Devilishly Capricious Brown Oseitazurath

Slightly wizened yet gangly and bony, his bizarrely irregular form is a sooty chocolate shadow inked with criss-crossing lines that emphasize his sinewy gawkiness with an unusual variant of dappling. Oversize wings crowd his back, lanky spars supporting a tattered shroud of singed coffee-colored velour for sails. Flattened 'ridges look lumpy, too heavy for the thin neck and tail where they cling like blunt and misshapen growths, fading out at the undersize tail fork and oversize headknobs. The latter perch above a large, rough-hewn head with a blunt snout and two eyes that peer out at the world from their slightly asymmetrical settings below craggy eyeridges. Umber lingers in odd spots, marking places where hide is pulled tight against bone and scattered lighter patches are veiled by dusty sienna. Knock-kneed legs are too long to suit him, his paws unattractively knobbly with uneven claws that, short or long, glint with razor-edged sharpness.

Egg Name and Description


Magical Fairy Ring Egg
Sun-dappled greens merrily blanket this ovoid in their cheerful countenance from pointed top to rounded bottom. Bovine shapes dot the expanse of green, their peaceful forms shades of sienna and cream. Mischief abounds in a circle of white that blooms about the egg's middle, sour green appearing to ward off any advances of bovine hunger.

Hatching Message

Shake. Shimmy. Magical Fairy Ring Egg shifts in its place, occupant fighting valiantly against the confines of the shell with such vigor, that one might expect the egg to leap across the sands. Instead, it rolls towards the candidates, almost purposeful in its movements. It pauses. Without warning, the egg bursts, shell and egg goo flying away from the spot, splattering a few candidates. As the turmoil settles, the cause of this chaos becomes apparent as Devilishly Capricious Brown Dragonet stands amidst the shards.

Impression Message

At first it isn't even noticable - the way the sands don't burn as much, the creeping presence in your head. In the back of your mind, there's a sound, almost a snickering. It gradually rises in volume, until the mischevious fae laughter rings through your entire being, and a presence leaps from the shadows, delighting in its surprise. Brazen and unconcerned, a voice announces: « Ryuu, darling… » There's a drawl to the voice, which echoes through every recess of your mind. Behind the words,
there's a lash; a whip of painful joy. « Oh, this /will/ be fun, » he continues, settling himself into your mind with the ease of someone used to taking control. « But first, get me something to eat, will you? » It's a simple sentence, but the thought brings you back to the burning sands, where the Devilishly Capricious Brown Dragonet waits. The brash words are followed by a sudden rush of affection reserved only for you, and the precious name worth waiting a lifetime for: « I'm Oseitazurath! »


Mischievous Fae Laughter


Name Devilishly Capricious Brown Oseitazurath
Dam Gold Frydath
Sire Bronze Aedhyth
Created By Jezzara
Impressee Ruby
Hatched October 19, 2002
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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