Celebrity is as Celebrity Does Bronze Hatchling
Lean of frame from nose to tail, this bronze is splendidly well-proportioned for a dragon of his size, bearing just enough muscle so as not to appear gaunt, but not so much as to seem stocky, either. Dark, burnished bronze flows over his svelte hide, the color fading to duskier shades along proud shoulders and lithe, toned limbs. He is not a bronze that flashes and glitters - instead, he possesses a dignified shimmer that is somehow attractive and alluring at once. A pale, matte shade of bronze fades along the arch of his neck and chest, becoming almost silvered along his throat and again just around his wrists and ankles, a subtle change in hue that complements rather than distracts from his overall perfected look. Touches of flax and brass sweep and curl along his forehead and head knobs, lending a boyish, charming air to his otherwise handsome features. He carries himself with pride and confidence and even his wings, just a stitch too long, seem to suit rather than encumber him, held smartly and comfortably against his sides.

Egg Name and Description

Ignorance is Strength Egg
This egg is small and unremarkable, with no bright colors to give it any sort of distinction from the rest. Indeed, the entire shell seems to have been bathed in a shade of grey which mutes the reds and yellows that speckle between dulled black lines. If looked at more closely, those black lines almost seem to form the shape of small squares, the reds and yellows coloring each one like miniature posters. Their meaning is unclear — after all, this is just an egg — but the strange shapes formed by those primary colors are bold and seem to declare /something/. But even more strange, if one looks closely, there seems to be a shape that looks distinctly like an eye amidst all of that propaganda. But it couldn't be, could it? This is egg is just an egg. (Big Brother is Watching You.)

Hatching Message

Ignorance is Strength yields to the barrage from within and shatters cleanly apart. From the ruins of its shell, a dark burnished bronze takes his first awkward steps before hoping neatly over the shards and immediately striking a dashing pose. Good day, Xanadu! He has arrived, at last!

Impression Message

Later, it may dawn on you that perhaps you should have been paying better attention and not fretting about any of those green hatchlings coming your way! Though the true question will be if that was ever your thought or was it his? And who is ‘he’… exactly? « I’m Qhynnveslacth! How could you not have heard of a bronze such as myself? » Suddenly the sands and chaos of the hatching are gone, images of a large bronze emerging from his shell swimming before you in various flattering poses. Shards, are you seeing double or did the heat and chaos get to your head? Even if you do wobble on your feet, you’ll feel a firm weight against your side and a brief sharp pain as talons dig a little too much into the not-adequate fabric of your robe. There really is a bronze there, looking up at you now as he cozies up, head held high and proud. « Ah, hello my dear Q’ll! Pleasure to meet you at last! Quite the entrance, wouldn’t you say? Glorious! It’ll do us wonders — or for me, at least. Yes, this’ll do just perfectly. » There’s an implied charming smile then before a wave of hunger washes over you. « Well, then! We can continue this over something to eat. What do you say, dear boy? » Coming or not?


Lockhart's mother loved him more than any of his siblings, and this, combined with the revelation of his wizardry and acceptance into Hogwarts, caused his vanity to grow like a weed…


Right from the moment he hatched from his shell, he’s been self assured and confident in his own abilities. He behaves much as if he knows all and has done all, despite being so new to the world — and don’t you try to tell him otherwise! The very first lesson you’ll learn is not to question Qhynnveslacth’s opinions in things because:

« Of course I know what I’m doing, dear boy! Now follow me, and I’ll show you how it’s done. »

To say he’s vain is, well… quite right! He’s got both vanity and ego in large amounts, and while they are responsible for the majority of his quirks and flaws, he’s never truly malicious with either trait. Frustrating? Yes, to some, and chances are good he will try even your patience from time to time. Though his self-centred attitude may often chafe others (a concept that will just as often go right over his over-inflated head - people don't universally love him, what?), you can at least rest easy knowing his intentions are far from mean-spirited.

« Dare say, I’ve no idea what got into him, Q’ll! Honestly. I simply pointed out that I knew how to do it better and would love to show him my technique and he refused! »

He had hoped to be greeted by whispers and stares, as in his mind he was already a fully-fledged genius with extreme magical prowess; the fact that he was merely ordinary disappointed him.

