Fearsome Swift-footed Green Phaselith

Dark, distressed tones of the darkest forest cling to a drawn-out muzzle. Small spots of lighter, spring-green peek through the dark to highlight the dragon's cheeks and the tops of her head knobs. A lighter, almost sickly, splotchy shade of yellow-green encircles her neck, fading again into the darker underbrush of her hide as it touches her shoulders and belly. A strip of myrtle, darkest green, marks her neck ridges and then extends down along the length of her serpentine tail. In contrast to the rest of her nearly midnight toned coloration, the webbing on her wings is a lighter. Like sun-caught moss splotched over with a few drops of tawny, the colors mix together to give the impression of patterns as they move. She is no dainty or demure creature like some females, but instead carries a broad chest, powerful legs, and a keen, watchful eye.

Egg Name and Description


Hewn Sanctuary Egg
A splash of cerulean blue marks the rounded top of this egg, a deep and relentless sky to set as a backdrop for an ancient tale, a forgotten place. Searching, splotches of green extend upwards from the rounded base, as if trying to reach for that distant horizon. It darkens into shadowy places, crevices and cracks in a vain attempt to reach the light. Rough patches of gray and sandy yellow show through the dense greenery, seeming to have a texture all their own. Within those nooks and crannies there are hidden places. Great vertical lines show light and shadow as the faint image of structures can be made out among the rocky terrain. What once lived among those hallowed halls, now… only ruin.

Hatching Message

Wiggle. Wiggle. Hewn Sanctuary Egg begins to move as it rocks back and forth within its sandy hole until suddenly, it topples onto the side. Afterwards, the egg is still once more, as if the force of the jolt sideways was enough to stop any progress towards hatching.

The Hewn Sanctuary Egg begins to move again, this time rolling back and forth as small clicking sounds can be heard beneath the greenery of the shell. Following one of those clicks, a small shard of the shell breaks off, leaving only a tiny hole into the egg's interior. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a start.

Enough is enough! The Hewn Sanctuary Egg gives a jolt as if something were hitting it very hard. The shell stretches, and then gives way as the hatchling within finally fights its way free. Shaking out its wings, the hatchling boldly steps forward, little bits of egg shell still clinging to its legs.

Impression Message

Fearsome Swift-footed Green Hatchling gives a single shake of her back leg before turning her head to scowl at a piece of shell still clinging there. Exasperated, she gives a sound that seems like a childish attempt at a growl. Snapping her jaws at it, the dragonet finally manages to pull the piece free, holding it in her mouth with a show if fierce pride. As her eyes spy the white robed ones, she springs forward, her front legs going down towards the ground as her rump lifts a little into the air. Then, she races, turning at the last moment as she's about to barrel into a candidate. Speeding along the line, she only skids to a sudden stop in front of a broad-shouldered girl. Blinking the lids over her eyes once, the hatchling leans her head down to place the shell down on to the sands, nudging it towards a blonde-haired techcrafter.

Balana is most clearly nervous, her face drawn into a thin line as her feet shift about, forming a little crevice in front of her. This isn't the careful and calculated world she was used to being part of, and the wonder and chaos of it all seems nearly overwhelming. Rubbing the sweat from her palms onto her robe, a flushed look passes onto her cheeks. She watches as one of those she had befriended impresses, leaving her standing with a body length between her and the next closest candidate. Exposed. As a hatchling comes racing down the line of the candidate semi-circle, she takes an abrupt step back, afraid of being run right into. Then, she just looks on in wonder as the dragonet places a piece of shell onto the ground. Bending forward, Balana reaches out and lightly takes it in her hand, turning it before looking up into the whirling eyes of the dragon. Her dragon. "Oh Phaselith, I'll treasure it always." Her nervousness melts away, reaching forward to wrap her arms around the small green head.


Phaselith will be a challenging dragon, especially when she is young. Her adventurous spirit and firey attitude will certainly get her into trouble as a weyrling. She'll want to be the first to do everything and often times she just won't be ready for it. Expect a few injuries here and there, and one very broody green when she isn't among the first to be tapped into one of the weyr's wings. Even with all of this, though, Phaselith is also a very warm-hearted dragon. She is a protector and defender of her rider and often will speak their praises with warm adoration. She'll want to sleep with her rider on cold nights and will want to stick her nose into her rider's romantic relationships to make sure that she approves.

Her own romances, however, are as quick as a match burning out. She flares quickly with emotion, but as soon as the deed is done, she looses interest. Don't expect her to settle down with any one male, even if her rider chooses to settle down with another dragon's rider. Phaselith will always be quick, flirty, and may offer the world when she's proddy, but afterwards the boys just don't interest her as much. She'd much rather be out with her rider, having fun and exploring the world. Phaselith would be an excellent dragon for Search and Rescue.


Flames of Eternal Fire
Phaselith's mind is an inferno. Her thoughts are quick and often shift between tongues of fierce red and cool blue. In those rare times when she feels unsure or indecisive, and especially near mating times, her mind tends to shift more to yellows, but always flickering like a candle flame. Her mind comes with a burnt sort of smell that often takes on spices depending on her moods. Imagine having an incense burner that randomly burns different scents all day long. It may be something that takes getting used to at first, as the scents and flavors of her mind will certainly make eating a bit strange. When she speaks, her voice is light and toned with flashes of color like embers catching the wind.


EGG: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dalyan_-_Caunos2.JPG
The image is of Lycia, the area that the mythical Chimera was known to have terrorized before being defeated by Bellerophon and his winged horse Pegasus.

DRAGON INSPIRATION: Based on the mytical creature, the Chimera. "The Chimaera who breathed raging fire, a creature fearful, great, swift footed and strong, who had three heads, one of grim-eyed lion, another of a goat, and another of a serpent. In her forepart she was a lion; in her hinderpart a dragon; and in her middle part, a goat, breathing forth a fearful blast of blazing fire."

DRAGON NAME: Named for the city of Phaselis, which is noted as one of the first historical areas to be associated with the Chimera. It is described as: "…indeed burned with a flame that does not die by day or night".


Name Fearsome Swift-footed Green Phaselith
Dam Gold Solarith
Sire Brown Saenkarith
Created By Rogawani
Impressee Balana
Hatched April 15, 2009
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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