This is a green dragon a shade of green somewhere between velvety lime and shocking electric emerald.

Egg Name and Description

Medley of Nature Egg

At first glance, a jumble of riotous color and form meets the eyes but upon further inspection, hues and shape begin to emerge from the tangled medley emblazoned upon the egg shell - a confectionery display to be enjoyed and savored by eyes alone in luxurious contentment. Redfruit clusters in all the varied shades ranging from apple-green to rosy-red — and the blended mix of crimson kissed verdancy in between — claim pride and place upon the egg's shell, entwined with plump droplets of juicy-looking blueberry-blue and raspberry-red. Curving along the edges of the egg shell, as if it was meant to do so, a bordered fringe of banana yellow encircles the circumference of the egg, keeping everything else contained within the border. Globs of orange and lemon-yellow and lime-green are scattered haphazardly over the shell, alternated by misshapen pear-green blobs.

Mind touches

Tasty Temptations settles into your mind with a satisfying *CRUNCH* — the first exploratory bite that one takes into the juicy crispness of a round rosy redfruit. That's not to say your mind /is/ a round rosy redfruit, but there's no doubt succulent sweetness to be savored and enjoyed as the unborn dragon child within the egg delves methodically into your thoughts. It sifts through the crowd of memories and emotions the way one carefully peels and cores a redfruit, slicing each wedge of memories into bite-sized pieces to be savored and enjoyed. « Who are you? » the mind within asks, « What do you want? Where are you going? » It's your memories that have made you who you are, and the young and impressionable mind seeks to learn more about them. There's a final *Crunch* — then the world seems to go black as silence falls.

Tasty Temptations returns, peeling back more memories like one peels off the skin of a banana, slow and methodical, one tendril of thought and remembrance at a time until the pale flesh of your memories are exposed for further perusal and enjoyment. There's a curious sensation at the edge of your thoughts, a nibble or two — or at least what feels like a nibble or two — that investigates the very core of who you are, weighing and measuring and learning more about you. « Do you have dreams? » the inner voice asks, curious and contemplative. « Do you dream of flight? » There’s a flash of vision before you, the ground skimming by far below and the rush of wind in your ears briefly assault your mind and senses before the world is once more plunged into darkness.

Tasty Temptations makes a final foray into the depths of your thoughts, tickling past your senses with a heady fizzy buzz of peach brandy, the treat sweetly savored and heady, a rush of euphoria like ambrosia and nectar. It’s truly a drink fit for greater powers that leaves you awhirl and gaspingly giddy as once more. The jumble of memories and past experiences are sifted through and sorted, stored away in a collective consciousness before lo' there before you hangs the golden prize, shimmery and tempting, there upon a phantom branch. It's there, all you need to do is reach out and snatch it, the fruit of knowledge offered willingly. Or perhaps not so willingly, for with a teasing giggle the vision fades, the world whirling into inky blackness once more, the mind within letting go and you'll find yourself blinking at the smooth roundness of shell. You are let go and free to continue onwards.

Hatching Message

Medley of Nature Egg began with a slow start, and continues that almost deliberate pace. Glacially inspired wobbling slowly gave way to only slightly more quickly paced wiggles, and then a small spider-webby crack right between two of the larger pear-green blobs. Eventually, that crack spreads, and a less than enthused hatchling beak pokes out for its first breath of air.

Eventually, the Medley of Nature Egg splits into a pair of halves, with a thick-set green resting in the larger of the two shards. She actually sits there for several heart-beats, the heat drying her hide to reveal she's a shade of green somewhere between velvety lime and shocking electric emerald.

Impression Message

Lackidasicially, she drags herself out of her shell, and scrabbles herself towards the waiting Candidates, but seems content to gaze into the eyes of the first being she meets, a shy looking girl who has been nervously chewing her fingernails down to bloody quicks. "Pwylth?" One gnawed on finger goes to rub across the thick green's broad forehead, but by then Alasi's all smiles, "Yes!"






Egg: Assorted fruits


Name Pwylth
Dam Seryth
Sire Romth
Created By Natali (egg)
Impressee Alasi
Hatched April 10, 2012
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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