Shake Tail Everyone Forget You Fly Like Chicken Blue Prylith

Lapis gleams along the muzzle and fine-boned knobs that form a crown on the proud head of this dragon who wears his lustrous indigo hide as if princely robes clothe his sleek and elegant form. Royal blue, shimmering with emerald and amethyst when the light hits just right, sweeps his entire body from his nose to the tip if his long, sinuous tail. Feathery strokes brush olive green, iridescent with antiqued gold, along the tips of neckridges and down his spine, parting at the shoulders to curl along his wingbones and the leading edges of the membranes between them. His pinions are his pride and glory: evidenced when they fan wide to flare in rich jade splendor, the opalescence of the sheer webbing infused with glimmers of bright teal. In comparison to the rest of his flashy appearance, his underbelly is muted - peridot, darkening to tourmaline on his limbs and talons which end in sharp claws of polished sapphire.

Hatching Message

The shell of One Thousand Eyes Egg fractures further and begins flaking, molting upon the sand in a rain containing bits of feathery design and blue 'eye' circles that see no more. Crouched amongst the shards, as if ready for action, the hatchling peers about with curiosity at the suddenly-larger world with jerks of its head on a flexible neck.

Wander Messages

Shake Tail Everyone Forget You Fly Like Chicken Blue Hatchling could care less about the pulverized shell bits that his talons are grinding into the sand. He does not care about the looming sire and dam nor the white-robed candidates over there. No, see, because he’s discovered his glittering self on one of his head-jerks and he’s fascinated with his own hide. OooOOOoooOOOOoooh PREEEEETTY! A pleased purring chuff is awarded to the brilliance. Instinct, however, prompts him to seek out another and so it is that he lifts his head (reluctantly), peers at the line of young people and trots towards them. He approaches Bowyn, stopping a just out of arm’s reach. His stance seems to say ‘Look at this awesomeness, eh?’ But it’s a tease - he’s off again, trotting down the line in jaunty fashion.

Shake Tail Everyone Forget You Fly Like Chicken Blue Hatchling flaunts his imaginary feathers as he trots, neck arched, wings opening to give glimpses to those waiting Candidates. He cannot find… Ah! He pauses near Garawan, his bright head tilted to eye the trader as if considering, 'Are you pretty enough for me?' Apparently not! Or maybe Garawan's too pretty? In any case, he is on his merry way, searching further. He's picky, see?

Impression Message

Shake Tail Everyone Forget You Fly Like Chicken Blue Hatchling is enjoying the attention – perhaps a little too much. He’d best get crackin’ here! There’s a tall strong guy over- Waaaaaaait a minute! What have we here? He jerks to a stop, tail lashing at the tip while he inspects a slender girl with sleek, black hair. The female candidate does not appreciate her view being impeded. “Get OUT of my way so my gold can find me, you annoying- ” Praela blinks, her mouth falling open after which she stamps her foot. “I’m not going anywhere with you, Prylith! I’m hers!” While she’s busy pointing to the gold, Pylith takes matters into his own…tail. He winds it around her extended wrist firmly. Nope! She’s HIS. Ignoring her tugging and wailed protests, he trots off towards the smell of fresh meat, dragging her off of the sands with him.


Name Prylith
Dam Luraoth
Sire Sharuth
Created By Thea
Impressee Praela
Hatched November 16, 2013
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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