Deul of Desires Blue Raath

Two single shades of blue comprise the color-battle that ensues from muzzle to tail-tip over this dragon's frame. Navy, surely the dominant color, claims the snout and eyeridges, large, multi-faceted eyes projecting emotion as two-toned as his hide. It is at stunted headknobs that indigo protests, dousing the back of his head in a beautiful shade before the fight continues, both colors marching in streaks and dashes down the beast's muscular back. Darkness falls across awkward wings in a violent explosion of black-blue, sails falling victim to the aggression of navy as only dappling of a lighter shade appear about the trailing edge of the 'sails. Near-black looms across the darkness of his belly, bruised purples and blues creeping upward in a delicate argument along his sides to thin and disappear upon darkling neckridges. Indigo seemingly claims victory in this vicious feud, coloring the majority of an oversized tail in a splash of vibrancy.

Egg Name and Description


A Courting on the Water Egg
At first glance, the most obvious feature of this egg is the distinct difference of color between the top and bottom. From the bottom grows the colors of spring: green, orange and yellow blooming in hundreds of miniature circles. At the center of the vibrant garden of color is wash of brown, two seemingly out of place streaks, one of white and one of black, blemishing the otherwise untainted field. The kaleidoscopic arrangement of colors flows upward, losing all hues but those of blue and green. Waves of ultramarine drift horizontally across the face of the egg interrupted only by small triangular specks. Near the head of the egg, clouds of grey and white smudge the cobalt perfection, the color deep and steady otherwise..

Hatching Message

A Courting on the Water Egg is marred further by another crack, and yet another, until the shell gives way, crumbling and sliding off the gooey hide of the hatchling inside.

Impression Message

A burst of contradictions fires into your mind, demands drawn one way and then another, mental compliments falling in a faint, golden shower to begin the battle of wills. A tug this way, and then that, the noise and light obnoxious as the battle ensues. In one glorious moment, however, all falls still as each side comes to the only treaty they may ever make. A deep love curls at the edges of your mind, claiming your thoughts as a faint rumble pushes forward nearby, « You are mine. I am Raath and we will be together until the end. »



Congratulations, you've Impressed an onion! Well, perhaps not, but your newfound bond might strike you that way. Like so many of his kind are not, your Raath is a deep, complex being. Not satisfied to take things as they are given, he will constantly question the way things are. Raath will push the social boundaries that define all of weyrkind, striving to upset the balance of order in his quest to rearrange life in a way that seems more logical to him.
Well meaning, but not always rational, Raath is somewhat of a time bomb. He is easily frustrated and tends to flip-flop between one emotional extreme and the other. Bi-polar? Definitely. In his manic stages he will rant and outrage over everything, nitpicking the flaws of everyone around him. Unfortunately for you, you may find yourself the target of these excruciating haulovers. Don't mistake Raath's intentions, however, as it's out of love for you that he does it. Raath views himself as nearly perfect, and he wants you to surpass him to perfection. If he didn't already think you were close, he wouldn't have found you on the Sands.
By contrast, during Raath's polar fluctuations, he is eager to please. Loving and soothing, he will fill you with the joy that makes his manic episodes bearable. You will be reminded that you are adored, doted on even, and all of the good things he sees about you will be frequently and generously pointed out and praised. After all, you are his one true love, even if he sometimes feels you could improve.
As Raath grows out of weyrlinghood, the manic episodes may become more frequent, and more outwardly directed. While he would never dare to criticize the gold dragons, or even the weyrwomen themselves, few others will be safe. For you, this means less direct attention towards your flaws and more aggravating time listening - sometimes even in the middle of the night - to Raath's harangues.
When it comes to flights, Raath's tastes are picky. While he won't pass up the chance to flirt with any green he likes, that list is small and selective at best. No one may ever live up to his expectations, so he may never take a permanent mate. You may also find him having a deep hand in anyone YOU may choose to take to bed. Afterall, that list of standards applies to the people you are with as much as it does to the dragons he is. The advantage of his meddling is that your relationships will be a much better quality, the downside is that they may be infrequent or even short if your love interests find they can't handle Raath's sometimes overbearing personality. Hold hope that as he gets older he may settle down, and be patient. It is out of love and devotion that he says what he says. He only wants to see the best happen for you both.


Arsenic and White Lace
A distinct mix of sweetness and fire, this mind floats calmly like snow. But when it heats up, beware. That neverending sea of white can promptly turn as hot as the sun and as red as superheated metal. The voice itself is syllabic, almost forcing out a sound that seems alien, like a language not meant to be spoken with the mouthparts given. The sound is harsh, a bitter taste on the tongue, and distantly reminiscant of multiple bells chiming at once in discord.



Raath's name was inspired by one word with two meanings. Just as Raath's personality and description are two-sided, so is his name. The Egyptian God, Ra, served as the sun god in ancient times. Just as Ra was illuminating and bright, Raath can be the same. At the same time, Ra means 'evil' in Old Hebrew and while your Raath is not outright evil, he may certainly be pesky and aggravating at times. Of course, there is no mistaking that your Raath's name sounds like 'wrath.'
Credit for your lovely bipolar beast goes to L'alie and Saralynn. The egg is based off Saralynn's favorite painting, the Terrace at Sainte Adresse by Claude Monet. Both descriptions and names were written by Saralynn while the touching messages and Raath's personality description were written by L'alie. It was a certainly a team effort and both of us hope you enjoy him to the fullest.


Name Deul of Desires Blue Raath
Dam Gold Calanth
Sire Bronze Zsuzsath
Impressee Rafca
Created by L'alie and Saralynn
Hatched March 14, 2006
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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