Polished Copper Figurehead Bronze Raenth

Polished to perfection, this bronzen boy almost looks gold, with how naturally brilliant his hide is. But no, while he could almost pass for a golden queen – his size nearly being that a small queen – his hide holds merely a tint of a brownish-green copper tone, revealing his true color of bronze. Big for even his color, he also seems a bit ungainly, with longer limbs than his lean body really needs and a longer tail he often uses to help balance and steer his unusual body type. Polished copper flows smoothly over his entire being, the shiny hide hardly being marred by anything. However, it is marred. Upon the base of his wings – appearing to be a little small for his adolescent body – are hints of a rust color that spread along his wing sails, and even to the translucent membranes. The only other spots of the rust color are located at the tip of his tail, his paws that lead to onyx talons, and smudged over his headknobs and eyeridges, much like a mask.

Egg Name and Description


Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg
Perfect in appearance would the status of this fine dark yellow egg. The oval shaped shell looks to be as smooth as a dragon’s hide, and as metallic hued as the finest piece of golden jewelry. Upon closer inspection, however, one can notice circular bumps and dips in the egg’s surface. None of them are terrible noticeable, nor are they gouging deep or pimply extruding. The oval perfection seems not marred, but enhanced, as the color is unwavering and true, the only variants coming from the dips and rises of the bubbles on the otherwise smooth, seemingly crystalline, golden egg.

Hatching Message

Perfectly Golden Juicy Egg continues it’s sullen rock, the cracks spreading enough until the shell … flops open? Yes. Pieces of shell merely fall gracelessly to the ground, while the Hatchling within does a head-over-tail roll, just as gracelessly splaying itself on the hot sands, limbs and wings seeming to go ever which way in the darkness.

Impression Message

The wail of the lonely harmonica once again invades into your mind, seeming to screech in its desire for that one mind it wants so badly. Suddenly the harmonica stops and the full blast of pale and golden yellows of the sax and trombone take over, encasing your mind in loving warmth. « You! … YOU! My friend Matteo! » A brief blaring of trumpets interrupts in momentary anger before returning to warmth and loving. « How could you hide from me? Me, Raenth! Come now, we go for food! »



Raenth (Pronounced Rain-th) is a very awkward dragon size and build wise. Having hatched lanky and long, he’ll eat, and eat and eat to make up for that meat deficiency. Of course, he’ll never really pudge out, no matter how much he eats. It’s a given that Raenth is a bottomless pit among dragons and annoyingly active at periods as well. Now, not only is Raenth active, but he can also get a bit troublesome with his actions, until he matures, if you don’t keep an eye on him, he will undoubtedly try some sort of prank on someone. Anyone. It matters not if the person is the Weyrwoman, Weyrleader, or their dragons. He. Will. Try. He’ll probably try even if you are watching him. But then he’ll just try to entice you to join him. In his young age, he won’t be completely smooth with his words, or thoughts, and is bound to make an error more often than not in things he says. Any teasing he receives for his ungainly proportions he’ll shrug off with a smile and keep acting like it didn’t bother him to the world, though to you he’ll whine, for you are his confidante, and his comforter, just as he is yours, though he doesn’t fully realize that yet. Upon reaching maturity, Raenth will no longer be too big for his wings, but more proportional besides for his long limbs, including neck and tail. Even upon maturity he’ll still be that ravenous flying stomach that’ll try to clear out the pastures in one meal, but that’ll be because he goes for so long between meals, longer than most other dragons with such an active life style at that. He’ll also gain a way with words that’ll be effective with the ladies, green and gold, and even humans, though he’ll never be entirely serious about it, keeping an air of understanding-kind-humor about him. You might find yourself at home in an acrobatics wing, or Search and Rescue even. Why? Because in Weyrlinghood, upon learning to fly, lean, limber Raenth will find himself fascinated with difficult flying maneuvers, no matter to what purpose they’re put. He’ll not admit it, but the bronze-boy is a bit of a show off, and he loves to do it. And often. The only time you might find Raenth lazing about is after feeding, or when the sun is really warm upon the rocks. Otherwise he’ll be woo’ing the ladies with his flying skills, or merely enjoying himself with a frisk in the waters. To him, the perpetual summer of Xanadu is paradise! Never will he have to worry about the chills and ice-lakes of High Reaches! And following character with Spike, Raenth is a curious creature, through and through his life span, no matter what time it’s at. Though he’s a showy creature, he’ll take the lead, make a show of it, and make a show of doing it the most efficient way as well. Raenth doesn’t really like a lot waste when that waste could have been put to better use somehow. Finally, the last of the growing up spam will be Mating Flights. Raenth might woo all the ladies around the Weyr and even Pern, but he’ll never (seriously) chase the greens. He’ll rise to the greens’ flights out of instinct and slight interest to show off his abilities, but the true chase will be Golds. The prize among prizes! He’ll also turn just a weeee bit violent come rising. He won’t be afraid to try and take down other males after what he wants. After all, he does have size and agility speaking for him, right?

Why Matteo? Well Matteo, you were very lucky indeed to be chosen by Bronze Raenth. In Raenth you will have that true blue friend that’ll never abandon you. In a way, you are his Julia, except not in the romantic sense. In a more accurate sense, you are Vicious before Spiked tried to leave the Mafia. Matteo, Raenth will definitely have his own piece of mind, and express it exclusively to only you. Simply, Raenth needed a true blue friend for himself, and you were the perfect choice, with your laid back and easy going attitude.


Sing Those Blues Deception/ Curiously Sulking Trickster
It is like the players of a Blues group themselves, this mind. Each player has a different personality to them, and that is what this is like. The Not-navy, not-royal blue harmonica speaks the tune of loneliness and longing. Of a past that can’t be totally forgotten, but forgotten enough to haunt. The harmonica also lies to the face, pretending to be easy going and laid back, while really it is more complex than will ever be known. A sunny-pale yellow is associated with the saxophone of this band, the sax bring forth humor and merriment, sometimes in the most of perverse natures. A deeper golden yellow of the trombone is limber and active, speaking for both it’s physical activity as well as it’s mental activity. While on the outside it appears to be dim-witted, it plots quite smartly and conservatively. Waste not want not. Finally, the last member is the blaring burgundy of the trumpet, portraying the violence and competitive nature that lays deep within the mind, unlocked only during Flights – aka High Emotional Times.


This dragon is based completely from Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop. Spike used to be a part of a Mafia group, but upon a reckless movement he was badly injured and tended to by a woman named Julia. He fell for his nurse, and then tried to leave the syndicate. His “best friend” Vicious, then turned on Spike, hunting him down. When Julia failed to come when and where Spike specified to run away with her, he put her from his mind (or so he thinks) and eventually feel in with a new acquaintance, working with him (Jet) as a pair of Bounty Hunters. In this new life, Spike comes off as a very laid back, easy going man, willing to give a little bit of hand, or just lay back and watch. But that’s all part of his mask. On the inside, he’s haunted by his dreams of Julia and Vicious, and is constantly wary. Spike is – by far! – not a cautious man. Reckless to a dangerous point, he constantly risks getting injured, hurt or even killed. It does not help his case that he doesn’t fear death, and makes a point of doing things his own stylized way.



Name Polished Copper Figurehead Bronze Raenth
Dam Gold Kilaueth
Sire Bronze Alhenaeth
Created By Lahela
Impressee T'eo
Hatched April 25, 2004
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

*Art by T'eo (first three) and Lahela respectively

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