick to go to action, especially if it means challenging authority. Likewise, his feelings are easily as hurt. He can deal it out, but he can't take it. Small taunts and insults are fine, brushed off with his cool-headed arrogance so characteristic of himself. However, there are those major insults that will come his way and prompt him to "shut down" and just go sulk for hours.
Smoothing over his lack of tact and his hotheadedness is likely to require some diplomacy on your part, assuming he doesn't convince you to take another action. Towards you, there will always be a bond of love. You will have your frequent disagreements, yet they will always be short-lived. Despite everything, how could he ever NOT love and adore YOU? He is not one to hold grudges against anyone, especially as draconic short-term memory doesn't have the capability for him to remember how or why anymore. He is, however, incredibly possessive of you, and will become jealous of your sheep, should they stick around too much. You are HIS, just as he is YOURS and no one else's. Relationships with others, be they rider or not, may be trying because of his jealousy of them, despite your reassurances that there is no one as special as him in your world. Be prepared for sulking and guilt-trips whenever you get into a relationship. But really, it's only for YOUR good, since you're at a risk to get hurt, and when you do he'll be there to comfort you.

Growing Up:
At first, Ramachath will be a doting and curious baby. What is that? Who is that? Why is Calanth doing /that/? Why are things the way they are? He's interested in the world - there's so much newness at once. But the most important and frequent questions of all are - who am I and who are you? Besides himself, you are the most fascinating and interesting thing in those first few months. It's important for him to understand this, for reasons he doesn't quite understand himself. As he enters the later phases of childhood, he's quite quick to test the boundaries, and even attempt to surpass them. Rules were made for being broken, after all. As he comes into the draconic version of teenagehood, he also comes into the fullness of his true personality with a violent explosion of thoughts, feelings, and urges to do -something-. He'll never fully loose these teenage personality traits, but they'll only seem worse during this period of time because of the control battle going on between you and him. It will be up to you to learn to control the beast, tempering him into a beast that is more tolerable to the others. And oh, when it comes to flights, Ramachath loves to give chase to the females, be they gold or green. At this point he tries his ill-fated eloquence on them, and will be given to strut about ridiculously and preen for them, all the while boasting about himself and you.

Why Di? It's really quite simple. Ramachath adores you, loves you, and cannot be without you. The two of you are perfect for each other, both with your flaws and yet the ability to appreciate the other despite those flaws. Embrace them and look past them to see the real person (or in his case, dragon).


Arrogant Wisps of Attitude
Against a soft, fuzzy background of tawniness a vague, nearly undefinable cloud of smoke wafts about, dancing and tickling the senses before hiding once more. His true mind voice, this fuzzy tawniness and smokiness, will always be taunting the other dragons, as if he were dangling a chunk of prime meat in front of their noses, always just out of reach. His actual voice is a dusky rasp in the minds of others.


Credits for the egg desc, name, and theme go to Niva. They are based on the fire cats from Lackey's Valedemar books. Credits for the dragon name, hatchling name, description, and the personality go to Asiree. The name "Ramachath" is made up, the dragon desc is based loosely on a storm, and the personality is based loosely on the teenaged Anakin Skywalker, as well as the stereotype of teenagers.


Name Rainy Day Brown Ramachath
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Niva (egg), Asiree
Impressee Eydie
Hatched July 23, 2005
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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