Despite having barely started Weyrlinghood, Qhynnveslacth sees himself as already ahead of his fellow weyrlings and puts you on that very same pedestal, Q’ll. There will be no sitting idly about or even showing a speck of hesitation! Expect some spur of the moment decisions and plenty of awkward situations as they’re all but foisted upon you. Wing exercises? Why, he's been doing them for days, didn't you know? Outdoor excursions? Oh, do come along, Q'll, this is an opportunity. Surely, between the two of you charming, handsome beasts, you'll catch the attention of some lovely ladies.

Even in the budding first few weeks of weyrlinghood training, you’ll begin to get a taste of just how deep his vanity and ego run. Somewhere between thinking he's magnificent and wanting to be the best in his class (in Xanadu, even), he'll come up with this pretty little presumption that he's a gift to Pern, and will be absolutely astounded when others don't agree (after all, you know how great he is, right?). Faranth help the first person who points out he’s nothing but ordinary, that won’t settle well with him at all. To him, you are both extraordinary, talented beyond words!

He did have tremendous ability, and he was cleverer than most of his classmates, but he had a bad flaw in that he would not try unless he was the very best.

Truthfully, Qhynnveslacth IS a very smart bronze. Almost too smart, some would say. He possesses tremendous ability and is really quite clever, but exhibits it in all the wrong ways. The greatest challenge will come knocking right on the heels of potential failure. If he so much as gets the slightest feeling he won’t come out on top, he’ll very conveniently come up with some brilliant excuse to worm out of it… or put you, Q’ll, up for the challenge, all the while putting on the facade that it's for your good that you learn these things. It's difficult, after all, existing in the shadow of a living legend. He's got to throw you a bone now and then. Cough.

His vanity was such that he valued learning not for education, but because it granted him attention; he craved attention and prizes…

Not that he’s one to shirk his lessons! He values learning but not in the way one would think. Most appreciate it for education and learning. For Qhynnveslacth, it’s ALL about whether or not it’ll give him attention and recognition. It will become obvious quickly enough that he craves attention and not just from you Q’ll, but from anyone and everyone possible. Be it praise or compliments or even prizes, he will absorb it all though he loves to hear it the most from you, Q’ll.

When these exploits failed to grant him attention, he took to grander, more dramatic means of garnering attention.

Beware if he ever feels lacking in praise or attention, especially during lessons or when there are others watching - in times like that, he will turn to other means to attain it, and it may not always work in his favor or yours! If he feels he must, he will take to grandeur and more dramatic means of garnering the attention he so craves and desires. Don’t be surprised if he cunningly ropes a few others into his schemes, as well; he’s massively influential when he wants to be, and there is no stopping him once his mind is set.

And of course, once it all blows up in his face (and most of the time it will!), he’ll just nonchalantly brush it off, either by passing it off as something he meant to do or foist the blame on something, or someone, other than himself.

« Ah… yes, well, that can sometimes happen. Um, but, uh… the point is, uh, you can no longer feel any pain! And, very clearly, the bones are not broken. »

Don’t be surprised either when he gets himself into these messes that he’ll try to bail at the first sign of trouble or when he’s no longer in control (or, worse, when others are catching on to his schemes). He will only play along so far until he realizes he can’t charm, sweet-talk or just plain explain his way out of it, and his next step of action is to make as smooth and suave of an exit as possible. Of course, he’ll often leave it to you to carry on in his absence. Not because he’s a coward!

« Because I know you can fix it! Well… well done. There’s no need for me to stay! »

Really, deep down, he pawns his problems off on you because he trusts you the most, and knows you’re perfectly capable of doing whatever you set your mind and heart to. Moreover, you're much less likely to judge and impugn his excuses, as well as much more likely to forgive him than anybody else, and if that isn't love and security, then what is?

Lockhart's overbearing self-confidence and insensitive suggestions irked most of the people he encountered who were not included among his fans.

As he grows up, his desire and need for attention will barely temper. For a little while he may be satisfied, having achieved enough during Weyrlinghood or from Q’ll’s accomplishments (which wouldn’t be possible without him, you know!) so far. He will, however, remain blissfully unaware that his overbearing self-confidence and insensitive suggestions irked most of the people that he encountered, and likely put off those who weren’t immediately infatuated with his charming ways.

