Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Oogeth

Spindles of thin pale browns, running down the skin of the brown hatchling like threads, danky and old appearing almost wet. Cross hairs of different shades of browns, pulling it together like a odd big-ragdoll. Though the threads don't stop the insides from leaking out.. Putrid shades of brown seem to leak out through holes of the threads along his back, running down his backside and his forked tail simply just appears as a blob of whatever putrid gunk is inside his rag-like body. His head, almost completely unshaped, no definate ridges or definition. His eyes almost appear to be sunken in, leaking a toxic green colored gunk from the corners and dripping down his maw slowly. He slinks, his figure undefined as well, wings almost limply hanging. A large, but, pitiful hatchling who almost seems to move like a sloth and may always continue to move like a sloth.

Egg Name and Description


Your Worst Nightmare Egg
Imagine a place that is like a child's playroom, only deadly. It appears to be steel, laid out and manufactured into a perfect room. In the middle there appears to be a round area cleared in the floor. Vicious spikes surround those inside, guns aimed point blank at them. Imagine… Glowing red eyes from the figures that hold the guns, figures with swords that act as spikes. If one can imagine anything worse, it is likely there. This image is etched into the egg, visibly in full detail. It almost appears as if the room was really this little egg and that one can almost see people clawing their way to life. But this egg remains still and there are no little people running and no guns firing. All a figment of the imagination, or perhaps a nightmare that lurks within the shell.

Hatching Message

The Your Worst Nightmare Egg wobbles, wibble-wobble-wibble, nothing more but a test of movement. It simply.. Goes still again. It's not yet time to come out and play…

The egg, wobbles again, slowly cracking down the sides. Your Worst Nightmare Egg almost seems to let out a soft scream from that little crack, and, another forms slowly. Laughter seems to spill forth now, as well.

Nothing can contain it anymore, nothing can keep it locked in. Your Worst Nightmare Egg breaks, with a slow push of wings from the egg before the rest pushes forward. An egg-goo covered hatchling is left in the sands, but, he's none too pretty. The Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Hatchling is left, sitting in the filth of his egg.

Impression Message

Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Hatchling remains limply in the pile of egg shards that once was his home, sprawled rather unceremoniously upon the sands by his sudden arrival. It is only after a long moment that he begins to try and pull himself together, tucking limbs beneath him, and wings half to his back as he attempts to stand. After a long moment of wavering, it seems that he has the idea, for he's carefully progressing, one step, two steps, towards that white ringed row.

Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Hatchling moves in a slow circle, dragging his tail behind him. He makes a mess with the egg goo, attracting the sands below him to attach to himself and finally he moves to his candidate. He slowly curls around the boy, a snake with it's prey, appearing as if he was slowly strangling the boy. Jack, now J'ck, has a look of utter disgust on his face which slowly breaks into a smile. "I don't know if we could do that, Oogeth, but.. We'll do /something/." A grin forms on his lips and he touches the icky appearing brown



Leaking Ooze Faucet
Like the sound of annoying drips of water, the voice will fill any head and bring much annoyance. Dripdripdrip. But, when touching the imaginary faucet in the mind, the sound is much more goopy, the slime falling from the sink slushing together like someone squishing wet mud through their hand. Oogeth's voice is a gentle baritone, but, gurgled like someone trapped in water while speaking.


Oogeth is based on the Boogey Man from A Nightmare Before Christmas


Name Leaking Ragdoll Sloth Brown Oogeth
Dam Gold Ellamariseth
Sire Bronze Arinith
Created By Zevida
Impressee J'ck
Hatched June 2, 2008
Xanadu Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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