Eagle of the Aerie Green Rakirikath

Rich, vibrant green dances with grace over her lithe body, lightly coating her with bright lime, like downy feathers over her hide. Hues dull only slightly as they drift down her torso, over narrow haunches and twist around her whip-like tail. Apple Orchard green speckles her underside, up and up between spindly limbs scattered over her serpentine neck, just lightly brushing the underside of her snout beak-like snout. Long, wide wings made for soaring are laced with caterpillar green, as it traces random patterns over sails and spars. Ridges stand like ruffled feathers down the center of her back, cress green, from between head ridges to her tail.

Egg Name and Description


Graces of Three Egg
The background of this egg is dull - distinct blues and browns paint a very subtle distinction between ground and sky, blending into each other discreetly so that it may take a moment to pinpoint precisely where one ends and the other begins. Painted boldly vertical up and down the egg are three women in a line, each pretty in their own way, though the image is a little fuzzy in places. Still, it is easy to tell that two of the women, the ones on either end, face outwards, while the one in the middle is facing backwards, though she looks off to the right, and a profile of her face is visible. Each holds a dark orb in her hand - the two on the ends hold theirs outward, while the one in the center holds hers to the right. On the two women to the right, one can just distinguish necklaces about their necks, but none of the three women wears much else.

Hatching Message

Graces of Three Egg can fight it no more, the miniature cracks defeating the ovoid, shattering it as pieces fall to the sand, destroyed like an ancient urn in only a moment. However, its contents are left to be seen - A bright green dragonet.

Impression Message

Deep blue sweeps into your mind, an airy autumn breeze cooling your thoughts. « Faulk? F'alk? Do you know who I am? » And grey shifts in to her mind, bubbling and brewing, and then a slow echoing voice continues. « I am Rakirikath, and I am yours. We will do it all. » Hints of red and orange begin to invade. « But, I am hungry. »


Rakirikath will likely be a handful, but at the same time hopefully be what you were hoping for in your lifemate. In her, there is a balance of wisdom and curiosity, patience and recklessness, and friend and foe.

While she's a weyrling, you will be bombarded with any number of questions, not necessarily with any common theme. « Why is Tamasth blue, and I green? » may be one of the first ones she asks in her cool, calm voice. Of course, this may have you wondering if she's asking because she doesn't know, or because you don't. She'll be eager to find out more whenever she can, though usually only looking for the truth after offering her own answers, not all of which are completely illogical. When she does find an answer, it will be as if its a secret, shared only with you. But, because of this, she expects that you will share your secrets with her, as well. Rakirikath is hardly above obnoxious, boisterous pestering to find out what she wants to know, whether its about you, or simply a random question - No one will be free from her incessant, yet relaxed, chatter. « Raath, why will you not fly? Do you not like to fly? » Generally, she'll hold onto those secrets too, keeping the quiet until the point of time she feels they are best revealed. Even then, it would not be without a good reason.

She's completely willing to take control of a situation - when the weyrlingmaster asks for a volunteer to go first, she's right there, doing whatever she's being asked to do. It doesn't matter that she's 'just a green' - she's capable of doing whatever the larger dragons can. In that same vein, she's a bit of a rebel. A simple 'no' isn't going to stop her, so you might have to spend extra time explaning why bringing a wherry home as a pet really isn't a good idea, or why she should take a break after a long day of *betweening* back and forth. While from time to time she'll wait for the opportune moment, she's not the type to let it pass her by. She may be a bit ahead of the game when it goes to trying stunts and maneuvers, but she's not going to take a fellow weyrling's dare to fly before she's ready.

The reason you asked for a green was a result of sexuality. And Rakirikath can be very sexual without falling into the weak, feminine stereotype. She'll give very little hint that she'll be rising, but after a few times Faulk will be able to know its coming. Her bright hues darken, and she's more willing to take challenges then the rest of the time. She'll taunt the males and seek to prove her superiority - a fast, winding flight that will leave everyone dizzy. Even after the inevitable happens and she's caught, she doesn't remain overcome by the male, keeping her head around them. After all, they were only the best this once.


Aloof Streams of Graceful Wisdom
Generally, deep blues and blending greys make up Rakirikath's mindtouch, touched with lighter colors depending on her mood. On the off occurrence your dragonet is happy, the colors that come with her mind will be lighter, airier, simpler. Much easier on the mind's eye. However, when your dragonet is ready to throw a tantrum, watch out! The primary blues and greys will deepen to nearly black, and will roll like a booming storm cloud through your mind. Flashes of blinding whites and yellows will strike out, further displaying the act of temper. Different colors will come into accentual play, depending on your dragonet's underlying mood - if she's scared, oranges and light yellows will flare through the skyscape of your dragon's mindvoice. Jealousy will bring nauseating greens. Pure anger will color your Rakirikath's clouds with vivid, bloody reds. A feeling of sickness will bring deeper greens, tinged lightly with dungy browns. Happiness and comfort will color it lighter, lazier shades of pinks, blues, and purples. Lust, ever accompanied by jealousy, will be a vividly royal purple, laced with neon greens. Your dragonet's precise mood shifts will be painted before your eyes like a brilliant portrait, if you can only read her colors. Rakirikath's mind is the pure scents of an autumn wind - crisp and cool as it blows to and fro, bringing with it the hint of winter from high above. Her voice itself is calm and somewhat echo-like, though the amount of the echo changes with her mood. A light alto, she has a certain sense of sturdiness always present, wisdom evident in her words.


The egg description follows the theme "Classic Painters". It is the Three Graces, currently displayed in Chantilly, France, and done by Raffaello Santi, also known as Raphael or Raphael or Urbino. Your Rakirikath, meanwhile, was based loosely on the character 'Aileen' from Jennifer Roberson's 'Tales of the Cheysuli' series. Aileen was a very headstrong young woman who was willing to take her life into her own hands, and was hardly pushed around simply because she was a woman. She turned into a useful advisor, and a constant companion for other characters throughout the series.

The egg was created by Casiella, and your Rakirikath by Niva.


Name Eagle of the Aerie Green Rakirikath
Dam Gold Calanth
Sire Bronze Zsuzsath
Created By Casiella (egg), Niva
Impressee Faulk
Hatched March 14, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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