He can also be completely oblivious to the reactions from others, or misinterpret them completely on purpose, and it will become one of his other better known quirks (or a flaws) that will follow him well into his later Turns of life.

« What do you mean he was revolted? I’d say he was admiring it, dear Q’ll! »

Qhynnveslacth will become a voracious self-promoter as well, developing a sort of infatuation with the fame that comes along with it, and will often claim to have done many great deeds to any who would listen. No matter how mundane the task you’ve both just undertaken, he will find ways to embellish it to make it seem like HE was the mastermind behind it all or the hero of the hour. He’ll be sure to give you a mention or two - you make quite the stunning pair, after all - but never will you quite amount to him!

If there’s one thing he’s good at, it will be weaving tales and stories, taking little snippets of adventure from the experiences of friends, family, and even complete strangers. Sure, these stories will likely always be about HIM and his grand adventures with you alongside him, but what would the point be in telling tales about someone else, after all? As often as he can, he will reword the truth in clever and cunning ways and the more others buy into it, the bigger his ego will become. Obviously, he cannot be oblivious forever, but those who criticize him are often ignored or shrugged off. He’ll focus his attention on his “fans,” not out of loyalty but because he desires the attention they’ll willingly give him.

Of course, if you ever question him about his “talent” for words, he’ll just wave it off with an implied smile and an amused reply.

« My dear boy, do use your common sense! No one would listen half as well if they didn’t think I’d done all those things! »


Then there will come the time for him to notice the fairer and opposite sex. Not that he didn’t notice them before, but back then they were simply admirers - now he can do something about it! He seems to have just the right kind of charm to woo most of the ladies to him and barely have to lift a claw to do it — or so Qhynnveslacth brags. He’s got that all underwraps. He’s a charmer (when hasn’t he been?) and doubly so around the ladies. After all, if they’re lured by his glamour and smooth operations, it’s a form of attention to him, and he’ll bask in it while making sure to say and do all the right things to keep it coming. If a bronze could possibly be deemed ‘sexy,’ ladies, look no further than Qhynnveslacth!

Not that his suaveness and charm will always work (he does admittedly lay it on a little thick sometimes), but green or gold, he’ll never be ashamed or nervous to try. This comes almost natural to him and he will cuddle up with any female who will so much as give him the time of day. Should she rebuff him, he will not be so easily dissuaded!

« Ooh, a little fiesty one, are you? Well, my dear, let me tell you… »

It will take a lot more than that to make him turn tail and run! He’ll try different tactics and different approaches, enjoying the reaction each time and the challenge behind it until, eventually, it stops being quite as much fun. He knows when he and his ambitious flirting are not wanted, and he’ll make as suave an exit as possible. It’s not HIS fault she’s not interested in someone as amazing as he is, after all! Must be a flaw in the pretty little thing he was trying to woo. Right?

Then there’s the time to chase! He’ll be there and there is no shame in his bones. He’ll pull out all the cards when it comes to mating flights. This is one moment where he can shine and he’s not about to waste it! He’ll be a show off, a braggart, a romantic… whatever it takes for him to gain the focus of the female he so desires. For him it’s not so much the catch, but the enjoyment he gets in flirting and the chase itself.

But in the event that he ever catches himself a gold, be prepared Q’ll! Such an achievement will swell his already large ego to even grander proportions and he’ll make sure to inform anyone who will listen just how it happened. There will be play-by-plays. There will be dramatic reenactments. There might even be diagrams, anything to testify how he’s the best of the best of bronzes! How could any queen reject him? How indeed…

The eggs will be another source of pride for him, but not in the way one would think. It’s just another notch in his belt of achievements, the actions of his progeny (if stellar) just another thing to add to his own legendary status, but beyond that he is not overly attached. He may be convinced to go in and help, but Qhynnveslacth is ever on the move to find more to improve his image, and sitting on the sands watching the equivalent of paint drying simply does not qualify. Hatching time will draw him back, if only so he can catch every compliment possible about his (perfect, no doubt!) offspring.

"It's not all book signings and publicity photos, you know. You want fame, you have to be prepared for a long hard slog."
—Lockhart speaking about his life during a detention session

In the end, despite all his vanity, self-confidence and narcissism, he truly is there for Q’ll. Sure he loves all the fame and attention to be turned all to him, but deep down he knows his best accomplishment of all was finding you. Sure, he doesn’t outwardly show his love, but it’s there in the quiet times.

