Green Raliath
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Springtime emerges on the hide of this green dragon, her coloring the same as the first bright new growth of grass. That coloring shadows a narrow head, with back swept headknobs and a long neck with high, angular ridges. The rest of her body seems slightly undersized for her length, her form echoing that first weedy growth of spring in her shape as well. Thin, slightly slabsided shoulders lead into a long barrel and finally back to slightly bony flanks and the terribly long length of her tail with its whiplash shape of a spade in that selfsame bright green. Lanky limbs support her, her hide speckled a bit there with darker patches of green, leading down to her bony feet and oft times grasping talons. Her saving grace as a beauty though, is her lavishly decorated wings. Seeming swirls and patterns captured on her wingsails and etched across the slender wingspars that support them.

Image credit: Lines by R'owan, coloring by Moria


Name Green Raliath
Dam Gold Felinth
Sire Bronze Pentath
Impressee Dani
Hatched November 24th, 1997
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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