Searching for a Kiss Green Patroniath

This little hatchling is entirely enveloped in the murkiest dark green possible. The other colors playing along her sleek hide just seem to overlap, as if a second thought in the color scheme. Her body is skeletal like, no excess fat to be had anywhere, most of her bones even sticking out slightly. Her thin, long and triangular head is the starting point of thin trails of wispy black brown. The wisps flow vertically all the way down to the base of her tail. This dragonets tail is an oddity in itself, with shades of metallic gray starting on the underside of the tails base and consuming it entirely when it reaches the tip of her forked tail, it gives it the appearance of a scythe. Her wings are a dark moss green, the spars and fingerjoints speckled with a blueish black. Each of her long and frail legs ends in mud brown paws, each holding razor sharp onyx claws.

Egg Name and Description


Mind-Numbing Agony Egg
Cold, that's the feeling this egg gives off. None of the colors coating its shell are vibrant in anyway. Blackish brown has pooled at the bottom evenly, rising up vertically out of it are two dull red pillars, both parallel to one another. The muted crimson red has frosty white lines etched all over it, making it seem as if a thin layer of ice has formed on it. In between the two pillars, nearer the peak of the egg, lies a window covered in misty white and blue. The two colors mesh together nicely and cover the window entirely. The rest of the egg is covered in a black so thick that it seems to choke out what little color the egg has, creeping in on all sides. Wispy gray wraps around the entire shell, distorting the dull colors and shapes even more, as if it is swallowing the whole scene up.

Hatching Message

Mind-Numbing Agony Egg gives a lethargic wobble from atop it's sand perch, rolling slightly to and fro in a hypnotic rhythm. Finally all the movement causes the egg to slowly topple onto it's side, the motion ceasing immediately after this happens. It seems that either the hatchling inside is content to wait or too weak to break free.

Mind-Numbing Agony Egg sets back into its slow paced movements, this time rolling from side to side. Finally the egg comes to a complete halt. A closer inspection will show that it's not because it decided to stop, the ovoid has rolled into a pit of sorts in the sand and gotten itself stuck. The hatchling inside seems to decide to take a more interactive approach now, a large crack slicing down vertically from apex to bottom, a razor sharp claw peeking out.

The long onyx claw sticking out of Mind-Numbing Agony Egg ceases slicing the shell, retracting back into the darkness of its confines. The egg then falls onto its side, rolling a bit in order to have the slit facing upwards. In the blink of an eye the egg cracks into two perfects halves, Searching For a Kiss Green Hatchling seeming ready to enter this new world.

Impression Message

Searching For a Kiss Green Hatchling seems to care little about the goo covering her body, taking her first few steps on the hot sands. Her movements are rather fluid for a dragonet, the green seeming to glide over the sands as she heads towards the tight pack of nervous white robed things. She eyes them blankly, seemingly drawn to those that are most frightened. Her sinister gaze falls on a bushy haired brunette, the girl squeaking a bit as the hatchling examines her and quickly taking shelter behind a tall redhead. After staring down the boy, who foolishly tries to look his bravest, the green moves on, continuing her search for just the right victim.

Searching For a Kiss Green Hatchling continues her search, passing over many candidates and leaving them all shaking in their sandals. Nothing seems to catch her attention, none of the white robbed creatures possessing what she requires. But suddenly something catches her attention, her nostrils flaring as she sniffs the air. She glides effortlessly across the sands, seemingly following the scent of just what she was looking for. Finally she comes to stand before a jet black haired boy with vibrant green eyes. She warbles to him, moving one of her mud brown paws towards him but setting it on the sands before him instead. "Patroniath?" The lanky boy squeaks, his face pale as he stays perfectly still. "Food?" H'rry nods weakly and heads off, the green gliding behind him closely as they head off the sands.


Death Is Sweeter
If the emotion of terror had a voice, this would be it. Darkness creeps over you when this mind touches yours, it's extremely invasive but also slow and unstoppable. The stench of rotting corpses and wet earth are overpowering, filtering into every crevice of the person's mind it touches. Dark black is the mind colors it uses to portray its thoughts along with frosty silver and slime green. It relishes in uses morbid pictures to aide it when communicating with others, usually drawing on the person it's interacting with worst nightmares. The touch leaves you helpless to it, and eventually all succumb and have to endure it for as long as the hatchling wishes.


Patroniath is based off of the dementors from Harry Potter.


Name Searching for a Kiss Green Patroniath
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By S'ya
Impressee H'rry
Hatched June 2, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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