Enlightened Child of the Shadows Gold Pagnisath

A coat of rich sunflower covers the hide of this small gold. Whirling eyes are set in her face, wider than they ought to be. It gives her a certain air of curiosity. Her headknobs darken to goldenrod, paling as the line of her neck extends to the rest of her body. Her midsection is slightly plump, blanketed by a thin layer of baby fat. Trailing up her wings, the color of the 'sails become even brighter, turning into a pastel. The tips have been dipped in the same darkened hue that appears on her headknobs. Her coloring varies on her underside, paling to the lightest of yellows, metallic sheen nearly invisible. Her legs are colored with goldenrod, mirroring the hue of her 'spars. Sharp, ashen-colored claws can be seen, curling to the ground. Her body tapers as it reaches her tail, which matches the same bright hue of her midsection. There's a small kink at the end of her tail, which points towards the left.

Egg Name and Description


Floating Fowl Egg

A coat of bland yellow spreads across the shell of this oddly shaped egg. It seems round about the middle - more so than would be normal for such an ovoid - however, its main deformity is the bulge on the upper part of the shell. Circular in shape, it stands out from the rest of the egg because it is dyed with a deep orange. On either side of the shell, just next to the bulge, are two black dots. One might almost describe these dots as eyes. The rest of the shell is that smooth, dull yellow, with the exception of the very bottom, almost buried in the sand. There, one can see waves of blue, as if the egg were floating upon the water. The effect of this egg is, well…just ducky!

Hatching Message

Floating Fowl Egg makes a high-pitched noise; the forlorn cry of a lost child. The tiny cracks begin to grow, fissures snaking across the shell. With a pop, the tension is released, and Enlightened Child of the Shadows Gold Hatchling is spilt onto the sands.

Impression Message

It's almost unnoticeable at first; the pale yellow that creeps onto the horizons of your mind. There's a whisper of something, like a child at play, there and gone in one swift moment. An illusion from the heat of the sands, perhaps? The whisper returns, louder this time, leaving the faint scent of the hunt hanging in the air. Then suddenly, a loud keening, closer to a squeal pierces your mind, accompanied by a blinding flash of pure gold. The echoes slowly dissipate, leaving your mind to calm itself. But you aren't alone anymore. Somewhere, amidst the colors and sounds, she wormed her way into your conscious. « Hello, Mianyi! » The greeting is chirped with a childish lilt, followed by a curious question. « Why are there so many things wearing your color? And why do I feel soempty in the middle? » You can almost taste the metallic tang of blood on your lips, an echo of what is to come. « Me? I'm Pagnisath. And you're Mianyi. /My/ Mianyi. » And thus, the young gold stakes her claim on you, now and forever.


For the first few months of her life, Pagnisath will appear to personify the child she is. She'll be innocent and sweet, curious about everything. It's very likely that most of the dragons will be quite taken with the young gold. However, Pagnisath isn't a perfect, sweet dragon through and through. She garners information, learning, observing, and occasionally striking out when things don't go her way.

One of the traits that will accompany her innocence is shyness. Her information comes from observing rather than prying, and she rarely speaks unless directly spoken to, or spurred to action. You may find that she prefers long hours of thinking to spending time with her clutchmates. This is part of her two-sided personality: one moment, a dark hunter, then next, musing about life.

Pagnisath will always retain some of her innocence. As she ages, she will mature mentally, though it may seem as the rest of her stays the same. She will act as though she were young, using what she knows as a grown dragon to manipulate others. She will love to manipulate her clutchmates. She does not do it out of arrogance, because she isn't an arrogant creature. She understands her rank is higher, but that is merely a fact that she takes for granted. Instead, she manipulates to observe, and learn. Pagnisath desperately wants to understand other dragons. She'll often pass on observations to you: « Mianyi, did you notice how Safrith's reacted when I hid some of her food? Why do you suppose that is? » She doesn't always expect you to have the answers, but she always hopes you will.

What about you? Pagnisath will adore you. To you, she is everything that she is not to everyone else. There is no deception where you are concerned, just pure, absolute love. You are her Mianyi, and this bond with her is more than anything you (or she) have ever experienced. This is not to say that she will never become angry with you, because she will. If her temper is ever unleashed in your direction, she may say something she doesn't mean, like: « I hate you! I hate you, Mianyi! » But it doesn't last long. « I am sorry, Mianyi, I did not mean it. I only hated you right /then/, not always. I could never hate your for always. »

She, like many of Eastern's golds, will have a very short temper. If she ever discovers anything said or done against you, anything at all, she's on guard. Her tongue, though normally silent, will cut quite sharply with certain observations. All that information that she has been hoarding will come spilling out. « Oswirth! You rider shouldn't insult mine…I know he's been doing more than talking with Safrith's rider! My Mianyi always obeys the rules! » Because of this propensity for leaking information, you will have to watch yourself, and make sure you do not find yourself in situations that could cause her to become agitated.

