Sun-In-Your-Eyes Blue Pegath

A bright flash catches your eye, and you turn to find what appears to be an almost-white hatchling. Upon closer inspection, however, this dashing young male proves to be a brilliant sky blue, with golden highlights glistening on his hide. His wingsails stretch widely in the promise of size to come, the membranes traced with tiny lines of a slightly darker blue, giving the impression of feathers. The rest of his body is a uniform periwinkle, with only those sun-kissed golden-white highlights marking his eyeridges, spine, and haunches. Every line is highly muscled, speaking of barely contained power and strength.

Egg Name and Description


Refreshing Mountain Spring Egg

Soft mist swirls around the shell of this egg, wrapping it in silvery mystery. A closer inspection reveals a dark shape behind the vision-blurring grey, slowly solidifying under your gaze to a tall mountain. Soft greens and browns begin to reveal themselves, and a cerulean sky silhouettes the mountain with artistic perfection. From the peak of the mountain a wide streak of foamy blue issues forth to tumble down to the silvery mist at the egg's base, a fountain of inspiration issuing forth the purest of waters.

Hatching Message

With a bugle of triumph, Sun-In-Your-Eyes Sky Blue Hatchling bursts from its shell in a shower of shards, greeting the world eagerly.

Impression Message

Silky Silver Wisps of Down burst into your mind in joyous discovery, twining with your very soul. A deep, throaty timbre echoes through your mind. « I am Pegath. Will you fly free with me? »


Always the first to try something new, always the first to break the rules, this adventurous hatchling will almost always be in trouble. But that doesn't bother him, as there's always a new adventure waiting just around the corner. Most likely the first to fly of his clutchsibs, he'll take to the air like a natural. The sky is his home, and once he discovers the joys of flying, he'll never want to come down again.

Wild and untamed, the spirit of this hatchling can never be broken. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, though it may not always correlate to what everyone else thinks. He is very willfull, not one easily cowed, though he will willfully submit to those special people he respects and cares for.

Why Sheyna? My heart yearns for adventure, yearns to be free, and I can sense that in you. You aren't afraid to test your boundaries, and you refuse to be dependant on anyone. You still have much to learn in the way of being free, and I feel I am the perfect one to teach you.


Silky Silver Wisps of Down
The full force of this hatchling's presence can be felt any time his mindvoice is heard. Even when he does not speak (and that tends to happen quite frequently), his presence is undeniable. There are no boundaries that he can not cross, no walls he can not break down. His actual mindvoice is often loud and challenging, with a deep, throaty timbre. He finds any restrictions placed upon him merely a challenge to be met, and refuses to be 'put in his place.' He has no place, after all, but to roam free.


The mythological Pegasus was a unique creature, wild and untamed, and so this hatchling, too, has a spirit that can never be broken.


Name Sun-In-Your-Eggs Blue Pegath
Dam Gold Biancath
Sire Bronze Koliath
Created By Kevyn
Impressee Sheyna
Hatched October 6, 2002
Fort Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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