Moon-Kissed Maiden Green Quarbimlath
Line Art by: Rogawani
Colored by: D'had

Over all this slender green is brushed with the deepest shades of forest pine in shadowed mists of the witching hour. The hue only darkens as it washes up from tail and underside to stretch across her back and down her muzzle, becoming almost in its dark midnight shades along the spine. A gentle sweep of a paler color, the light budding of new spring grass, paints the space between her eyes in the shape of a crescent moon. This same yellow-green is speckled across her back and wingsails like tiny shimmering stars in the sea of nearly black green. Sharp talons curve as if to mimic the mark on her forehead, glistening of polished obsidian.

Egg Name and Description


Earth-Brushed Sky Egg
The aqua-green hue of tarnished copper envelopes the shell of this egg, the color spilling over to stain flaky golden flourishes. A golden strip follows the gentle curve of the egg on one side, mimicked on the other, stretching to meet at top and bottom though they never quite manage to do so. Near the bottom, this same dead shimmer peeks from the sand in what appears to be a perfect circle. Opposite this, and higher up on the shell a crescent fills the fading sky of discolored blue. These are perhaps the largest of the trappings, however there are others that are just as noticeable. As the sphere at the bottom turns round the base and ends another curved stripe seems to peek from the sand, yet just what it is remains hidden. Off the uppermost point of the crescent rests a cluster of seven fingerprint sized blotches of gold stamped into the backgrounds much the same as the rest, though this cluster is not to be outdone by those singular dots scattered about the rest of the egg's surface in perhaps a not so random pattern. Just what do all these embellishments mean? Are they a sign?

Hatching Message

As the world awakens from its afternoon slumber at twilight, so Earth-Brushed Sky Egg rouses - a gentle roll that sheds its cloak of sand as a robe that is discarded to lie at the feet of a woman.

A crescent-shaped crack splits the shell of the Earth-Brushed Sky Egg - from within and still eclipsed by its confines, there is a soft whine and scrabble of claws. If one could look closely, a glitter reflects the light in contrast to the dusk within as one eye peeks out of the opening - starlight shining in the night sky.

The sky suddenly seems to fall, the glittering seeming to spread in a sudden burst, before the shell disappears into legend, and a green hatchling is left in its place.


Celestial Breezes


The theme for this hatching was Ancient Relics/Artifacts. That said, the egg was based on the Nebra Star Disk ( The disk itself is a made of copper and gold, and is about the size of a dinner plate. Approximately 4000 years old, this European Bronze Age star chart predates those of Egypt. The hatchling draws its inspiration and description from the elements of the night. The name is a combination of Quibilah (Egyptian meaning 'peaceful') and Qamra (Arabic meaning 'moon'). Quarbimlath was created by D'had. Wobble, crack and Hatch messages by Thea.


Name Moon-Kissed Maiden Green Quarbilath
Dam Gold Seryth
Sire Bronze Kinseth
Created By D'had Thea
Impressee Xandraea
Hatched April 15, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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