The relationship between Pagnisath and Fenillanth is rather complicated. At first, Pagnisath will love the older gold, and attempt to learn all she can from her. As she ages her dislike for her dam will grow. Not only is Fenillanth very large for a gold, but also Pagnisath somehow attributes her own small size to her mother, and so she will resent the older gold. On the other hand, Natane will be one of the few humans (besides yourself, of course) to whom Pagnisath shows affection. She relates well to Natane because she too is small, and has managed to do so well for herself.

Like the child she personifies, Pagnisath will have a rather short attention span. As a result, you may find her bent upon one thing at one moment, then discarding it the next. This may cause you a bit of trouble during Weyrlinghood, because she won't be able to keep her mind on one thing for very long. One day, she may want to travel to another Weyr to meet other gold dragons…then after you finally get permission, and leave, she'll decide she doesn't like traveling very much.

As for flights…when she is proddy, Pagnisath loses all her sweetness, and is a harsh and bloody queen. Before the flight, she will lash out at any male that gets into her sight. When flight time comes, she will take a sick delight in sucking herdbeasts dry; in fact, you will probably have very little resistance from her when you tell her that she may not drink. In the skies, she will fly as fast as she can, desperate to leave the males behind.

One more thing to mention: dolls. If Pagnisath sees any at a young age, she will be completely taken with them. She will want you to find/buy her as many as possible, to decorate her couch. She loves rich things, but dolls will always be a favorite of the young Pagnisath. However, as she ages she may come to resent them, because they're small, and never change. Like her. This does not mean you should discard them, for there will come a time when she will want them back again.
Always remember, Pagnisath's personality is not set in stone. What she shows to the world, and what she shows to you may change over time…she cannot truly be defined by me, because she is yours and yours alone.

Growing Up: Pagnisath was hatched small, and will stay that way throughout life. When she does grow (however little that may be), it will be very slowly. Lucky for you, you won't see her tripping over her tail or feet. She'll always carry herself very lightly, as if she weighed nothinglike a child. Perhaps if you were to point it out to her, she might notice, and then stop to observe herself for a while. She will likely discover that she's a bit on the chubby side. This, of course, is a travesty. She's fat? No matter how hard she works at it, that baby fat will never completely disappear.

In the air, Pagnisath will be just as graceful as on the ground. She never tries any tricks, because she prefers a straightforward sort of flying. Landings and takeoffs may take some time to perfect. As she grows, she will realize how very different her size is in comparison to other golds. She knows that she is small. She resents being small, because she knows she wasn't supposed to be. If someone mentions Pagnisath's small size, they are permanently on her 'bad' list.

Why Mianyi? Why did Pagnisath choose you? Why, because you're her Mianyi, of course! There was no one else on the sands for her, no one even worth taking a second look at. You, and you alone had the right spirit to match hers. Though perhaps neither of you lack courage, Pagnisath is more introspective. Together, you balance out. Her darker side with your light, her silence with your sound. And finally, because you knew her before she hatched, and she knew, even then, you were the only one in whom she could ever find a companion.


Brightly Fluttering Feathers

Pagnisath has no singular attribute to her mindvoice, because she reacts so differently to everyone she meets. For you, she is mostly mellow, a pale yellow that brightens only when she has found a particularly interesting observation. This brighter yellow may be accompanied by a few squeaks, much like when she was in the egg. Her voice itself is a soprano, childish and light. Towards others, her mind is silver, an enigma, revealing only the slightest hint of yellow when she speaks. When angry, she, like her mother, cuts sharply, mixing her silver with a fierce blood red. Her squeaks will turn to hisses, and her voice will rise in pitch. Before and during flights, you will see this same behavior, except the silver will be mixed with the purple of lust. If she ever chooses to sing, you will find her voice still matches that of a child's. Sometimes she may be slightly off-key, and higher notes will sound strained. Her scent is that of the hunt, earthy, mixed with a hint of sweat and blood.


Floating Fowl Egg was inspired by a rubber ducky. Not too hard to guess, right? Pagnisath's name comes from saigner, French for 'to bleed'. It's pronounced PAH-nyuh-sath. There's a slight 'g' before the 'n', but it's almost unnoticeable. This is fitting, because Pagnisath herself is based upon Claudia, from Interview with the Vampire. I had to do a bit of modification, because she's not quite the sweetheart, but I had the idea and I didn't want to let it go. I really hope you enjoy her, and that she's what you're looking for. I had a blast making her. Congratulations.


Name Enlightened Child of the Shadows Gold Pagnisath
Dam Gold Fenillanth
Sire Bronze Xiaoth
Created By Natane
Impressee Mianyi
Hatched June 7, 2003
Eastern Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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