He knows it’ll be hard work to keep up to his desire for fame. Always, will he be seeking out some new adventure to experience or to partake of, and of course he’ll drag his most favorite person along: you! He will expect the same out of you too, Q’ll. No more standing in the shadows of your mother… or for any other for that matter! Sure, he might take credit for your accomplishments, or claim that it was he that put you there at the right place, and the right time, but that’s just how he expresses how very proud he is of you, and how very glad he is to have you in his life.

This is your time to shine, your chance for fame and recognition! If he can do it, so can you and he’ll be forever there to guide you.



Qhynnveslacth’s mind is not unlike looking at a wall of infinity mirrors. In a room made of gold-painted stone and other bright, bold and flashy decorations, hang hundreds of gilded frames of pictures of… well, himself! They cover the walls from floor to ceiling, broken only by a lone window that allows a glimpse of the outdoors, a way to track mood and time of day, as well as giving the room some natural light. Otherwise, it is illuminated by the many candles set about on tall, golden candelabra. This room is what anyone sees, including you, though he’ll be careful which images show up in those many, many portraits and paintings.

Fragments of memories, be they his or yours, frequently shift and move between these gilded frames with lives of their own (just a suggested allusion to moving portraits in HP). If he’s feeling particularly boastful, they will illustrate as many of his accomplishments as possible. During quieter moments, they may shift to contain fond memories or particularly poignant times in your lives. Most of the time, the paintings provide immediate insight into his thoughts and feelings; when expressing more complex emotions, Qhynn's image will reach across frames and drag portraits of you in there with him to get his point across. It’s a rather disconcerting thing, watching yourselves interact while your selves are interacting, but Qhynnveslacth loves it.

Another thing he seems to love are shades of lavender. Once seen, they cannot be unseen, and you'll soon find that it's everywhere in his mind's eye. Luckily, it's placed in ways that will accentuate and complement the room rather than be outright garish, but still. Everywhere. It's almost embarrassing.

Luckily, you'll never have to exert effort to know Qhynnveslacth is in a good mood: it's displayed by the light and weather shown in the window of this very room. Bright sunlight and clear skies indicate he is his usual self, while nightfall heralds a rare contemplative and thoughtful side of his persona. Clouds and overcast warn of trouble or unease, while storms mean an even rarer display of anger, frustration or deep upset. While to most will only ever see a bright, vivacious, sunshining day with Qhynn smiling his charming smile, you'll always be the one to know he’s more complex than that.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood in Xanadu Q’ll, we’re so glad to have snared you and hope you are ready for one wild ride! ;)

As you may have guessed (or not!), our clutch theme this cycle were Dystopias! The egg Qhynn hatched from, Ignorance is Strength, was based on Orwell’s book 1984. Both the egg and the egg touches were all written by Innes.

Qhynn himself is based largely off of Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter! When we saw you list his name in your preferences for themes, we just could not resist fashioning a bronze after him! Of course, we tweaked a few things and he does have a little dash of Dean Winchester in him (mostly for flights), but overall he is close-to 100% pure Lockhart. His description pulls a lot off of the outfit Lockhart wears in the movie, though I did darken it a bit to follow your preferences for a darker bronze.

And Qhynn’s name! Oh, did you ever set a challenge for us, Q’ll! We did our best to follow your preferences, keeping the ‘Qh’ you preferred (it was too tempting not to!) and sticking to a more consonant heavy name that was lyrical and flowed easily. His name comes from two words: the Irish Gaelic word ‘giodalach’ for vain and the Russian word ‘samouverennost’ for self-confident. Voila! Qhynnveslacth came about! We figured the pronunciation was something along the lines of ‘Kin-ves-lakth’, but as he’s yours now, it’s completely up to you!

As always, Qhynn is yours to play however you are comfortable with! :) We hope you enjoy him as much as we enjoyed writing him for you.

Qhynn’s creation comes from a collaborative effort between Esiae and Kiena!


Name Qhynnveslacth
Dam Gold Kairoikyriath
Sire Bronze Saburath
Created By Innes (Egg), Kiena & Esiae (Qhynn)
Impressee Q'll
Hatched July 26, 2015
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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